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My Thoughts on The Jake Paul Controversy

So I’ve been following all the drama surrounding YouTuber Jake Paul for a while now. For anyone that doesn’t have any idea what the hell I’m talking about, let me break it down for you the best way I know how:

Background Information

YouTuber Jake Paul

It all started when Jake’s ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet let everyone know via Snapchat that Jake had kicked her out of his house. Then, he responded by posting a video he made about how he asked Alissa to move out multiple times months prior. Then, a whole Twitter feud started where both accused the other of cheating on each other while living in the same house.

Flash forward a few months later, Jake releases a track that disses both his own brother, Logan Paul, and his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet. In response was a multitude of other videos. Reaction videos and diss tracks came out against Jake coming from other YouTubers. One of which included Alissa, who teamed up with diss track king, RiceGum. Later on, Alissa releases a video talking about what really happened between the two. She exposes him as a guy that would tell her he loved her but would hook up with other girls days later. After watching that video, I was #TeamAlissa all the way (still am, by the way). Here’s the video for those wondering:

Where We Are Now

Now the Twitter feud was from back in February, but Alissa released her video exposing Jake in June after he released his diss track. Now, it’s August, and believe it or not, Jake Paul has created even more drama online. From his wild antics causing trouble for his neighbors to the scandal including his assistant and Faze Banks (another YouTuber and Alissa’s boyfriend).

First off, Jake and Team 10 (his company and fellow YouTubers) all live in one big mansion and make videos. Sounds seemingly simple, but apparently they cause so many antics that their neighbors are constantly complaining. So much so that they’re suing them. Now, they’re finding a new place to live and they are no longer able to vlog in that house for legal reasons.

In addition to that, Jake’s assistant, Meg accuses Faze Banks of assaulting her at a club. After reviewing all of the evidence (that I could find) I’ve concluded, (along with many others including the club’s security team) that it never happened, at least not in the way that Meg described it. In the video, Meg says that she was out with friends at a club and she got clotheslined and choked by Banks. Here are both videos here, which I know are long but if anything, it shows how much of a genuine guy Banks is. It also shows how Jake and his team of people are completely discredited by what they said about the whole situation:

Final Thoughts

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I already didn’t like Jake Paul after all the drama went down with Alissa, but the fact that it’s escalated into becoming a legal issue is insane to me. Jake is what I see as the prime example of someone who is completely consumed in trying to do anything for the views. This is why I’m more than a little suspicious about what his assistant is claiming.

I miss the way YouTube was years ago when things were simpler. People on YouTube were on the platform to entertain people without having any gatekeepers, which is originally what was the most appealing thing about the platform. But now with everyone trying to capitalize on it, it’s just become another place of competition. It’s full of people posting entertaining videos in hopes of capitalizing on it. And for people like Jake Paul and his “Team 10”, it’s working in their favor. Unfortunately in my opinion.

The only difference now is that in addition to comical sketches and makeup tutorials, it now has a variety of different content. In a lot of ways, it’s a good thing. But YouTubers seem to be using dramatic flair as a way to draw viewers in. There’s even a word for it now: “clickbait”. But this Jake Paul drama, both with Alissa and the alleged assault has just gone too far in my opinion. So what do you guys think?

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