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My Picks of This Season of ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Over the last few years, I’ve become an avid fan of Dancing With the Stars. This season, I want to start making my guesses now on who I think will win. That and I want to try to guess who will make it pretty close to winning. And when the season ends, I’ll get to see how my instincts measure up. This season’s a little different for me because I actually know who most of the cast is. Usually, I only know a handful of the “stars”. But I will say that I think it’s pretty clear that athletes do pretty well in this competition. And while I’m not a huge sports fan, I think the athletes this season will get through at least half of the season.

First Guess: The Surprise of the Season

(from left) Drew Scott and Emma Slater

I think the surprise of the season might just be Drew Scott, one half of the property brothers. I would guess Frankie Muniz but I have this feeling about him that he’ll either be surprisingly good or we’ll have another Jake T. Austin situation.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Jake T. Austin is an actor who was on the show who was just off-beat. He also happened to be the second person to go that season. It seems random but there’s always someone that’s unexpectedly good and I’m guessing it’ll be Drew Scott.

First to Leave the Show

(from left) Keo Motsepe and Barbara Corcoran

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Barbara Corcoran will be out first. I have absolutely nothing against her, but unless there’s someone else that ends up being again, the Jake T. Austin of the season or even the Mischa Barton (she had absolutely no idea what she was doing, sorry not sorry), I’m saying she’ll be out first. It’s a shame though because Keo deserves better than this. He’s only ever had one really good star dance with him, and that was Jodie Sweetin from Full House. #KeoDeservesBetter

The Middle of the Pack

(from left) Sasha Pieterse, Nick Lachey, Vanessa Lachey, and Debbie Gibson

There’s still a lot of people that I just don’t know what to expect from. And those people are: Vanessa Lachey, Sasha Pieterse, Nick Lachey, and Debbie Gibson. I’m thinking they’ll be somewhere in the middle of the pack. In other words, I think they’ll be good, but maybe not good enough to win the entire competition. But, again, this is just my guess. Maybe I’m completely wrong and one of these people end up being the winner.

The Musically-Inclined

Jordan Fisher

The singers and/or musicians also always do pretty well if not really well. In addition to that, they also have a pretty solid fan base. I’ve already seen Jordan Fisher dance (albeit, it wasn’t ballroom dancing, but at least I know he has rhythm) so I know he’ll do pretty well.

(from left) Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas

I actually think Lindsey Stirling will do really well. She does dance a little in her videos and says that she has noodle arms (or at least something to that extent) because she only dances with her feet. My guess is that she’ll have stronger arms because it takes a lot of strength to hold and play a violin while dancing. And she proves that she can do both at the same time really well. I mean, she’s made her entire career over it.

Final Guesses: The Top Five

I think the top five will be: Lindsey Stirling, Jordan Fisher, Drew Scott, Sasha Pieterse and…either Terrell Owens or Victoria Arlen. I can’t decide between the athletes, but I’m guessing one of them will at least be in the top five.

I’m hoping that Sasha will end up being really good because quite frankly, I was a PLL fan, as confusing as that show got at times. But I’m also a fan of the rest of my top five pick so I am a little bias, but I also genuinely think they’ll be good. I’m just hoping we won’t have another Sabrina Bryan, Heather Morris, or Simone Biles type of elimination. We all know these girls were great dancers that got sent home too early because they didn’t get enough votes. Great as in worthy of winning. Anyway, those are my picks of the season. What do you guys think? Who are your picks of the season?

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