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Dynasty: ‘The Best Things in Life’ Recap & Review

Recently, the CW decided to create a remake of the 1981 show, Dynasty. Now, they’re on their eighth episode. Last night’s episode was their pre-Christmas episode where a lot of revelations came out. We finally learn more about Cristal’s past as the investigation against Stansfield escalates. Not only that, but the love triangle, or square, is finally addressed in a more direct fashion.

Full Recap

Fallon (played by Liz Gillies) and Jeff (played by Sam Adegoke)

In last week’s episode, Blake tells Cristal he wants a baby and she seemingly agrees. But then we find out she has an IUD that prevents her from getting pregnant for another two years. Turns out she got pregnant but had a miscarriage years ago, which is also why she needed to steal money in the past. We as the audience knew all of this for a while but Blake, who definitely should’ve known sooner, finally learns about it. However, Blake suspects Cristal isn’t telling the whole truth and decides to investigate further by inviting her sister to Christmas. And that will make for a very interesting premise in next week’s episode.

Meanwhile, Steven teams up with Jeff to continue investigating Stansfield. Later, they’re interrupted when Blake ends up kidnapping Steven, supposedly for his own good. But despite the warning, he still wants to catch Stansfield. However, it all comes to an end in this episode when Jeff makes a deal with him. Stansfield agrees to retire to the Bahamas and Jeff’s cousin becomes his new replacement.

The Cover Up

Blake (played by Grant Show)

Additionally, Steven finds out he accidentally and indirectly killed a man in the past. Not only that, but his father had Stansfield help with the cover-up. This seems to send Steven over the edge as we see him snort some kind of drug in a limo. It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds in the future given he’s always been the mediator and moral compass of the show.

Meanwhile, Cristal receives an icebox with fish heads in it demanding $30,000. Apparently, it’s from these exporters that she and her sister stole money from years ago. Later, she gets the money needed with Anders’ help. Only then does she finally decide to tell Blake about her past.

Final Thoughts

Blake (played by Grant Show) and Fallon (played by Elizabeth Gillies)

Fallon also tries to make nice with Kori, Culhane’s new girlfriend, but it doesn’t go over well. But it’s expected considering she’s his ex-girlfriend. This all blows up at the annual tree lighting ceremony. It ends with Kori dumping Culhane and Jeff offering Fallon a friends-with-benefits type of relationship, and she’s all for it. Personally, I’m still not sure if I’m #TeamCulhane or #TeamJeff. But we’ll see how that changes in the future.

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