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Lucifer: ‘The Sin Bin’ Recap & Review

Coming off last week’s episode of Lucifer, we learn more about The Sinnerman. Plus, there’s a shock at the end that uncharacteristically relates to the show’s comic book source material.

Full Recap

Chloe (played by Lauren German) and Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis)

The episode starts with someone running from who we discover is the Sinnerman’s accomplice, just as Lucifer celebrates the arrest of The Sinnerman. Lucifer, of course, wants to interrogate The Sinnerman first but Chloe goes in while Lucifer argues with Pierce. Ella then rushes in to announce that The Sinnerman’s phone’s ringing. We then see the running woman, who we learn is Maggie Cole, trapped in a reservoir that’s filling with water. When they get back to The Sinnerman, he says the only way to save her is to let him out.

But before they even think about letting him out, Chloe and Lucifer investigate to see if they can figure out where is. Their investigation leads them to a roller derby place where they find Maggie’s car in the free parking lot across the street. Unfortunately, the car explodes so they aren’t able to get any information off of it. So it all proves to be a useless effort. Their only choice now is to bust The Sinnerman out of jail. At first, it seems like they’ve succeeded, but not enough to hide it from Pierce. But he ends up going with them to save the victim. In the end, it all turned out to be a huge setup. Turns out Maggie kidnapped herself after she made a deal with The Sinnerman, which means there was never an accomplice after all.

The Big Reveal

(from left) The Sinnerman (played by Kevin Carroll) holding onto Chloe's (played by Lauren German) arm with Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) and Pierce (played by Tom Welling) following closely behind on a trail in the woods

Additionally, Lucifer kidnaps The Sinnerman and enlists Maze to try to torture him. But he still doesn’t break, so he decides he wants to kill, which would solve of his problems. But Lucifer doesn’t end up having what it takes. More than that, Lucifer discovers that The Sinnerman doesn’t desire freedom. Instead, he wants to die. As Lucifer questions him, Pierce and Chloe find him and Pierce shoots him before he has a chance to really answer him. So, Lucifer doesn’t get to find out why The Sinnerman wanted to die. Unfortunately, that also means we (the audience) also don’t get to know why, which is a bit frustrating. Plus, we never got to find out who he really is (because, spoiler: he’s not The Sinnerman, but rather the accomplice). But I guess that’s a question we’ll never get the answer to.

In the end, Lucifer finds out Pierce was The Sinnerman the whole time. Not only that, but he also gave him his wings back and took away his devil face. As surprising as this reveal was, Pierce was pretty suspicious in this episode overall. The first hint was the fact that he seemed completely unfazed after they caught The Sinnerman, or rather his accomplice. Then, he said he didn’t let anyone else interrogate him, which is strange given how big this case is. Especially because The Sinnerman’s also a crime boss in other states.

Final Thoughts

Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) and Pierce (played by Tom Welling), who's starting to pull his gun out of its holster

Not only that, Pierce isn’t just The Sinnerman but he’s also Cain, Adam and Eve’s (yes, that Adam and Eve) son as well as the world’s first murderer. Previously, Lucifer tend to write their own story but it now seems they may be taking more inspiration from the comics. However, we still don’t know what Cain’s doing on earth or what he wants from Lucifer. But in the books, Cain’s sent to earth to warn Lucifer that Dream (the Prince of Stories) is coming to enter and possibly invade his realm. However, that comic story sounds a little too magical to actually happen.

But it looks like we’re going to have to wait a while before we find out more. Not only because there’s a three-week holiday hiatus, but also because the next episode will be a flashback of Lucifer coming to earth. Given that Lucifer isn’t that comic-book accurate, it’ll be interesting to see how the writers will rewrite this story.

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