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Dynasty: ‘Rotten Things’ Recap & Review

This week’s episode of Dynasty was full of family drama for all three families: the Carrington’s, the Flores’, and the Colby’s. Per Blake’s invitation from last week’s episode, the Flores’ join the Carringtons’ holiday festivities and things get crazy. Which makes sense because it’s their Christmas episode.

Full Recap

Anders (played by Alan Dale) and Fallon (played by Elizabeth Gillies)

This episode starts by reminding us that Fallon and Jeff are still sleeping together. Even though their company, Morrell Corp, still isn’t profitable. Then, Jeff tells her that he tried to reconcile with his father in prison. This leads Fallon to take Monica, under false pretenses, to the prison. However, she bails and is so angry at her that she hooks up with Culhane at the end of the episode.

Later, Fallon decides that this business-partners-with-benefits relationship isn’t working. Instead, she wants something real between her and Jeff, which probably made #TeamJeff fans very happy. Jeff, however, has plans of his own. It turns out that Blake is the reason why his father’s behind bars because he planted drugs in his car so Jeff has some kind of plan to get back at him, or perhaps the entire Carrington family. As for Steven, he ends up at his grandfather’s house after getting back together with his junkie ex-boyfriend, Ted. Ted also deals with his own relapse, which he could care less about, and later gets arrested.

Cristal’s Family

The Machado family (from left): Sam (played by Rafael de la Fuente), Iris (played by Elena Tovar), and Cristal (played by Nathalie Kelley)

Additionally, Cristal’s sister, Iris, comes to visit per Blake’s invitation and the Carrington’s give her a warm welcome. Cristal, however, hasn’t seen her sister in 12 years and Sam apparently hasn’t seen her for six. Iris apparently wants to stay in America via a work visa she hoped to get by working at none other than Carrington Atlantic. Later, we find out Iris is behind the threat against Cristal from last week’s episode. But instead of getting Blake’s help, this time Cristal decides to confront Iris on her own. But it turns out she was never in any trouble, she just extorted her for the attention. That and a little extra spending cash.

Then we finally learn the whole truth about Cristal’s family. It turns out that Cristal and Iris stole money from this guy, Alejandro, who also happens to be Sam’s father. After he caught them, Cristal killed him. Or so she thought. At the end of the episode, we see that Alejandro’s somehow alive and is about to work with Blake Carrington. And he’s doing so under a fake name, just like Cristal did a long time ago.

Dynasty returns on January 17th.

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