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Lucifer: ‘City of Angels?’ Recap & Review

In last night’s special episode of Lucifer, we go back to Lucifer’s (and Amenadiel’s) first day on Earth back in 2011. Even though we got a big reveal in the last episode, this episode’s just a fun standalone to hold us Lucifans until the new year.

Full Recap

Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) watching Amenadiel (played by D.B. Woodside) pull a stack of weights

Lucifer immediately takes part in Earth’s many pleasures, namely sex, and alcohol. However, Amenadiel crashes the party to tell him he has to go back to Hell. But Lucifer asks for some time to say his goodbyes to his so-called lady friends. Amenadiel steps outside in the meantime but gets shot and mugged, with the mugger taking his necklace. Understandably, he wants to figure out who took his necklace and get it back. However, the police station comes up short (given that Chloe’s merely an officer at this point) so Amenadiel asks Lucifer for his help.

Later on, Amenadiel discovers that the jogger that passed him right before the mugging is dead. The jogger, Aiden, is an MMA fighter, and Amenadiel figures that he has something to do with whoever mugged him. Turns out that the killer, spoiler alert, is the gym owner. The gym owner apparently killed him because Aidan refused to purposefully throw a fight in exchange for a load of money. Through the investigation, we get a glimpse into who everyone used to be. Dan and Chloe are a married couple and Charlotte’s this powerful attorney unphased by her more sinful actions. In the end, Maze comes to Earth for the first time and cuts off Lucifer’s wings, which is how he ends up staying on Earth.

Final Thoughts

Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) disturbing a film crew

Overall, it’s nice to see who the characters were like before everyone interacted with each other. Chloe is still full of ambition and drive despite the fact she isn’t a detective. Charlotte represents “alleged” criminals and Lucifer still has a soft spot for being labeled as “evil”.

Lucifer returns on January 22nd.

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