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Dynasty: ‘A Well-Dressed Tarantula’ Recap & Review

Last night, Dynasty returned with an episode that picks up about two weeks after everything from the Christmas episode. This week, there’s even more drama, mostly coming from Cristal’s side of the family.

Full Recap

(from left) Cristal (played by Nathalie Kelley), Blake (played by Grant Show) and Fallon (played by Liz Gillies)

To start, Blake’s still angry with Cristal because she lied about both her identity and past. Fallon, however, plans and throws a party for her 25th birthday and is determined to make it as over-the-top as possible. I mean, she may as well given she now gets her inheritance, which amounts to about $100 million. But Fallon and her party serve more as the background of this week’s episode because if you remember what happened last week, Alejandro (AKA Iris’s ex and Sam’s father) is still alive. Later, Alejandro confronts Sam, but he doesn’t even recognize him. Regardless, he tells Sam that he’s been looking for him and Iris and just wants them all to be a family again.

Eventually, Cristal sees Alejandro again via Blake. As Alejandro tries to make a deal with him, he gets Cristal to help. Namely, because they’re both from Venezuela. But Alejandro basically blackmails Cristal into convincing Blake to go through with the deal. To do that, he holds their associate, Davis, hostage. And he almost gets away with it. Well, almost is a bit of a stretch because we’re led to believe he gets away with it. In reality, Cristal, Blake, Fallon, and Sam work together to get Davis out of wherever Alejandro’s guys’ kept him hostage. Then, they stage a scene that makes it look like Blake’s betraying Cristal. Despite this, Iris and Alejandro tell them they’re not messing around and that they still want the money they feel they deserve. In the end, Iris kidnaps Fallon by lying in wait in the back seat of her new car.

Final Thoughts

Fallon (played by Liz Gillies) and Jeff (played by Sam Adegoke) dancing

Judging by next week’s promo, it looks like Alejandro and Iris are determined to get their money. And they’re willing to do anything to get it. Iris clearly feels betrayed by Cristal, and not only because she tried to kill her husband. Cristal also got to go to America and got rich while Cristal begged for scraps in Venezuela. So Iris’s feelings of betrayal are valid. But if there’s one word to describe the Flores’ family, it’s complicated. In other news, Jeff and Fallon are still very comfortable with their business-partners-with-benefits relationship. But Jeff wants to take the next step in their relationship, which seems sweet. Or at least it would be if we didn’t already know that Jeff and his father are plotting to take over Carrington Atlantic.

At first, it was unclear what Jeff and his dad were up to. All we really knew was the fact that they clearly despise the Carringtons and wanted them to go down somehow. At the end of this episode, we finally figure out Jeff’s true intentions. He plans on marrying Fallon and taking over Carrington Atlantic that way. However, I’m not sure if he really cares about Fallon or if she’s just a means to an end. But I doubt we’ll find that out anytime soon. That is unless someone else were to find out about his plan somehow.

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