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Dynasty: ‘I Answer to No Man’ Recap & Review

This week’s episode of Dynasty picks up right where it left off from last week’s episode. What starts as a hostage situation ends badly for the Flores family. But it also revealed a big secret Blake’s been keeping about the Carringtons.

Full Recap

Cristal (played by Nathalie Kelley) pouring a glass of champagne for new police chief Bobbie Johnson (played by Kearran Giovanni)

Right at the start, Alejandro calls Blake demanding $15 million in exchange for Fallon. But that number later increases to $25 million. Blake insists on dealing with it and stays calm and collected throughout the process. Despite his hesitations, Culhane tells Jeff about Fallon’s kidnapping and he offers Blake $8 million dollars in cash. However, even with Blake’s $1 million, they’re still $14 million short of the ransom. But to be clear, it’s not that they don’t have the money. They just can’t liquidate that much cash in the span of a couple of hours. Blake accepts Jeff’s money but shoos him away. But not without getting Culhane to keep an eye on him.

Then, Alejandro demands to meet Blake in person alone at the airport with the cash. But Blake decides it’s a good idea to bring a team of snipers with him. However, his plans fall through when Cristal meets with Alejandro with the money. But Cristal just becomes a second hostage because Alejandro’s not happy about the fact that they shorted him. Later, Culhane visits Jeff, and together, they start tracking down Fallon’s Porsche that Jeff got her. But they end up in a full-out brawl fighting over both Fallon and Monica. However, their efforts in tracking down the Porsche turn out to be a dead end. Luckily for them, Jeff was smart enough to at least plant a tracker in the bag of money he lent the Carringtons. So at least they’re able to track down the girls, with Blake and the police following shortly after they arrive.

The Hostage Situation

Fallon (played by Liz Gillies) and Cristal (played by Nathalie Kelley)

On Fallon’s side of things, she’s tied to a chair with zip ties. When Alejandro calls Blake in the beginning, Blake asks for proof that he really has Fallon. So, he goes over to her and she screams as he gives her a new set of bangs. He doesn’t really hurt her but Fallon’s very upset that he cut her hair. Throughout the episode, we see a bit more of Alejandro and Iris’s relationship and it’s clear who’s boss. Alejandro has control over her and Iris just lets him. When Fallon points this out, Iris informs her that she’s not that different. Fallon’s always worked under another man, whether it’s her dad at Carrington Atlantic or Jeff Colby at Morell Corp. So, she tells Jeff later that she wants to buy him out of the company. Jeff still determined to succeed in his own plans, proposes. But she dumps him because she wants to truly be an independent woman.

Even though everyone comes to rescue them later, Cristal and Fallon eventually get out of the zip ties. Cristal sees the gold hair stick in Fallon’s hair and uses it to their advantage. When Alejandro and Iris get back, they use it to attack them. Through the fighting, Cristal gets Alejandro away from Fallon with a lighter and some hairspray. But Iris comes from behind with a gun, letting Fallon get away. So Alejandro and Iris take Cristal into a big truck to get away from all the cops. It’s not clear where they planned to go but it doesn’t end up mattering anyways. During the drive, Cristal convinces Iris to leave him. After a struggle, Iris shoots Alejandro and this time, it actually kills him.

Final Thoughts

Sam (played by Rafael de la Fuenta) and Cristal (played by Nathalie Kelley)

Thus far, Jeff’s plan seemed to be going pretty smoothly. But Fallon dumping him definitely throws a wrench in his plans. So we’ll see if he’s just going to try to win her back or if he’ll pivot. Even though Fallon dumped him, it’s clear she still cares about him. So I predict Jeff will use that to his advantage to get her back. By now, he’s invested so much time and effort into this plan, I doubt he’ll come up with a new tactic now.

Although the episode is full of high tensions, the big reveal came in the last few minutes of the episode. The way Blake handled the whole situation was a little too calm for Cristal. She tells him she can’t compartmentalize the way he can and that’s when he drops a bomb. It turns out that he and Alexis (Fallon and Steven’s mom) had another son before they were born named Adam. But when he was six months old, he was kidnapped and they never found him. Blake’s convinced that he’s dead but I doubt they’d bring this up if he were really dead. I don’t know how long until we’ll actually meet Adam but I am expecting him to show up at some point. Overall, all it does is bring up a lot more questions. Hopefully, the writers will answer them all eventually.

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