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Lucifer: ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ Recap & Review

In last night’s episode of Lucifer, Pierce and Lucifer pose as a married couple. And their new partnership has a bit of a rocky start. But after striking a deal in last week’s episode, they know they have to work together if they want to spite God. Meanwhile, Dan and Charlotte go on their first official date. However, things get a little complicated when Maze becomes strangely attracted to her.

Full Recap

Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) laying his head on Pierce's (played by Tom Welling) shoulder

To start, Lucifer starts checking off a list of ridiculous possible deaths. However, Pierce has already tried all of it. And that includes literally trying to cut himself in half. So, Lucifer enlists the help of Maze, who’s more than happy to help with her wide collection of blades. But she’s disappointed when Lucifer tells her none of that will work anyway. So Maze tells him he needs to figure out what Pierce’s “Chloe” is. In other words, Lucifer needs to find something or someone that makes him vulnerable.

On the more procedural side of things, the LAPD investigate a gruesome murder, who died via a woodcutter. But as cruel as it seemed, it turned out to actually be a bit of an accident from a jealous wife. Turns out the victim cooked and sold ecstasy and sold it to his neighbors, including the killer’s husband. However, the killer thought her husband was cheating on him with the victim. So she killed him on accident after he denied her accusations.

The Investigation

Pierce (played by Tom Welling) and Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis)

But before they figured that out, they found evidence of “K-pop” formulas. In this case, it’s actually a type of drug and not Korean pop music. But that didn’t stop the writers from playing a K-pop song during a badass fight scene. Then, they find some threatening notes from an overbearing neighbor. So, Lucifer and Pierce go undercover as a married couple to find out more. Then, they find the killer at a party when her husband tries to stop her from signing her name into the guestbook.

Despite solving the case, Pierce and Lucifer’s short-lived fake marriage didn’t go without a few bumps in the road. They have their first big fight in front of the whole neighborhood, which could’ve blown their cover. But they hilariously make it up with a little makeout session. However, the most interesting part of this case was learning more about Pierce. We finally learn why he wants to die. It’s not because he’s already done everything there is to be done. Rather, it’s because he doesn’t want to be alone anymore, which is why Pierce pushes Chloe away.

Maze and Charlotte

Charlotte (played by Tricia Helfer) and Maze (played by Lesley-Ann Brandt)

On a lighter note, Maze meets the new Charlotte Richards and is instantly attracted to her. Apparently, Charlotte reeks of Hell, but neither of them realize it until later. But this misunderstanding gets funnier when Maze crashes Dan and Charlotte’s first official date. Basically, she suggest they have a threesome and it gets awkward. At least for Dan and Charlotte because Maze just seems turned on by all of it.

Later, Maze gets to Charlotte when she gets a minute alone and she realizes why she’s attracted to her. After that, Maze backs off and it abruptly ends Dan and Charlotte’s first date. Later, Charlotte tells Dan she’s just not ready for a relationship right now. She’s still trying to figure things out after all her missing time. Sweetly, Dan tells her he’ll wait for her.

Final Thoughts

Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) grabbing Pierce's (played by Tom Welling) face and kissing him in front of all the neighbors

Pierce has clearly been living on Earth for a very long time. Unfortunately, it means he must’ve lost a lot of people along the way. No wonder he’s so guarded and distant. But if Pierce and Lucifer can really find a way to kill him, it’ll finally end his suffering. In a way, Pierce’s immortality is his own version of Hell. But I doubt that killing him will be easy. Plus, I anticipate other complications will come up in the process.

As for Maze and Charlotte, I honestly think it would’ve been an interesting turn of events. As much as I love Dan and Charlotte together, Maze and Charlotte could be pretty compatible. I mean, they both want the same things. They want redemption and to reinvent themselves. But as interesting as that would be, it’s pretty clear the writers are carrying over the Dan and Charlotte romance. But I’m okay with that too because Dan’s a really sweet guy. Plus, after last week’s episode, I’m really liking the new Charlotte.

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