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Dynasty: ‘Promises You Can’t Keep’ Recap & Review

In the newest episode of Dynasty, Fallon continues her plan of going into business for herself. However, things get complicated when a business deal goes south. But after her revelation in last week’s episode, she’s determined to make it on her own. Meanwhile, the rest of the Carrington family throw a fundraiser to re-elect a shady Senator Daniels.

Fallon’s Business Struggles

Jeff (played by Sam Adegoke) and Fallon (played by Liz Gillies)

In the business world, Fallon interviews a number of new assistants. Apparently, she fired her last assistant over some kind of fashion choice, and by the end, she hires Sam as her new assistant. But he’s not the only one who gets a stable job by the end of the episode. At the fundraiser, Steven realizes how passionate he feels about certain political issues. In fact, he vehemently disagrees with everything Senator Daniels stands for, so he decides to run for senate. But before that, Fallon realizes she needs to renew Morell Corp’s lease. Unfortunately, she makes a bad impression on the man needed for the job, Tim. In retaliation, he wants double her asking price.

As for Jeff, he finally tells his sister, Monica, about his plan. But he does so after he realizes he needs her. After Fallon tricked her into seeing their father, she still hasn’t forgiven her. However, Jeff can’t get back into Fallon’s good graces until she and Fallon make up. Monica isn’t too happy about any of this but ultimately changes her mind. In the end, she realizes she wants the Carringtons to pay for what they did to their father. Just like Jeff does.

Carrington Atlantic’s Involvement with Senator Daniels

Blake (played by Grant Show) at the head of a poker table surrounded by other party guests

Meanwhile, the Carringtons throw a party to help re-elect Senator Daniels. To my surprise and delight, one of my favorite actors, Kelly Rutherford, plays his wife, Melissa. Later, we learn that the senator takes a lot of bribes. Of those many bribes is none other than one between him and Blake. But we don’t learn this from either one of them. Rather, we discover all of this via Cristal’s old friend, Rick Morales. Unfortunately, he plans on writing an exposé on the senator and his illegal activities.

After this realization, Cristal discovers there have been multiple bribes over the years between Blake and Senator Daniels. But he’s done it all for the good of Carrington Atlantic. Then, we also find out Senator Daniels isn’t just a shady senator, he’s also a cheater. Turns out he’s cheating on his wife with another woman, so Cristal gets Rick to write about it. That way, he wouldn’t write about the political scandal, but he’d still have a juicy story. As for Fallon, she tries to make amends with Tim. To do that, she ends up gambling up her company at the poker table. Thankfully, she’s good enough at bluffing to get the lease renew. And this time, she gets it at the original asking price, with a little help from Monica.

Final Thoughts

Cristal (played by Nathalie Kelley) talking to Melissa Daniels (played by Kelly Rutherford)

Overall, I’m interested in seeing how a lot of these plotlines will play out. Steven’s always been the guy who sticks to his values. But as we all know, maintaining morality and ethics can be tricky in the political world. So I’m wondering if those values will end up changing later on. As for Fallon, I think she’s taking a step in the right direction. She’s always been this badass businesswoman but now she’s doing it all on her own. There’s no longer someone she can fall back on for help. But Jeff’s plan, if he succeeds, may disrupt all that. Plus, it looks like Jeff’s proposing in next week’s episode so she seems to have a lot coming her way.

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