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Lucifer: ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Recap & Review

In this week’s episode of Lucifer, Ella’s brother becomes an unexpected suspect in an LAPD investigation. So Ella enlists the help of Maze to find him. During the investigation, Lucifer and Chloe pose as a married couple, much like Lucifer and Pierce did in last week’s episode. Plus, Charlotte finally goes into therapy with Linda, and Pierce and Amenadiel finally meet.

Ella Gets Personally Invested

Jay (played by Rey Valentin) talking to Ella (played by Aimee Garcia)

This week, the LAPD investigate the murder of a diamond salesman. Early on, they determine that Ella’s brother, Jay, is the lead suspect. Apparently, he fled after the salesman got killed. But before they discover the dead body, Ella calls Maze for help. She knows she needs Maze’s help as a bounty hunter if they’re going to find her brother.

While looking into the case, Chloe finds a stolen diamond. It then leads her and Lucifer towards a diamond store. There, Chloe spontaneously pretends she and Lucifer are an engaged couple looking for a ring. Eventually, they find out that the salesman’s death involved an insurance scam gone wrong. Via the store owner, we find out the killer is the insurance adjuster who got out of the deal by the victim. But even though they find out Jay wasn’t the killer, he’s not completely innocent either. Turns out he saw the killer in the stash room cleaning the serial codes. Not only that, but he also stole whatever diamonds were left for himself.

Maze and Ella Team Up

Maze (played by Lesley-Ann Brandt)

In this episode, we also see Maze and Ella partner up. But Maze only agrees to help because Ella offers to pay her as a bounty hunter. But as unattached as Maze seems, it does turn out to be more than just a business deal. The two end up bonding over their family issues. Ella talks about her family while Maze says a little about her own. She talks about having thousands of siblings but never being all that close. Personally, I’d love to learn more about Maze’s family and her past. But whether or not we’ll get to see that is ultimately up to the writers. In the end, Maze saves Ella by throwing a knife at the killer pointing a gun at her.

With the Pierce/Cain situation, Lucifer tries to convince Amenadiel to help. But we quickly discover that Amenadiel’s the one who marked him (i.e. the reason why Pierce can’t die). In other words, Amenadiel was his father’s messenger once again. But being that he was just the messenger, he also has no idea how to get rid of the mark. Then, a badass fight ensues between the two. It’s there where Pierce reminds him that they’re not as different as he thinks. He reminds him that Amenadiel tried to have Lucifer killed (in season one with Malcolm). The only difference is the fact that Pierce actually killed his brother himself. Amenadiel, however, didn’t. Plus, he even tried to get someone else to do it for him.

Charlotte Goes to Therapy

Linda (played by Rachael Harris) looking terrified

In other news, Charlotte, per Lucifer’s suggestion, goes in to see Dr. Linda Martin. After all this time, she realizes she wants to try to face her demons. The only problem is Linda can’t get over the fact that she tried to kill her the last time they interacted. But in Charlotte’s defense, it was while Lucifer’s mom inhabited her body. Later, Lucifer reminds Linda that Charlotte is just an innocent. Eventually, Linda apologizes and discovers that their therapy sessions can help both of them get over their trauma.

Moving forward, it’ll be interesting to see how these sessions go. At this point, we still don’t know much about either of their backstories. Hopefully, we’ll get to learn more about both of them via their therapy sessions. However, it’s still unclear how much we’re going to actually learn through these sessions or how much of these sessions we’ll actually see. But I’m hoping that the two will, at the very least, become friends. Because the tribe could always use another member.

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