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Dynasty: ‘Nothing But Trouble’ Recap & Review

Last night on Dynasty, a lot happened. After last week’s episode, Steven announces to his family and the public that he’s running for senate. But that’s not all. Cristal has (or continues, it’s not completely sure if it already started) an affair with her journalist “friend”, Rick. Plus, Jeff and Monica’s father gets out of prison, bringing the love triangle between Culhane, Jeff and Fallon back into play. Like I said, a lot happened.

Full Recap

Blake (played by Grant Show) and Cristal (played by Nathalie Kelley) sitting across from Steven (played by James Mackay)

First off, Steven decides he wants to be honest about his not-so-clean past for his senate campaign. Blake’s not too happy about it because he doesn’t want there to be any bad press involving the Carrington board. However, he eventually gets on board. Cristal fully supports Steven and his decision and gets Rick (who we met in last week’s episode) to help by getting Steven to talk about his campaign on air. Then, Steven approaches his ex-boyfriend and drug buddy, Ted, to tell him he’ll be telling the press about his addiction. He realizes the multiple consequences it could bring, but he just doesn’t want Ted to get completely blindsided by it.

However, it might’ve been better if Steven hadn’t gotten back in touch with Ted. Turns out he’s not as clean as he says he is and in the end, Steven pays the price for it. Later, Ted goes to their apartment, high as a kite I might add, and strangles Sam. After the struggle, Ted jumps out the window to what I’m assuming is his death. I’m guessing this’ll mean that Ted wants Sam and/or Steven to be accused of his murder. Why he wants this is still a little fuzzy. It could be because he’s jealous of Sam (even though they insisted they were just roommates). Or he could just wants to plummet his career. In fact, he even says “If I’m going down, I’m taking you with me”. And I can only assume that applies to his new senate career.

Fallon Finally Buys Jeff Out

Fallon (played by Liz Gillies) and Steven (played by James Mackay)

As for Morell Corp, AKA Fallon’s company, Jeff lets her buy him out. Later on, Jeff proposes with Monica’s help and it finally jumpstarts his plan to bring the Carringtons down. But Fallon figures out, with Culhane and Sam’s help, that Jeff and Monica are up to something. She’s not fully sure of what it is yet but she and Culhane are determined to figure it out. Before that, Culhane’s actually the one that senses something’s off. He even happens to blurt out that he loves Fallon in the process. After previously being conflicted about #TeamJeff versus #TeamCulhane, I will say I’m definitely rooting for #TeamCulhane now. Especially not that we know Jeff’s only with her to take her family down.

Speaking of Jeff, he finally gets Monica to visit their father, Cecil, in prison. As luck would have it, Cecil’s actually up for parole. However, a prison guard stabs himself in the leg and accuses him two days before his hearing. So this ends up messing his previously spotless record. Unsurprisingly, Blake hired the prison guard, with Anders’ help, to keep Cecil in prison. Cristal, however, eventually figures all this out because Jeff is apparently one of Rick’s sources. Despite this, Jeff bribes the parole commissioner (by sleeping with her) to overrule the court’s ruling. So, Cecil finally gets out of prison and reunites with his family. What this ultimately means for the Carringtons is still unclear, especially since Fallon’s onto them now. Even if she doesn’t know what their plans are just yet.

Final Thoughts

Cristal (played by Nathalie Kelley) standing across from Blake's (played by Grant Show) desk in his office

Throughout the whole episode, Cristal is Steven’s biggest cheerleader and unofficially becomes his campaign manager. But she keeps going back to Rick, who we later find out she’s having an affair with. The show definitely hinted at something between them in last week’s episode, but I find it odd the writers are pursuing this storyline. Especially since Blake and Cristal have already gone through the ringer and have stayed together all this time. But after Cristal’s discovered Blake’s shadier side in terms of business, it does start to make more sense why she’s pulling away. Not just with Senator Daniels but also with the Stansfield situation. But we still don’t know how long this affir’s been going on or if it was just a one-time thing. But I guess only time will tell.

Dynasty returns February 28th on CW at 9/10c.

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