iZombie: ‘Are You Ready for Some Zombies?’ Recap & Review

On Monday night, iZombie returned to TV for the premiere of its fourth season. This season’s bound to get interesting because the world now knows that zombies really exist and are all over Seattle. Plus, Fillmore-Graves, which I’m dubbing the zombie army, runs the “new Seattle”, as Blaine calls it. With it comes a lot of changes and issues. There’s now a wall to keep zombies from infesting other cities, soldiers at every turn, and a city-wide curfew. Most prominently, there’s a new gang, the “Dead Enders”, who are adamantly against zombies.

Full Recap

Liv (played by Rose McIver) and Detective Babineaux (played by Malcolm Goodwin)

For this week’s case, Clive and Liv investigate the death Seahawks’ fan who wasn’t the fondest of zombies. Apparently, he used to work at Century Field but now that the city’s full of zombies, Century Field is no more. But the victim worked at a brain packaging company, which makes the brain tubes that go out to the zombie population. Ultimately, the investigation leads them to a Fillmore-Graves soldier who tells them about selling brain tubes on the black market. Unfortunately, it all turns out to just be a joke. Turns out the killer was the victim’s wife. Apparently, she killed him because he made her choose between him and her zombie son.

In other news, Blaine becomes Chase’s (AKA the head of Fillmore-Graves) hub of information of sorts. Plus, Ravi starts turning into a zombie after taking the cure he created after getting Liv to scratch him last season. But we learn later that he’s not a full zombie. Or something like that. Apparently, Ravi only craves brains every few weeks. It’s confusing but he says he’s still human regardless.

Final Thoughts

Blaine (played by David Anders_

From what I can tell, this new zombie town is getting out of hand. With all the military control, I can only imagine it’ll end badly. There are a lot of ways this could all backfire. Zombies aren’t happy being stuck in Seattle so they could always find a way to destroy the wall. Or they could just take over by either turning the rest of the population into zombies or just eat them. Or the human population could rise and kill all the zombies. That clearly seems to be the Dead Enders’ goal. However, the last option seems highly unlikely unless humans find something that makes zombies vulnerable. Especially since zombies have the ability to go into this intense rage.

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