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Lucifer: ‘High School Poppycock’ Recap & Review

On Monday night’s episode of Lucifer, The LAPD looks into the murder of a YA novelist. After reconciling in last week’s episode, Lucifer and Chloe attend a high school reunion to scope out potential suspects. Meanwhile, Maze inadvertently confronts Linda and Amenadiel after discovering their affair.

Full Recap

Chloe (played by Lauren German)

The episode starts off with what we later discover is Lucifer’s nightmare. In it, he can’t control his wings and after Chloe sees this, she freaks out and falls off the balcony. As she falls, Lucifer flys down to try to catch her. From that, Lucifer realizes he’s got writer’s block in trying to figure out how to kill Pierce. Then, he and Chloe start investigating the murder of a writer of young adult novels.

Then, they discover that her books are based on her high school classmates and their drama. So they all immediately become potential suspects. But because of Lucifer’s current mental block, he’s determined to find the author’s afterword. Supposedly, she writes about how she got over her own writer’s block. Soon after, Lucifer and Chloe learn that their high school reunion is coming up. With a little from Charlotte, they devise a plan to go undercover by getting Maze to illegally bounty hunt one of the attendees. This attendee also has zero social media presence, so Lucifer could easily pretend to be him at the reunion. However, I find it hilarious that Charlotte comes up with an illegal solution to their problem. Especially considering that she’s now working for the DA’s office.

The High School Reunion

Chloe (played by Lauren German) and Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis)

Speaking of Charlotte, there’s definitely still something going on between her and Dan. But Dan’s still waiting for Charlotte to figure things out. Plus, Colin Egglesfield, who played Ben Wheeler, is apparently coming back for an upcoming episode. If you don’t already remember, Charlotte was previously having an affair with him before Lucifer’s mom took over her body. Plus, he’s one-half of Richards and Wheeler, Charlotte’s old law firm. But for now, I’m still rooting for Dan and Charlotte and coining the hashtag #Darlotte in the meantime. Especially considering they don’t have a ship name just yet. At least not one that I’m aware of.

Going back to the investigation, Lucifer and Chloe go to the high school reunion. But only after Chloe obsessively reads the victim’s book series. Eventually, they realize that all the suspects have the same alibi because they all snuck into the school pool the night of the victim’s murder. Well, all of them except a certain Todd Cornwell, who also happens to be Lucifer’s cover.

Linda, Amenadiel, and Maze

(from left) Linda (played by Rachael Harris), Amenadiel (played by D.B. Woodside) and Maze (played by Lesley-Ann Brandt)

Meanwhile, Linda and Amenadiel are definitely still together. But they’re struggling with their guilt in keeping their relationship a secret. Especially from Maze. What they don’t know is that Maze already knows about them. So with a little help from Trixie, Maze devises a plan to torture them. Maze sets up a blind date for Linda with Todd, AKA her bounty, and she has all four of them go to dinner on a double date. But it’s not long until Lind and Amenadiel figure it all out. Then, Linda goes off about how she’s always been the person who listens to everyone else’s problems, Maze included. Being with Amenadiel was something she finally did for herself. But Maze still calls her selfish and is still hurt because she went behind her back.

Later, Linda agrees with Maze and breaks things off with Amenadiel (again). She tells Maze she doesn’t want to be that kind of person. And while I thought Maze was being a little unfair, it makes sense because Maze is also Linda’s best friend. I’m honestly still hoping that Linda and Maze (AKA #Laze) become a thing to be completely honest. And it doesn’t help that both Rachael Harris (who plays Linda) and Lesley-Ann Brandt (who plays Maze) want it too. So if the writers could just give us that pairing, that’d be great.

Case Closed

Chloe (played by Lauren German) talking to potential suspect, Jessica (played by Julie Gonzalo)

Going back to the investigation, Todd doesn’t end up being the killer. In fact, the only person that looked to gain anything from her death was her editor. As it turns out, the ending she wrote to her book series was boring compared to the rest of her books. Also, it turns out that he burned the ending, which was also Lucifer’s motivation in solving the case.

But not all was lost. In her afterword, the victim said that all she had to do was realize she couldn’t go back to change the past. At first, Lucifer doesn’t understand but after Chloe essentially says the same thing (while they’re slow dancing, might I add), he finally gets it. Kind of. Lucifer decides that the only way he can kill Pierce is to go back and change the past. How we’ll do that is still unclear. But Lucifer’s gesture of throwing Chloe a prom was undoubtedly very sweet. So we’ll just have to wait till next week to find out.

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