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Lucifer: ‘Infernal Guinea Pig’ Recap & Review

In this week’s episode of Lucifer, Chloe puts her life in danger for someone who later becomes Able. Meanwhile, Lucifer and Pierce continue trying to get rid of Pierce’s curse. However, Lucifer ultimately goes back on his word in the end.

Full Recap

Pierce (played by Tom Welling) and his brother, Able in a woman's body (played by Lauren Lapkus)

To start, Lucifer explains his plan to Pierce, which involves hilariously drawing bad stick figures. After saying he needs to go back in time to help Pierce in last week’s episode, it starts a little more sense now. Basically, Lucifer says he needs to resurrect Abel’s soul and put him into someone else’s body. Much like how his mom came back to Earth and took over Charlotte Richards’ body. Later, Lucifer flies down to Hell (with those wings he can’t get rid of) and accidentally displace Abel’s soul. Instead of putting it into an old man, he ends up in a young woman’s body. So for future reference, I will refer to Abel/Bree with female pronouns. Even though I know Abel is Pierce’s brother, but he’s in a female body for the entire episode.

Furthermore, this woman, Bree, becomes involved with the LAPD’s most recent case. And Abel doesn’t realize he’s been resurrected. Instead, he still thinks he’s in Hell. Speaking of which, this week’s investigation involves a bomb that goes off downtown. It results in one dead body and one in critical condition, the second one being Bree. For this episode, Lucifer ends up working with Pierce while Dan comes in as his replacement. In the investigation, they initially believe someone tried to kill Bree with the bomb. But it turns out that Bree was just the messenger. Then, they all think a Hollywood producer, Alexa, was the intended target. However, they’re wrong again because Alexa turns out to be the killer. Along with the Bolivian cartel.

Looking for Abel

Amenadiel (played by D.B Woodside) trying to convince Abel (played by Lauren Lapkus) that he's no longer in Hell by showing him his new female reflection.

As Lucifer and Pierce look for Bree/Abel, they see Abel shoot a Bolivian contractor. But he was apparently trying to kill her. But then she runs off again where Lucifer and Amenadiel butt heads. So Lucifer enlists the help of Maze to try to find him. After talking to Maze, they find out that Abel’s actually a lot like Lucifer. However, Amenadiel finds Abel first because he wants him to go back to Hell. After all, it’s where Abel belongs. At least according to Amenadiel. But seeing that Abel doesn’t realize or believe he’s actually on Earth, he just walks away.

So Lucifer and Pierce are forced to look for him again. They ask for Maze’s help again and she eventually gets him for them. Then, Maze gets him because Lucifer and Pierce clearly haven’t been able to do so. When she brings Abel to them, Maze gets Abel to shoot Pierce, but Lucifer’s plan doesn’t work. Pierce doesn’t die, again. So as much effort as they put into this whole plan, Pierce is definitely still cursed.

Dan and Chloe Get Involved

Chloe (played by Lauren German) talking to Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis)

During the investigation, Chloe gets mixed up in Pierce, Abel, and Lucifer’s business. Dan and Chloe eventually find Bree, AKA Abel, but Abel obviously doesn’t remember anything about the crime. Then, they all go back to Alexa’s office where fall right into Alexa’s trap involving another bomb. Chloe decides to stay back to help Bree/Abel get out of there alive. But it’s also how she figures out that Alexa was the killer all along.

After seeing Chloe get mixed up in their business, Lucifer decides he’s done helping Pierce. As much as he wants to spite his father, he no longer thinks it’s worth it. Even though Chloe chose to stay with Abel/Bree and the bomb, Lucifer still faults Pierce and their plan. It all put Chloe’s life in danger so he no longer wants to help Pierce. Even though he gave Pierce his word, and he never goes back on his word. At least not until now.

Charlotte’s Therapy Sessions

Charlotte (played by Tricia Helfer) talking to Linda (played by Rachael Harris) in her therapy session

Meanwhile, Charlotte continues her therapy sessions with Linda. But she’s hesitant to share what she remembers about her Hell loop. Instead, she just wants Linda to help recover her memory back. But I doubt that’s possible because Lucifer’s mom inhabited her body all that time. But Linda pushes her to open up. Later, Charlotte encounters Abel, who also went through Hell. From that, she realizes Abel isn’t afraid to give up control, regardless that she also went through Hell. In the end, Charlotte finally decides to tell Linda what she does remember.

We discover that her Hell consisted of her family getting murdered in front of her. And they get murdered by a criminal client of hers from her past. She, as Lucifer told her before, felt guiltier than she thought about knowingly representing criminals. Hence why it became an integral part of her Hell loop. This last scene between Linda and Charlotte was brilliant and heartbreaking. And it was by far my favorite scene from this week’s episode.

Final Thoughts

Pierce (played by Tom Welling) and Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) looking for Abel

Overall, it’s interesting to see that both Abel and Pierce ended up in Hell. The only difference is that Pierce’s Hell exists on Earth. As for Lucifer and Pierce’s partnership ending, I can’t imagine Pierce being happy about this. Regardless of whether or not Lucifer helped Pierce, I still think the bomb situation would’ve happened anyway. Chloe chose to stay behind and defuse the bomb. Plus, her job isn’t exactly the safest job ever. Regardless, Pierce is still going to try to die somehow. The only difference now is that he’s going to go back to doing it alone.

Oh, and Maze and Amenadiel have this big fight scene in this episode too, But it doesn’t result in any kind of resolution, unfortunately. Ultimately, it makes me wonder how long the writers will draw out this love triangle. As for Charlotte and Linda, I’m excited to see what happens next. I hope Charlotte ends up getting custody, or at least partial custody, of her kids. Especially now that we know how much they really mean to her. But after Lucifer’s mom basically neglected them, we’ll see how much of an effect that has later.

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