Timeless: ‘The War to End All Wars’ Recap & Review

On Sunday night, Timeless returned for its season two premiere. Much like Nashville, the fans brought back the show after it was previously canceled. Timeless follows an unlikely trio, Lucy the history professor, Wyatt the soldier, and Rufus the time machine technician. Together, they go back in time to protect history from terrorist, Garcia Flynn. But as it turns out, Flynn’s only screwing up history to stop a bigger evil: Rittenhouse, a mysterious and evil organization. To further complicate things, Rittenhouse is run by one of the main character’s biological father. Although it’s still unclear what they’re really after.

Full Recap

(from left) Connor (played by Paterson Joseph), Jiya (played by Claudia Doumit), Wyatt (played by Matt Lanter), and Agent Christopher (played by Sakina Jaffrey)

At the end of last season, the government finally arrests Flynn for stealing a time machine and screwing up history. Plus, Lucy discovers that not only her father is involved with Rittenhouse but so is her mother. In the present time, Wyatt and Rufus wait for Lucy to show up so she can save her sister. Which, by the way, is all Lucy’s been trying to do since the pilot episode. Then, as Wyatt calls Lucy, a red light beeps, signaling the start of a big explosion. Ultimately, it blows up Mason Industries, AKA the company that created and supplied the time machines.

Then, we skip six weeks later to find out that Lucy’s still missing. Not only that, FBI Agent Christopher keeps a close eye on Wyatt, Rufus, Connor Mason (head of Mason Industries), and Jiya (Rufus’s girlfriend and fellow time machine technician). The agency continues to search for Lucy but we, as the audience, get to see what she’s been up to. We find out Lucy’s with her mother and Rittenhouse agent, Emma. And they’re in the World War I era to save a certain Nicholas Keynes. And they do so with the help of none other than Marie Curie and her daughter.

Lucy’s Involvement with Rittenhouse

(from left) Carol (played by Susanna Thompson) and Lucy (played by Abigail Spencer)

At this point, Lucy becomes fully embedded into Rittenhouse. She proves to her mother that she’s loyal to the cause and even goes as far as killing an innocent man in the process. But we find out that Lucy never planned to come back to the present time. Instead, she was just going to blow up the time machine with her mother, Emma, and her inside. That way, Rittenhouse would never be able to fulfill their mission, whatever that really is.

Eventually, the team back home gets the lifeboat (a smaller time machine) and discovers where, or rather when, Lucy is. So they all end up traveling to the Worl War I time period. Eventually, Wyatt and Rufus find Lucy and help her escape from her mother and Emma. But they do let them get away with Nicholas Keynes in the process. Turns out Nicholas is the man behind Rittenhouse’s manifesto and even predicted that time travel would be possible someday. Oh yeah, and he also happens to be Lucy’s great-great-grandfather. So to say Lucy’s family is deeply involved with Rittenhouse would be an understatement.

Final Thoughts

(from left) Rufus (played by Malcolm Barrett), Wyatt (played by Matt Lanter) and Lucy (played by Abigail Spencer)

Overall, I’m excited to see what’ll happen next between Wyatt and Lucy. They’ve teased their romance ever since the show started but this time, they almost kissed. But more than that, I’m curious to find out how Lucy’s mom got involved with Rittenhouse. Yes, she was somewhat born into it but Rittenhouse is still, largely, a mystery. We know they have some kind of evil plan. We just don’t know what that plan is yet. So hopefully we’ll figure it out before the season ends. Because who knows if the show will get picked up again.

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