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Dynasty: ‘The Gospel According to Blake Carrington’ Recap & Review

On Friday night, Dynasty returned to the CW on its new night as more drama unfolds. Ted miraculously survives his jump out the window forcing Steven to deal with the aftermath. Meanwhile, Cristal comes to terms with her and Rick’s kiss as Fallon and Culhane uncover more of Jeff’s plan. And of course, Blake takes advantage of both Cristal and Fallon’s situations.

Full Recap

Steven (played by James Mackay) standing behind Sam (played by Rafael de la Fuente), both looking worried.

We find out pretty quickly that Cristal and Rick’s kiss was a one-time thing. But that doesn’t stop Rick from wanting more, so he follows her around for most of the episode. Later, Cristal tells Blake about the kiss but changes the story a bit. She tells him that he’s the one who kissed her when the opposite is true. Instead of being angry, however, Blake tells her to get closer to him. He is one of Jeff’s contacts, after all. However, this all happens before he discovers Jeff’s scheming. But he’s still pretty suspicious just because he’s a Colby. Plus, the fact that Cecil’s out of prison now doesn’t make him feel any better.

As for Ted, Steven’s junkie ex-boyfriend, he’s alive after his suicidal jump out the window. Apparently, he hit his head pretty badly on the pavement and he’s now in a coma. Steven, in response, gets caught up in the PR stuff for his campaign. After learning that Sam’s an illegal immigrant, Steven tells the press that Ted’s his boyfriend. That way, he could keep Sam far away from it all. After that, Steven deals with Ted’s religious and disapproving father. As difficult as it all is, he pulls it off. Ted does eventually wake up from his coma, but by then, Steven’s already gotten away with his bogus story.

Fallon, Culhane, and the Colbys

Fallon (played by Liz Gillies) and Culhane (played by Robert Christopher Riley) having dinner with the Colby's

After getting engaged in last week’s episode, Fallon discovers that Jeff’s been reading her email. Not only that, but he’s also had access to the Carrington home network. All because he gave her a thumb drive at the beginning of the season. Then, Jeff invites Fallon to a family dinner so she can meet Cecil for the second time. Except for this time, it won’t be seeing him behind bars. Plus, Monica invites Culhane as her date. At the dinner table, Cecil tries his best to keep cool but loses it during dessert. Then, we finally figure out at least part of the reason why there’s so much animosity between the Colbys and Carringtons. It turns out Blake slept with his wife years ago, and that’s why he sent him to prison.

As angry as he is, Cecil doesn’t say anything about Jeff’s big plan. At least not during dinner. However, he clearly isn’t happy about any of it. He doesn’t think his son should be the one fighting his battles for him. Regardless, Jeff doesn’t think Fallo knows anything about the plan so they continue to be engaged. After Cecil’s outburst, Fallon realizes Blake’s been the bad guy all along. Not just with Cecil but also with her own mother. Then, she confronts her father about everything, and to her (and our) surprise, Blake tells her to marry him anyway. Fallon was just going to break it off, even though she doesn’t know the whole plan. But Blake’s clearly got something up his sleeve. After all, they do say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Final Thoughts

Cecil (played by Hakeem Kae-Kazim) sitting at the dinner table wearing a nice suit

Overall, I don’t think anyone knows what Jeff’s big plan is just yet, nor do we know what Blake’s counter plan is. Jeff’s clearly determined to bring down the Carrington’s but he doesn’t even know they’re onto him. As for Blake, he’s always been mysterious in his plans and intentions so his plan to counter is even fuzzier than Jeff’s. But if I were to take my pick in this fight, I’d choose the Carrington’s. And not just because the show revolves around their family. It’s clear to me that the Carrington’s have always had the upper hand on the Colby’s. After all, Blake got Cecil behind bars and they clearly have the advantage now. But I guess we’ll have to wait to see who wins in the end.

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