Once Upon a Time: ‘A Taste of the Heights’ Recap & Review

On Friday night’s episode of Once Upon a Time, we finally learn more about Sabine, AKA Princess Tiana. With it comes the return of Dr. Facillier. Other than that, Weaver and Rogers continue their investigation into Mother Gothel and her witch-cult. Especially after everything that happened last week. Plus, things heat up between Henry and Jacinda, so that’s exciting.

Full Recap

To start, Jacinda invites Henry over for a family game night. But Lucy leaves them to play on their own after she beats Henry at checkers. Then, Jacinda shows him the mixtape she made for him but Lucy interrupts them before they almost kiss. Even though she wants them to get together, a new page falls out of the storybook and she finds out why Henry can’t break the curse. His heart is poisoned so if he wakes up, he’ll die.

As they have their game night, Sabin (AKA Princess Tiana) e finally opens up her shop during a food truck festival they’re having in Hyperion Heights. But Drew (Prince Naveen’s cursed identity) shows up to compete with his own food truck. Then, a cop shows up asking for her safety permits as he’s warned via an anonymous tip. Unfortunately, it turns out she doesn’t have it, meaning she can’t sell food from her truck. Turns out that Mr. Samdi, Dr. Facillier’s cursed name, may have been involved. To make matters worse, he also acts as Drew’s silent partner. Later, Drew comes back to give Sabine his food safety permit. But he only does so because Mr. Samdi tells him to. The reason why, however, still remains to be seen.

The Investigation into Mother Gothel Continues

Weaver (played by Robert Carlyle) and Weaver looking into Lucy's nurse's disappearance

Meanwhile, Weaver (AKA Gold/Rumple) and Rogers (AKA Hook) look into the death of Lucy’s nurse. They quickly discover she wasn’t killed because she found out about Henry’s patronage. Rather because she was part of Mother Gothel’s cult. Eventually, they’re led to a bakery where they meet a blind old lady, who turns out to be another witch. Then, they find her on the ground in an attempted murder. Ultimately, they figure out that someone’s out there killing off people (or more accurately, witches) in this cult. But we still don’t know why.

As for the fairytale world, we see Dr. Facillier return to tell Tiana something evil’s coming. And he does so right before her royal coronation. But with her doubts, he tells her to go to a certain part of the woods to find out if he’s lying. All of the princesses go and meet Prince Naveen, who’s hunting an alligator. After finding where the gator is, Naveen and Tiana go on a boat determined to kill the creature. But then, Tiana accuses him of being in cahoots with Dr. Facillier and accidentally knocks him off the boat. The alligator swims by and ends up killing Naveen. But he’s soon revived and taken away by none other than Dr. Facillier. Despite Dr. Facillier’s escape, he shows up again with a necklace from the gator, which turns out to be Regina’s So there’s some kind of romantic history there. Because of that, Regina realizes, unbeknownst to Zelena, that he’s awake from the curse. She eventually confronts him and he invites her inside.

Final Thoughts

Even though Dr. Facillier takes Naveen away, he still shows up in Hyperion Heights. But his cursed self is working for Dr. Facillier so there must be some kind of deal there. As for everything going on with the witches, maybe the killer’s the one behind everything. But the why of it is still unclear. As for Regina and Dr. Facillier, it’s surprising but also incredibly interesting. I’m assuming they weren’t anything serious because otherwise, we would’ve heard about it before. Especially considering how much Daniel (AKA “Stable Boy”) and Robin’s deaths affected her. We also don’t know if they’re getting back together. After Regina gets to his door, Dr. Facillier invites her inside but she says no. But then she proceeds to walk inside anyway. So we’ll just have to wait and see what happens there.

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