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Lucifer: ‘Let Pinhead Sing!’ Recap & Review

Last night on Lucifer, Lucifer distances himself from Chloe after the bomb scare from last week’s episode. Meanwhile, Dan tries to cheer up Pierce as Charlotte tries to mediate the tension between Maze and Linda.

Full Recap

Axara's (played by Skye Townsend) performance

This week, Lucifer and Chloe investigate the murder of a backup dancer, who was killed by a firework hitting her head-on. Afterward, the LAPD find it necessary to protect Axara, a singer they believe could have been the original target. But after last week’s bomb scare, Lucifer decides it’s best to keep Chloe out of his father’s spotlight. So he tries focusing on everyone else at the precinct. Ultimately, he’s afraid his father will take Chloe away so he keeps his distance even though they’re both working the same case. To do that, Lucifer ends up becoming Axara’s personal bodyguard.

As the investigation progresses, another dead body shows up. And it happens to be one of Axara’s crazed fans. Despite the danger, Axara still wants to perform, even though Lucifer and Chloe warn her not to. Lucifer then brings her to Lux to try to protect her. Regardless, she defies their wishes and ends up performing at Lux. But being that they’re at Lux and Lucifer didn’t just leave, Lucifer joins her for a duet. Later, we find out that Axara’s assistant is the culprit. Apparently, she killed both victims to try to stop Axara from going back on tour because she’s in love with her.

Pierce’s Depression

Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) and Axara (played by Skye Townsend) singing a duet at Lux

After Lucifer ends their partnership, Pierce is somewhat depressed. He realizes he may never figure out how to get rid of his curse. Ella tries to cheer him up with a compliment box she makes for him but it backfires. After that, she goes to Dan for help. Then he and Amenadiel talk to Pierce. Amenadiel finally convinces Pierce to have some faith and he takes it as an invitation to Axara’s concert with Chloe. And that ultimately brings back the love triangle between Chloe, Lucifer, and Pierce.

Regardless of this love triangle, I’m still team #Deckerstar all the way. I don’t even know what Chloe and Pierce’s ship name would be. But I am happy that Pierce is finally starting to live a little. But Lucifer’s still scared of losing Chloe. At first, he was scared his father would take her away from him. Now, it’s all about Pierce. Whether Pierce and Chloe actually end up getting together remains to be seen. But it would definitely make things interesting.

Linda, Maze, and Charlotte

Charlotte (played by Tricia Helfer) trying to help Linda (played by Rachael Harris) and Maze (played by Lesley-Ann Brandt)

Meanwhile, things are still tense between Linda and Maze. But this time, Charlotte gets involved after realizing how distracted Linda is during her therapy session. Prior, Linda goes to Maze’s apartment to apologize and leaves an axe at her door as a present. So Charlotte becomes Linda’s therapist for a minute and ultimately decides to help settle their situation. But first, she just needs to get Maze to show up. Unfortunately, Linda apologizes but still defends her actions and Maze is still unwilling to forgive her just yet.

Hopefully, the writers won’t draw out this storyline for too much longer. Because at this point, it’s starting to get old. Maze is unbelievably stubborn and Linda’s still trying to fix things. But it’s never going to resolve if Linda keeps backtracking her apologies. As for Linda and Amenadiel, I feel for the two of them. But I also get why Maze is so upset. After all, she did explicitly ask Linda not to get involved with him. And Linda did it anyway. Regardless, I’m still holding out hope that Linda and Maze get together instead.

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