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Dynasty: ‘Our Turn Now’ Recap & Review

On Friday night’s episode of Dynasty, the Carringtons stage a fake wedding. But they hit a pretty big obstacle in the form of Cecil Colby. By the end of it, Fallon gets married. Twice actually. And the Carringtons finally beat the Colbys, just as I predicted.

Full Recap

Fallon (played by Liz Gillies) in her wedding dress as Cristal (played by Nathalie Kelley) walks her down the aisle as the wedding guests stand and watch on the sides

To start, Fallon agrees to keep up the ruse and plans her wedding to Jeff. Cristal, however, refuses to whore herself out to serve Blake’s purpose, as she puts it. As their planning the wedding, Blake plans to have his security guys break into Jeff’s house to get his servers. The same servers Jeff’s been using to hack into the Carrington network, which we found out in last week’s episode. But Cecil won’t even come to the engagement party or planning session at their house so Blake can’t even try out his plan. So it means they’ll have to have an actual wedding ceremony.

As Fallon plans the wedding, she worries about Morrell Corp because Jeff still has a stake in it. And that’s only because she can’t buy him out just yet. Additionally, she’s pretty distraught about the whole situation. She feels Blake’s pushing her around with all his plans and from this, she and Cristal finally bond a bit. After all, Blake’s manipulating both of them.

Jeff and Fallon’s Wedding

Jeff (played by Sam Adegoke) and Fallon (played by Liz Gillies) getting married

Blake then convinces Cecil to go to the wedding. That way, his men can get Jeff’s server. But when Blake’s guys get there, they hit a few complications and cut it really close to the “I do’s”. Regardless, it turns out Fallon’s got a plan of her own. Well, with the help of Cristal. After the ceremony, Jeff and Fallon immediately sign the business contracts. And it’s then when Jeff thinks he’s just won. But the only problem is, Fallon’s actually already married.

Meanwhile, all of this isn’t easy for Culhane either. He literally watches the woman he loves marry another man. Even though he knows it’s all fake. Plus, he did tell her he loved her, and she didn’t exactly say it back. Even if she clearly feels the same way. We see a brief flashback from before the wedding where Fallon asks Culhane to marry her for real. And Fallon finally says that four-letter word that Culhane’s been waiting to hear her say. Unfortunately, she’s saying it for all the wrong reasons.

Fallon (and Cristal’s) Plan

Blake (played by Grant Show) and Cristal (played by Nathalie Kelley) standing in front of other dressed up guests at Fallon's wedding ceremony

But because Culhane refuses to marry her, Fallon finds someone else to marry. Whether intentional or not, she meets a complete stranger, Liam. And almost immediately offers him a payday to marry her. And Liam also happened to come to her and Jeff’s wedding. As Sam’s date, no less. So because bigotry’s illegal, Jeff and Fallon’s marriage is void. And that also means the business contracts Jeff signed are all void because it does say they have to be legally married for Jeff to get his percentage of Carrington Atlantic and Morell Corp. However, the contracts that Fallon signed to get shares of Colby Co. (Jeff’s company) don’t say the same. So Jeff doesn’t get any percentage of Carrington Atlantic or Morell Corm. But Fallon gets shares of Colby Co., making the Carringtons the winners in the end.

After all of this goes down, Cecil’s so angry at everyone that he takes a gun from one of Blake’s men. With it, he assumingly has the intention to confront and probably shoot Blake. Instead, he finds Blake’s father, Tom, who’s also at the wedding and appalled at it all. But just the sheer shock of Cecil coming in with a gun scared the poor guy enough to have a heart attack. Then, Jeff walks in, takes the gun, and tells Cecil to run. He just got out of jail so it probably would be best for him not to be indicted for this crime. But it does leave Blake’s father lying on the floor, dying.

Final Thoughts

Jeff (played by Sam Adegoke) and Fallon (played by Liz Gillies)

Based on the fact that next week’s episode centers around a funeral, it’s safe to say Tom died. However, Tom does mutter something interesting before he dies. He says that Blake never had an affair with Cecil’s wife and that he was just protecting Blake. But if Blake never had an affair with Cecil’s wife, then Cecil must’ve been accusing the wrong Carrington, right? I mean, it is what started this whole feud in the first place. So, does that mean this whole feud started from a misunderstanding? Or is there more to the story here?

Overall, I’m very confused about what’s going to happen next. Fallon’s married now, but it was just a business deal. So in regards to that, I’m still rooting for Fallon and Culhane to get back together. But the promo for next week’s episode features Fallon and Steven’s mom showing up. And the brilliant Nicollette Sheridan’s going to be playing her, no less. But it’ll be interesting to discover what her intentions are. Alexis, overall, is still a bit of a sore topic for both Fallon and Steven. But according to IMDB, Alexis will be in Dynasty for at least seven episodes. So I’m sure we’re in for a real treat when it comes to Alexis’s arrival on the show.

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