Once Upon a Time: ‘Knightfall’ Recap & Review

In the latest episode of Once Upon a Time from Friday night, we look back at Alice and Hook’s past. Plus, the investigation into the witch murders continues and Regina finally tells Lucy she’s awake.

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Rumpelstiltskin (played by Robert Carlyle) behind bars

First, we go back in time and see a teenage Alice stuck in the tower. But she has a nightmare about Mother Gothel banishing Hook from the tower. So Hook decides to figure out a way to get her out and goes to Rumple, who’s in jail, for help. But since he’s without magic, they make a deal. If he helps Rumple get out, Rumple will help him get Alice out of her “prison”.

Then, Rumple tells him to find and bring back Maui’s fish hook, which will be able to break him out. So Hook goes to Captain Ahab. At first, Hook tries to play nice to get the magical fish hook. He initially offers his ole Jolly Roger ship if he loses the wager. After he wins, he tells Captain Ahab that he’s off to kill Rumple. But we all know that isn’t true. And Ahab’s not buying it either. So he follows him and taunts him to duel, to which Hook agrees.

Hook v. Captain Ahab

Captain Ahab (played by Chad Rook) and Wish Realm Captain Hook (played by Colin O'Donoghue)

As great as a duel sounds, it just ends up being a bit pathetic. They each stand about ten feet away from each other and each takes a shot at each other. I guess it was really just to test out their aim so it wasn’t a full-on duel. But apparently, Hook wins as his aim’s a little better. But at what cost? Apparently his honor. He’s no longer the pirate he used to be but rather a father. Unfortunately, it’s all a wasted effort because when he gets back to Alice, he’s no longer able to hug his daughter. Instead, Mother Gothel’s poisoned their hearts and sends Hook away to the middle of nowhere. And it leaves Alice behind.

Back in Hyperion Heights, the investigation continues as Eloise Gardner (AKA the not-so-cursed Mother Gothel), shows up to “help”. And she does this by avoiding Weaver (because she knows he’s awake) and distracting Rogers. As they work together, Eloise asks Rogers why he’s doodling and painting pictures of sailboats. And Rogers plays along because he figures, why the hell not?

Tilly and Eloise

Tilly (played by Rose Reynolds) holding a knife as she stands over the dying blind baker (played by Chilton Crane) as Weaver (played by Robert Carlyle) and Rogers (played by Colin O'Donoghue) see her

But this distraction isn’t completely useless. Eloise tells Rogers he won’t be able to figure out who’s behind the witch killings until he knows who he really is. Which is why she asks about the paintings. My guess is that it means Rogers has to realize he’s Captain Hook for him to solve the case. Or he needs to wake up from the curse. But the question is, why? Eloise/Mother Gothel clearly doesn’t want to deal with Weaver, who is awake. So why does she want Rogers to wake up?

Tilly, however, definitely isn’t happy about this and just wants Eloise to leave. She warns everyone that bad things will happen if she sticks around. And she turns out to be right as more bad things happen. At the hospital, the creepy blind baker is murdered. Even worse, Tilly’s holding a bloody scalpel when Weaver and Rogers get there. But before they can ask her anything, she goes out the window. Now, Weaver and Rogers are left to look for her. But they make it pretty clear that they don’t think Tilly’s the killer. But it’d be an interesting twist if she was. However, I doubt it. Instead, I think Dr. Facillier is somehow involved in all of this.

Henry and Ivy?

Henry (played by Andrew J. West) and Ivy (played by Adelaide Kane) clinking beer glasses while sitting on the couch

Meanwhile, Henry, Jacinda, and Lucy are still reeling from that almost-kiss from last week’s episode. Frustrated, Henry talks to Regina, who’s coming home after spending the night with Facillier (AKA Mr. Samedi). With everything going on, Henry’s just confused. He later turns to Ivy and encourages her to go to her family for comfort. Even though they don’t exactly have the closest relationship. But Ivy makes Henry even more confused after she tries to kiss him. But she still ends up taking his advice and greets Jacinda with open arms. And that’s despite their formerly rocky step-sister relationship.

Additionally, Lucy’s also frustrated when she finds the page about Henry’s poisoned heart. So she goes to Regina for help. Then, Regina finally reveals that everything from the storybook is true and that she’s awake from the curse (more or less). And as frustrated as they both are, they’re Mills. And Mills are true believers. So despite the fact that there isn’t a clear plan of action, Regina’s determined to help Lucy break this curse. And making sure Henry doesn’t die in the process. This entire scene between them is just worthy of both an “aww” and a triumphant “finally!”. While small, it’s a victory for both of them.

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