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Lucifer: ‘The Last Heartbreak’ Recap & Review

On last night’s episode of Lucifer, the case of the week involves a copycat serial killer. And Pierce gets personally invested as it relates to one of his old cases from the ’50s. But he continues getting closer to Chloe as Lucifer gets jealous. Meanwhile, Maze continues to lash out because of Linda and Amenadiel’s relationship. So it, unfortunately, means Charlotte’s attempts to fix things in last week’s episode didn’t work. And finally, Amenadiel confronts Charlotte for the first time sans Mom.

Full Recap

Pierce (played by Tom Welling) and Lucifer (played by Tom Welling) wearing rain ponchos and bike helmets while riding segways

Oddly enough, the LAPD investigates the murder of a serial killer. Throughout, we see flashbacks of Pierce’s earlier career as a detective in the ’50s. Mostly because his old cases are eerily similar to the modern-day murder. Apparently, he looked into a serial killer called the Broken Hearts Killer. He previously targeted and proceeded to kill cheating partners and their mistresses (or the male equivalent to mistresses). In the present time, they figure out that it must be a copycat killer because the original killer died recently in prison.

Because he “knows the history” of the Broken Hearts Killer (as he puts it), Pierce helps Chloe with the case. But their partnership threatens Chloe and Lucifer’s partnership. At least in Lucifer’s mind. For the first time in a long time, the killer isn’t the first suspect. So this week’s case is a lot more interesting than it has been in a while. Ultimately, they discover the killer is the guy living at the previous serial killer’s house. And it was unexpected because I didn’t even recognize him at first. Instead, I had to keep watching to be reminded of who he was.

Pierce and Chloe

Chloe (played by Lauren German) sitting across the table from Pierce (played by Tom Welling) as they eat a romantic dinner at his house

But speaking of Pierce and Chloe, he gets Chloe to go on their second date. Apparently, the Azara concert from last week’s episode counted as their first date. Plus, their date ended up being part of the investigation as it successfully draws the killer out. But before that happens, Pierce finally opens up a little to her. But it’s unfortunate knowing that he might just be doing all of this to get to Lucifer. That way, he’ll finally get what he wants, as he puts it. What he really wants is still a little fuzzy. It could mean love, which Pierce has never really experienced. As far as we know. Or it’s finally getting to die. If he really wants love, it could mean he’s ready to embrace life by falling in love. If he still just wants to die, he’s just pretending to fall for her to get to Lucifer. But my bet’s on the latter because the writers wouldn’t add that last line for nothing. Plus, he’s Cain, AKA the world’s first murderer. He’s got to have at least a little evil in him, right?

In other news, Maze lashes out by going back to her old ways by partying and having meaningless sex. Regardless of the fact that she now lives with a child. Unfortunately, Trixie overhears a conversation between Maze and Dan, where he tries to help her. Maze lashes out at him by calling Trixie a stupid little brat. And the camera pans over to little Trixie crying and running out the door. That scene just broke my heart because Maze and Trixie have the purest relationship on the show. And now it’s been crushed. All because Maze is still angry at Linda and Amenadiel.

Charlotte and Amenadiel

Charlotte (played by Tricia Helfer) confronting Amenadiel (played by DB Woodside)

Meanwhile, Amenadiel sees Charlotte at a coffee shop and immediately thinks his mom is back. Which is also why he takes no precaution when he approaches her. But she obviously doesn’t recognize him and is completely confused. I mean, who wouldn’t be confused if an adult came up to you and called you Mom? Apparently, no one told Amenadiel that Charlotte was alive. Or that she’s the actual Charlotte Richards now and not their mom in her body. Despite the confusion, she still wants to know what the hell’s going on. And I don’t blame her. I’d be pretty confused and disgruntled if I had months of time missing from my memory.

Then, he goes to Linda to tell her about Charlotte. But it doesn’t take long for him to realize that literally everyone else already knew about her. But Linda tells him to let Charlotte go because she’s pretty fragile right now. Regardless, Amenadiel continues to follow Charlotte. However, it doesn’t take long for Charlotte to notice because as it turns out, he’s not very good at being discreet. So she confronts him and again, asks for answers. Amenadiel doesn’t tell her everything but does give her a little. He says that she was his mother. And that’s all we’re left with. So we have no sense of whether or not he’s going to tell her the whole truth.

Final Thoughts

Pierce (played by Tom Welling) sitting in a booth at a diner

To be completely honest, the procedural part of the show has gotten dull. At least in recent episodes. Recently, it’s been pointed out to me that the killer’s almost always the first person they question. But the fact that they dealt with a serial killer this time made it more interesting. That and they played with the timeline a little with the short flashbacks. All of which was a nice change of pace. So I personally would love to see more of this when pertaining to the procedural part of the story.

As for Charlotte, it’d be really interesting if Amenadiel actually tells her everything. As crazy as it’ll sound, it’ll at least make a little sense. Especially since she already knows she went to Hell and back. It’d also be nice for Linda to have someone else to confide in that isn’t celestial or currently angry at her. Plus, it’s the least they can do considering Mom took over her body without her knowledge. And she was sent to Hell in the meantime. But even if he does tell her everything, who’s to say she’ll believe anything he says? The only way Amenadiel can prove it is if he can get Lucifer to show her his wings.

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