Designated Survivor: ‘In the Dark’ Recap & Review

On last night’s episode of Designated Survivor, the nation’s capital experiences a city-wide blackout. Because of this, Damian manages to momentarily escape his safehouse. But the rest of the city panics as President Kirkman works with the city’s mayor towards getting the power back. By the end of the episode, President Kirkman selects his nominee for vice president.

Full Recap

Lyor (played by Paulo Costanzo) and Emily (played by Italia Ricci) stuck in an elevator

To start, Emily and Lyor meet with the Japanese minister to hopefully extend a $600 billion bond payment. Unfortunately, Lyor ends up insulting the man and he decides not to give them the extension. Then, Emily and Lyor get stuck in the elevator because the whole city loses power. Luckily for them, Kirkman’s brother, Trey, (who we met in last week’s episode) is apparently an old friend of the ambassador. He then convinces the ambassador to give the president the extension. Plus, he promises to stay to watch out for his older brother. But before that, the nation’s in full panic mode. Without power, people start to riot. It’s almost apocalyptic the way they react as people break into stores and set fires. Luckily, there are a few shelters and the White House that still have power. So President Kirkman contacts DC’s mayor, Eleanor Darby, to help ratify the problem.

Tom suggests bringing in the national guard per Aaron’s advice, who serves as the acting chief of staff as well as the national security advisor. But that’s only because Emily’s nowhere to be found as she’s stuck in an elevator. But Mayor Darby refuses because bringing in the national guard will turn DC into a militant city. Instead, she wants to use local resources, which would strengthen people’s trust in their community as well community leaders. Tom agrees to do things Darby’s way and coincidentally, the power comes back during one of their many speeches. After the crisis is averted, Kirkman announces he’s found a running mate. Even though he didn’t initially want to run for President in the next term. And the candidate he chooses turns out to be none other than Mayor Darby.

Damian Escapes

Agent Wells (played by Maggie Q)

Meanwhile, Damian manages to escape from his safe house during the power outage. When the power goes out, Damian’s ankle monitor malfunctions. But Hannah, Chuck, and Aaron work together to find him. Eventually, they do after Damian shoots a man targeting Hannah for killing his brother. And his brother is the guy that tried to kill Damian in his safe house in last week’s episode. Before that, they find out Damian went to the Russian Embassy before tracking this guy down. But it was apparently to tell Valeria not to kill Hannah. However, the reason behind why Valeria wants to kill Hannah is a little fuzzy. It may just be because she’s trying to protect her asset (AKA Damian). Or she could just be jealous of Hannah.

In last week’s episode, Valeria hinted there may have been something between her and Damian. But it could just be that I interpreted that wrong. Either way, Damian knows more about all of it, the conspiracy included, than he lets on. And Hannah and Aaron have definitely caught onto that. As for the city-wide blackout, Chuck uses his IT skills to figure out who’s behind the power outage. To no one’s surprise, it’s the same hacker that’s behind this entire conspiracy. However, it’s still a little fuzzy how Chuck figured it out. But they did mention something about the hacker wanting them to eventually fix the blackout.

Final Thoughts

Emily (played by Italia Ricci) trying to fix the elevator while holding her Blackberry phone

Overall, Mayor Darby seems like she could potentially be a great vice president. Plus, it’d be great to have a woman as the vice president. Despite the great pick, I did think that he might choose Emily as his VP for a second there. Mostly because Lyor tells her she’d make a good president. As far as the conspiracy and Damian go, I still have a million questions. But that’s pretty expected with this show.

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