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Dynasty: ‘Poor Little Rich Girl’ Recap & Review

On Friday night’s episode of Dynasty, Fallon, her fake husband, Liam, and Jeff deal with the aftermath of last week’s episode. And in a turn of events, Sam and Steven get married during Tom’s funeral. Plus, the infamous Alexis Carrington finally shows up.

Full Recap

Fallon (played by Liz Gillies) sitting next to Liam (played by Adam Huber) in the front row at Tom's funeral with many others dressed in black seated behind them.

After the mess of the wedding, Fallon tries to avoid the whole situation. Especially Jeff and the press. In response, Jeff basically starts a smear campaign against her to make her look like the bad guy. All of this really gets to Monica as she realizes Jeff’s revenge has gone too far. After she finds out about how Cecil caused Tom’s heart attack, she gets their dad to live with her instead of Jeff.

As for Tom, he does die from that heart attack, leaving Anders to take care of funeral arrangements. Meanwhile, Cristal pushes Blake to grieve over his deceased father. However, Tom’s will warrants a performance from his grandchildren at his funeral. And it’s just a nice way to see Liz Gilies again sing again, even if we only get to see 30 seconds from their rehearsal. Another aspect of Tom’s will is his wish to be buried with a book that’s at their old house in Savannah. And for Blake to go fetch it.

Blake Grieves

Cristal (played by Nathalie Kelley) and Blake (played by Grant Show) at Tom's funeral with many other guests sitting behind them.

Despite his resistance, Cristal convinces Blake to retrieve this book. Even though no one seems to know what’s in it. When he finds it, Blake finds that the book’s hollowed out with a video that Alexis, Blake’s ex-wife, had Tom film. In it, Tom finally says that he loved his son, which is apparently a rarity. And that’s when Blake finally realizes that his father really did love him. Despite his bitterness. With that, Blake’s finally able to properly grieve over him.

Meanwhile, Sam receives a letter from ICE. In it, they indicate that they know he’s undocumented. Then, we find out that Tom called them before he died. And that’s only when Anders tells him he found ICE’s number in Tom’s recent call log.

Steven Proposes and Alexis Arrives

Sam (played by Rafael de la Fuente) and Steven (played by James MacKay) talking to Melissa Daniels (played by Kelly Rutherford) outside the church with other guests walking behind them.

Regardless, Steven doesn’t discover any of this until right before he’s to speak at his grandfather’s funeral. And from Melissa Daniels (the senator’s wife), no less. But before that, Steven goes to her so she can ask her husband to help with Sam’s ICE situation. Even though he’s completely against getting help from him. But Melissa only agrees if Steven sleeps with her. And that’s when we find out that Melissa’s apparently the only girlfriend Steven’s ever had. But because of how much Steven loves Sam, he agrees. And this revelation is by far the weirdest and creepiest one in this entire episode.

Later, when Steven discovers his grandfather called ICE, he goes up to talk about him at the funeral. However, he ends up talking about Sam instead. In Spanish, nonetheless. He tells him how much he loves him for trying to protect his grandfather’s memory. And then he proposes. Then, when Blake talks at the funeral, Sam and Steven get married. And as Blake continues to talk, Alexis finally arrives saying that traffic was a bitch. Unfortunately, Alexis’s dramatic arrival is how the episode ends.

Final Thoughts

Alexis (played by Nicollette Sheridan) bursting through the funeral home doors wearing a full black and white ensemble

After all of Alexis’s build-up, it’s disappointing that we didn’t see anything beyond what was in the original promo. But in the promo for next week’s episode, we discover Tom’s left the Carrington mansion to Alexis. And that will ensue a big fight between Alexis and Fallon. Which, at the very least, it’s something to look forward to next week.

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