Lucifer: ‘Orange is the New Maze’ Recap & Review

In last night’s episode of Lucifer, a new murder investigation points to Maze as the killer. Plus, Charlotte finally learns the truth about everything. And Pierce and Chloe are now officially dating. But by the end, Pierce teams up with an unlikely ally to get what he wants from Lucifer.

Full Recap

Chloe (played by Lauren German) talking to Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) at her house

To start, Chloe and Pierce are now officially dating. But Chloe’s hesitant about telling everyone. Especially Lucifer. But of course, she tells him. So that leaves Lucifer jealous and a little heartbroken watching them for the entire episode. But at least he’s trying to be an adult about it. I mean he does, for the most part, let them be. But we’ll see how long it’s going to take for Lucifer to get annoyed by it. At the very least, he suspects Pierce’s intentions may not be the purest. Which is smart, because he’s literally the world’s first murderer.

The Murder Investigation

Ella (played by Aimee Garcia) hugging Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) sympathetically as he stands there

As for this week’s case, the LAPD investigates a murder that points to Maze as the murderer. The most damning piece of evidence includes a security video of Maze pulling a knife out of the dead body. Then, they also find a can of green tea coconut water in the guy’s trailer. And that just so happens to be Maze’s drink of choice. Regardless, Chloe insists Maze is innocent. Despite the fact that Maze has pretty violent tendencies. Eventually, they discover someone’s framing her.

But Maze obviously figures all that out before everyone else. Which means she’s a pretty great bounty hunter. So Maze actually spends the whole episode tracking down the real killer. She discovers it’s a past bounty’s mother. Apparently. she feels Maze killed her son because he died in prison, which Maze put him in. But it’s not her fault the guy drove drunk and killed a girl. And it’s definitely not her fault that he tried to run after getting arrested. The team eventually pulls it all together. But not until after Lucifer and Chloe try not to laugh interviewing Maze’s past bounties. And I don’t blame them because some of their stories were admittedly pretty funny.

Maze’s Anger

Maze (played by Lesley-Ann Brandt) standing over a dead body holding a knife

Meanwhile, Maze is still angry about the whole Amenadiel and Linda situation. So she wants to go home but Lucifer refuses to take her. But the reasoning behind why is still a little iffy. Lucifer says it’s because God might spite him by taking Chloe from him. But the other part of that is the fact that Lucifer wants to keep Maze around. Mostly because he’s already losing Chloe (to Pierce). So it eventually results in Maze telling him she’s just Lucifer’s consolation prize. And that’s all she’s ever been to him. But I will add that the scene between them is really beautiful and emotional.

But it does make sense why she’s upset now. Whether it’s with Linda or Lucifer, she doesn’t feel like she’s enough. Specifically because everyone else she loves constantly puts others’ feelings above hers. Linda chose Amenadiel over her while Lucifer continually chooses Chloe. So as aggravating as the whole Maze, Amenadiel, and Linda fight has been, it at least makes more sense now. But before she boards a bus leaving town, someone surprisingly approaches her: Pierce. He offers the chance to work with him so they can both get what they want. For Pierce, he wants Lucifer’s help to die. For Maze, she’d get to go back home to Hell.

Charlotte’s Missing Time

Charlotte (played by Tricia Helfer)

In other news, Charlotte’s still trying to figure out what she’s missing. And it’s understandable because Amenadiel told her she was his stepmom in last week’s episode. Which, of course, is just another lie. But Linda realizes pretty quickly that Amenadiel went back to talk to her again. All while trying to hide the fact that she knows exactly why Charlotte’s so confused. Despite Amenadiel’s half-truth, Charlotte can tell he’s still not telling her something. So she goes to Lucifer to try to fill in the missing pieces.

Lucifer, however, doesn’t really end up helping at first. He really just spits it all out and it just sounds crazy. I mean, the fact that Lucifer’s really the Devil and Amenadiel’s an angel is one thing. But add in the fact that their mom, the Goddess of all creation, used to inhabit her body and it sounds insane. So seeing that Lucifer’s confession made the problem worse, they decide to prove they’re telling the truth. So they ask her to come by Lux and Lucifer just takes out his wings. And she’s relieved because it means she really isn’t crazy after all.

Final Thoughts

Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) revealing his wings to Charlotte (played by Tricia Helfer) (not pictured)

Letting Charlotte in on all-things celestial was the right move, in my opinion. It’s great just to have another human in on the truth. Plus, Charlotte’s never seemed like someone that would just stop asking questions until she got the truth. As crazy as waking up with months of missing time is, it’s even crazier not knowing why. And it’s only worse when you feel like everyone around you is lying. So now that she knows the truth, she can move on to focus on being a better person. Because I assume she doesn’t want to go back to Hell.

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