Designated Survivor: ‘Summit’ Recap & Review

In last night’s episode of Designated Survivor, we take a break from all the Damian drama from last week’s episode. Instead, President Kirkman brings back Dr. Frost and former President Moss. All to help settle a peace treaty between East and West Hun Chiu. Meanwhile, the White House discovers there’s another mole amongst them. Plus, the threat of a dirty bomb on U.S soil becomes imminent.

Full Recap

President Kirkman (played by Kiefer Sutherland) and Dr. Frost (played by Kim Raver)

President Kirkman goes to Camp David to help negotiate a peace treaty between opposing neighboring countries with the possible threat of nuclear weapons. And there are thousands at stake on the battlefield, including 5,000 U.S soldiers. Apparently, there’s been chatter about the east side having a nuclear weapons program. And the fact that an easily-angered dictator, Chairman Kim, governs the country doesn’t help.

Delegations continue to hit bumps in the road until Tom calls in Dr. Frost, head of Apache Aerospace to help negotiate a deal. Eventually, it involves the company giving both countries a technologically-sound defense system. However, the east side is unable to pay upfront. So they eventually come up with a plan where Apache Aerospace leases them the money.

Problems Arise Once Again

Chairman Kim (played by Tom Choi)

As soon as it seems everything’s settled, Chairman Kim discovers that his son, Joon, is in U.S custody. But he’s there of his own volition. His family’s been so enveloped in the war that it’s come to the point where he’s afraid of his own father. But upon telling Chairman Kim, he’s furious and refuses to trust Kirkman anymore. So Kirkman calls former President Moss for backup, who both parties trust.

In exchange for refuge in the U.S, Joon gives Agent Wells everything he has on East Han Chiu’s rumored nuclear program. Turns out they’re already in possession of nuclear weapons. And they’re secretly being stored a few miles from where U.S soldiers are. And upon discovering this, the peace treaty between the two sides derails all over again.

Former President Moss Steps In

President Kirkman (played by Kiefer Sutherland) and former President Moss (played by Geoff Pierson)

But Kirkman has a plan of his own. At the table, he exposes the truth behind nuclear weapons and forces Chairman Kim to sign the peace treaty. However, the terms have now changed. Instead of both sides gaining a new defense system, East Han Chiu must dismantle their nuclear missiles. And to make sure that it happens, a peacekeeping force will see to it that Chairman Kim honors these demands. Without much of a choice, Chairman Kim reluctantly signs the treaty. But he’s clearly angry about it. So angry in fact that he brings a dirty bomb onto U.S soil, which Agent Wells and Aaron discover later.

Meanwhile, we discover there’s been another mole in the White House. But this time around, it’s on a much smaller scale. It turns out that someone’s been leaking sensitive information to the press. So Emily gets Chuck to illegally search a specific journalist’s cell phone records. All in the name of national security. But it ultimately ends up benefiting them because they discover it’s none other than former President Moss. Eventually, they tell Kirkman, who confronts Moss face-to-face. When he does, Moss defends himself by saying it was the right thing to do. In fact, he goes for the patriotic defense; that he did it for America. But he also undermined Kirkman’s authority in the process, which Kirkman isn’t happy about.

Criticism Against Tom

Tom (played by Kiefer Sutherland)

But because leaking that information to the public was illegal, Tom hands him over to the Justice Department. But Moss says he’ll fight back. And he’ll fight back hard. As crazy as his patriotic defense is, he has a point about Tom. He makes a comment about Tom’s staff basically being “yes men” because he’s not open to criticism.

After Alex died, Tom’s isolated himself. But at this point in his presidency, he really needs someone opposing him. At least every once in a while. Because he can’t and won’t be right all the time. So far, he’s done a pretty good job at getting himself out of messy situations. Much like everything that happened with Chairman Kim. But he could only get through it after getting outside help. As far as the dirty bomb, we’ll have to wait till next week’s episode to see how that’ll unfold.

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