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Dynasty: ‘Enter Alexis’ Recap & Review

On Friday night’s episode of Dynasty, Steven and Sam hide their engagement news. So I guess I was wrong about them getting married in last week’s episode. But Liam sticks around to keep up the husband charade. Specifically in front of Alexis, who also sticks around to stir up some trouble. And she ends up pitting Fallon and Blake against her and Steven.

Full Recap

Alexis (played by Nicollette Sheridan) entering the church taking off her sunglasses

Following Alexis’s dramatic and white-hot entrance, she mourns Tom’s death. But that doesn’t stop Blake from telling her to go home. Which only leaves everyone asking all the questions we want answers to. Specifically, what is Alexis doing back and why now? Regardless, everyone goes back to the Carrington mansion to find Alexis, already there waiting. And she’s apparently there for Anders to read them Tom’s last will and testament. Initially, standard and pretty expected things come up. But then comes the real shocker: Tom left the Carrington mansion (AKA known as the house they’re all currently living in) to Alexis.

While Blake tries to sort all the legalities of this, Alexis starts gradually bringing in her things. But Fall tries to manipulate her to find out more. And it’s clear that things between them are tense. Fallon invites Alexis to get mani-pedis and mentions that she missed 11 of her and Steven’s birthdays. And that gives Alexis the idea to throw 11 birthdays for them. Additionally, Alexis tells her that Blake bribed a judge to get custody of them. And Fallon later confirms this with Cristal later on in the episode.

Fallon vs. Alexis

Fallon (played by Liz Gillies) and Alexis (played by Nicollette Sheridan) physically fighting

But that doesn’t sway Fallon’s suspicions. Instead, she investigates Alexis even further with Culhane’s help. They quickly discover that Alexis’s driver is actually just an Uber driver. Not only that, she’s been living out of a trailer. Basically, it means she’s dirt poor. But pretended not to be. After Fallon realizes she lied, a huge catfight breaks out and moves into the pool. And it ends after Fallon pulls out a gun to scare Alexis out of the house after they’ve dried off.

But before that, Fallon finds pictures of her and Steven hung up in Alexis’s trailer that were taken just a few months ago. All along with letters and postcards from none other than Steven. Apparently, Alexis and Steven have been in contact for quite some time now. Regardless, Steven keeps his engagement to Sam from everyone. But he does eventually tell Alexis near the end of the episode. But Alexis seems less than thrilled that he’s engaged to Sam, who’s also Cristal’s nephew. And Alexis isn’t too fond of Cristal, for obvious reasons. Regardless, Steven’s still sympathetic towards his mother. Which leaves Fallon on their father’s side as they try to push Alexis back out of their lives.

The Carrington Mansion

Alexis (played by Nicollette Sheridan) and Fallon (played by Liz Gillies)

Later on, Blake manages to beat Alexis, legally speaking. Kind of. He claims Alexis must have gotten his father to write her into the will under duress. In fact, he discovers Tom changed his will around the same time he got a major heart surgery. However, none of this ends up being true. Apparently, Fallon got the doctor to change the date of Tom’s surgery around to work in their favor. She even tells Alexis all of this to her face because Alexis clearly doesn’t have the money or resources to do anything.

But despite this small victory, it turns out that the Carrington mansion was built on Alexis’s family’s land. And they gifted Tom the land. But the land technically belongs to the Carringtons now because Tom gave Blake the estate when he and Alexis got married. The only reason why Tom was able to leave Alexis the house in the first place is because he left his name on the deed. However, Culhane moves out of the loft due to some mysterious family emergency. And this is relevant because Alexis owns the land the loft’s built on. Which means that the loft is legally hers. So she moves in, meaning she’s here to stay. At least for a while.

Final Thoughts

On the left: Joan Collins as Alexis wearing a white blazer with a black collar and a white hat with a black veil and black ribbon. On the right: Nicollette Sheridan as Alexis wearing a similar outfit; a white blazer with black stripes, a sheer black blouse underneath, a black hat with a white ribbon

Alexis’s entrance into the show is iconic. And very reminiscent of the original Dynasty. But her motives are definitely questionable. She does seem to genuinely care about her children. But she definitely wants in on the Carrington fortune. And I imagine Alexis will have to find some balance between the two if she wants to work it out with Fallon. As for the Carrington mansion, I find it surprising that Tom left it to Alexis. But I guess it was technically her family’s land first. But if anything, it just seems like an excuse to let Alexis stick around on the show for longer. And I for one can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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