Once Upon a Time: ‘Sisterhood’ Recap & Review

On Friday night’s episode of Once Upon a Time, Ivy gets help from Dr. Facilier to find her sister and returns to the enchanted realm. Meanwhile, Henry finds friends in Nick and Rogers. And in the end, we finally figure out who the witch killer is.

Full Recap

Lucy (played by Alison Fernandez) and Roni (played by Lana Parrilla)

Lucy and Regina are frustrated with the fact that they have to keep Jacinda and Henry away from each other. And as a reminder, it’s because of Henry’s poisoned heart. So they initiate Operation: Bromance. With it, they want to bring Henry together with some of his forgotten buddies. Namely, Nick (AKA his best friend Jack from the past and Lucy’s cursed dad) and Rogers. 

Lucy gets them all to meet at a bar while Jacinda goes out to dinner with Sabine. But as fate may have it, the restaurant that Jacinda and Sabine go to is right next door to the bar. And Jacinda walks into the bar while she’s waiting for their table. Jacinda and Henry talk and decide to test to see if they’re meant to be together. To do this, Henry tosses a coin backward into a beer jug (which seemed like an impossible feat). But before the coin is able to land in the cup, the bartender pulls it away. But before that, the coin was just about to land in the cup. Plus, Jacinda throws the coin backward in her apartment at the end of the episode. And as luck would have it, it lands in a cup.

So, it looks like the writers are toying with the idea of fate. Just like they always have. But it just proves Jacinda and Henry are clearly meant to be together. But of course, we already know that. Except now, Jacinda and Henry believe that too. Which is pretty intense considering that they haven’t even officially dated in this cursed world. But then again, they got married and had Lucy. But because of the curse, they obviously don’t know that.

Ivy Searches for Anastasia

Gretel (played by Sara Canning) talking to Ivy (played by Adelaide Kane)

Meanwhile, Ivy is searching for her sister, Anastasia, who is nowhere to be found. She seeks the help of Regina, who doesn’t really help her all that much considering Ivy cast this curse. There’s no magic she can use to help her and poisoned her son’s heart. She then meets Dr. Facilier, who offers his help and eventually leads her to her sister. As soon as they find her, Mother Gothel shows up and tries to manipulate Anastasia into killing Ivy. 

Ivy eventually talks her out of it but Dr. Facilier still ends up getting what he wanted after all: a little bit of Anastasia’s magic. But before then, Regina and Weaver look for her Anastasia as well. But they only find after the almost disaster with Mother Gothel is averted.

How It Ends

Ivy (played by Adelaide Kane) and Anastasia (played Yael Yurman)

 After Gothel and Dr. Facilier flee the scene amidst the drama, Ivy and Anastasia use Ivy’s magic bean to return to the enchanted realm, surprisingly with Regina’s blessing. Later Regina confronts Dr. Facilier to find out his intentions in helping out Ivy. It turns out he did it for her so that she’d have a little magic to help break this curse and save Henry. 

At the very end of the episode, we see Henry, Nick, and Rogers still at the bar. There, they continue talking about Henry and Jacinda. Clearly, everyone can see they’re meant to be together, cursed or not. But they also talk briefly about the ongoing investigation of the witch killer as Nick leaves the bar. After he leaves, we follow him to his car where he opens his trunk to reveal chocolate boxes. And it’s the tell-tell sign that he’s the killer. As a reminder, the witch killer sends victims a very specific chocolate box before he kills them.

Final Thoughts

Facilier (played by Daniel Francis) and Regina (played by Lana Parrilla) talking

So overall, I’m glad that Ivy and Ana made up but it also lead them to just leave the mess Ivy started, AKA the curse. It’s pretty irresponsible of Ivy. But if this means anything, it’s that Ivy is at least partially redeemed. But she doesn’t have the motivation to follow through with fixing her mistake. 

The witch killer discovery was shocking but I saw it coming. I mean, they partly spoiled it like a minute beforehand. At the bar, Nick literally says something along the lines of, “the killer might be closer than you think”. As for the nice Dr. Facilier twist, it was a sweet gesture to Regina. But I definitely still don’t trust him. Because like we learned from last week’s episode, he’s still after Rumple’s dagger. And we still have no idea why.

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