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Dynasty: ‘Don’t Con a Con Artist’ Recap & Review

On Friday’s episode of Dynasty, Culhane’s family troubles lead to what could become another Carrington Atlantic scandal. Fallon and Liam’s fake relationship suddenly sparks into something real. Unfortunately, however, the feud between Alexis and Fallon continues.

Full Recap

Cristal (played by Nathalie Kelly) and Blake (played by Grant Show) looking concerned

To start, things between Blake and his staff at the house become tense. The Carrington family already hates that Alexis is there (after last week’s episode). But it doesn’t help that they quickly realize their entire staff is as loyal to Alexis as they are to him. Hoping to send a message to the rest of them, Blake fires their cook. But Anders just rehires her without his knowledge. Angry at him, Blake fires Anders. But it doesn’t last long because Cristal and everyone else in the family (including Alexis) point out he’s family. So, Blake rehires Anders by the end of the episode.

Meanwhile, Cristal finds out why Culhane quit so unexpectedly and visits him and his family at the hospital. Here, she accidentally lets it slip that Culhane is actually the family’s driver. As opposed to being the VP of Carrington Atlantic, which is what he originally told his parents. Feeling guilty, Cristal offers the family her access to the best doctors and Culhane’s mom accepts the handout. And it ends up being beneficial because it results in an actual diagnosis. Unfortunately, they discover Culhane’s father is sick because of a chemical leak from Carrington Atlantic. Once Anders catches Blake up on all this, Blake steps in before Cristal tells Culhane the truth.

Steven Announces He’s Married

Sam (played by Rafael de la Fuente) sitting while Steven's (played by James Mackay) is standing confronting Fallon (played by Elizabeth Gillies) and Liam (played by Adam Huber)

Steven finally announces to everyone (or maybe just Fallon and the public) that he’s married. Cristal already knew because she actually understood Steven when he spoke Spanish at Tom’s funeral. Considering this, she probably told Blake shortly afterward. And Steven already told Alexis in last week’s episode. But Alexis takes Sam out for a shopping spree with plans to accuse him of petty theft. But Fallon figures this out with Liam’s help so she turns it on her. Instead, she places the stolen watch in Alexis’s purse and gets her arrested.

Fallon then confronts Alexis at the prison. She even withholds paying her bail by giving her an ultimatum: confess or rot in jail. This attempt doesn’t last long though because Steven steps in to pay her bail. In fact, he refuses to believe that their mother tried to get Sam arrested. Especially after Alexis turns it back onto Fallon. Sam, however, isn’t as convinced. In turn, he ends up helping Fallon and Liam expose Alexis.

Fallon and Liam Expose Alexis

Blake (played by Grant Show) and Alexis (played by Nicollette Sheridan)

They plan to drug Alexis’s drink at Steven and Sam’s engagement party to sort of act as a truth serum of sorts. But they hit a bump in the road as Fallon gets distracted at the party. Culhane shows up to collect his things and she accidentally mixes up the glasses. Unfortunately, this results in Sam drinking the drugged champagne and giving an impromptu performance of “I Got Life” on the dining room table. After everyone else leaves, Steven discovers the whole truth: Alexis did try to get Sam arrested. But she pinned it on Fallon. Then, Fallon, Liam, and Sam tried to drug Alexis into telling the truth. So right now, Steven doesn’t really trust Alexis or Fallon.

After this, there are two very big advances to the story. First off, Fallon and Liam kiss after she realizes that Liam really does care about her. Fake wife or not. She finds this out after he tries taking the blame for the drug situation. Second, Alexis reveals to Steven that he has an older brother. Which we found out a while ago. And that’s why Alexis’s money ran out. She tried looking for her oldest son, Adam, and used up her money to do so. Even though Adam may or may not be alive. Steven sympathizes with her and decides to chip in to look for him.

Final Thoughts

Alexis (played by Nicollette Sheridan) and Steven (played by James Mackay)

Overall, it’s clear that Fallon is definitely Alexis’s daughter: both are manipulative but not heartless. The thing between Fallon and Liam is admittingly kind of nice. As imperfect as she is, Fallon’s gone the ringer when it comes to her love life. First with the back and forth with Culhane and then Jeff manipulating her. 

There’s definitely still something mysterious about Liam though. First, he got recognized at the funeral (which he brushed off but who knows? Maybe it’s actually true). And now, it’s knowing where to look when looking into Alexis’s things. As far as Alexis’s intentions go, I think she’s telling the truth about her efforts in trying to find Adam. Despite every manipulative thing she’s done so far. I’m just waiting to see if they’re going to tell Fallon about it.

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