Lucifans Around the World Come Together to #SaveLucifer

Early Friday afternoon, FOX announced that they canceled Lucifer, one of my favorite shows. But in response, Rachael Harris (who plays Dr. Linda Martin), as well as other cast members, writers. and producers of the show, encouraged Lucifans around the world to make noise over our frustration.

And so far, we’ve made (and are continuing to make) a lot of noise. Within the first hour of the announcement, #SaveLucifer trended worldwide. Plus, the hashtag hit one million tweets and retweets in under 24 hours worldwide. And that number is still growing.

Then, earlier today, an article released by The Hollywood Reporter revealed that FOX canceled many shows, Lucifer included, because of a deal FOX signed with the NFL for Thursday night football. The other shows included are Brooklyn Nine-Nine (which already got picked back up by NBC for their sixth season), The Mick, and The Exorcist. So I think it’s understandable that Lucifans are angry and frustrated. As well as other fans of those other canceled shows. So join us and tweet #SaveLucifer AND #PickUpLucifer.

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