The Season Finale of ‘Lucifer’: A Full Review

Let me just preface this by saying, there’s no way in hell (pun intended) that we’re giving up the fight to #SaveLucifer. The hashtags are still trending on Twitter and we’re still hoping another network will pick up the show.

that we Lucifans are giving up the fight to #SaveLucifer and to have a network, any network, but probably more likely a streaming service, to #PickUpLucifer. And if you’ve ever seen the show and enjoyed it, you should join us on Twitter with those hashtags! It’s been 4 days since FOX announced the show’s cancellation and believe me when I say that these fans, myself included, are not giving up without a fight. We are, indeed, devils of our words.

That last pun doesn’t exactly roll right off the tongue but you get my point. Also, a full recap and review will also be up on MFST tomorrow morning if anyone also wants to check that out. But now that that’s covered, on to my thoughts on this episode. And if it wasn’t clear before, SPOILERS AHEAD.

This episode overall was SO great and after that ending, there’s NO WAY we’re going to let that be the final ending of this show.

The Pros

Chloe (played by Lauren German) talking to Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) and Dan (played by Kevin Alejandro)

When Lucifer said he’d never see Charlotte again but he told Chloe she’d see her again in Heaven. It was such a small thing but I loved it so much. It was one thing to know that Charlotte made it to Heaven but the fact that Lucifer has faith that Chloe will make it there is the sweetest thing.

Dan tells Chloe and Lucifer that he believes Pierce killed Charlotte and they believe him almost immediately. It also helped that Lucifer finally told them that Pierce is indeed the Sinnerman.

Dan overall. He’s by far the most underrated character on this show. And it was really nice to see him get more screen time. Especially since he obviously lost the most here.

With the success of the investigation into Charlotte’s murder, her death wasn’t in vain. I still miss her and wish she could come back again somehow. Even though it’s a long shot. But I’m going to miss seeing Tricia Helfer on the show so much. I loved her in season two when she played Mom. And I really don’t think she got enough screen time in season three.

Maze, Amenadiel, and Linda

Maze (played by Lesley-Ann Brandt) hugging Linda (played by Rachael Harris)

Maze’s badass fight scene. But let’s be real, all of Maze’s fight scenes are always badass.

Amenadiel’s theory. Pierce’s theory made zero sense to me. God created Chloe to purposefully cross paths with Lucifer. So why would her feelings for Pierce take away his mark? It was even weirder that Pierce genuinely believed in it. Especially since he’s been on Earth for literally thousands of years. You’d think he’d know better than that.

Maze and Linda finally make up. It’s been a long season just waiting for them to get over their issues. As great as Amenadiel is, I don’t think arguing over him is worth it. I loved that Maze apologized. But I do have to admit I half-expected her to say “I love you” instead. What can I say? I still want Maze and Linda to get together #Laze.

Ella and Lucifer’s heart-to-heart. Her faith has always been such a constant throughout her time on the show. But it’s been a while since she’s made any mention of it. So it was nice to see that come back.

Lucifer vs. Pierce

Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) protecting Chloe (played by Lauren German) from Pierce and his team's bullets

Lucifer’s wings! I can’t believe he really brought them out to save the detective. It really came out to be such an emotional and cinematic scene. Props to Tom Ellis and the entire Lucifer team for pulling it off.

Speaking of Lucifer’s wings, that entire fight between Lucifer and Pierce was incredible. With everything going on, it makes sense to finally see them fight each other one-on-one. I especially loved the fight choreography with Lucifer’s bloody wings. And it was pretty clear Pierce was going to die. But that last bit where Lucifer reminded him of his guilt pretty much guaranteed he’d end up in Hell.

Lucifer's (played by Tom Ellis) face changing to transform into his devil face.

Lucifer’s devil face returns. And that transformation was an amazing moment. At the beginning of the season, Lucifer went back to being an angel. For obvious reasons, he was adamantly against it. But now, at the end of the season (NOT series, I refuse to believe it’s over), he’s a full-on Devil. The eyes, the light (which is why he has the nickname the “Lightbringer”), and then the rest of his face and head. He’s finally embracing the “monster” in him. And I’m loving it.

Chloe finally sees Lucifer’s devil face. That cliffhanger is exactly what fans have been waiting to see since the show started. So the show better get picked up so we can see what happens next.


There wasn’t any Trixie or Amenadiel in this episode. It would’ve been nice to see Maze and Trixie make up. But a lot happens in this finale. So it makes sense that weren’t able to fit it in this episode.

The fact that Lucifer didn’t tell everyone that Pierce was the Sinnerman sooner. I get that the celestial stuff would be hard to explain, but if Lucifer really wanted Chloe to stay away from Pierce, this would’ve been a good way to do that. Plus, Pierce was a celestial being but nothing about the SInnerman or his crimes were celestial. For all they knew, the Sinnerman was just a prominent crime boss of some kind. So, it’s weird Lucifer didn’t say anything about it sooner.

Pierce’s Immortality

Pierce (played by Tom Welling) with Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) standing behind him in Pierce's office

Pierce’s desire to become immortal again was definitely too quick of a progression. He spent most of his time on earth wanting to die. Now, he’s finally got his mark off and he suddenly wants to be immortal again? It didn’t really make very much sense why he changed his mind so fast.

Lucifer should’ve just recorded his and Pierce’s conversation they had in his office. I mean, he literally confesses to killing Charlotte and attempting to kill Amenadiel. Again, the celestial parts of that conversation would’ve confused everyone else. But he did confess to a murder. From that alone, he would’ve gotten arrested. And the case would’ve been closed.

Questions I’m Still Asking

Dan (played by Kevin Alejandro) and Charlotte (played by Tricia Helfer) kissing

This doesn’t necessarily have to do with the episode but why hasn’t another network picked up the show yet? The #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer campaign’s been extremely successful so far. There have been three million tweets so far. And it’s only been four days. Plus, those hashtags trended worldwide within six minutes of the show airing on the east coast. Six minutes. If that’s not enough to bring the show back, I don’t know what will.

Is Amenadiel ever coming back? We saw him carry Charlotte to Heaven in the last episode but he doesn’t show up in the finale. Ever since he lost his wings and powers, he’s just wanted to go home. Does he even have a legitimate reason to stay on earth? Who knows if he’ll ever come back.

Did Dan ever get to tell Charlotte that he loved her? I mean, we obviously knew. And Charlotte obviously felt the same way. But did Dan ever get to tell her he loved her? If not, my #Danlotte heart is breaking 💔.

Is Lucifer stuck with his Devil face? He was able to control it before and turn it on and off whenever he wanted. But now that he’s embracing the monster in him, is he stuck with it now? And what about his wings? Are they gone now that his Ddevil face is back? I don’t know if one cancels the other.

What’d you guys think of the episode? And if you haven’t already, PLEASE help the rest of us Lucifans by tweeting #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer on Twitter because we could always use the extra help!

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