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Adventures in Binging: ‘The Good Place’

After hearing all the great buzz, I had to see if The Good Place was worth all the hype. Spoiler alert, it was. And yes, I know I’m way late to the game, but at least I got here eventually. The Good Place is about four people who die and get sent to the good place. Then, things start to go bad via a big sinkhole. Or at least that’s what we thought. In reality (spoiler), they actually got sent to the bad place where Michael (the architect of the fake good place) tortures them by putting them together.

Season Three

By the start of season three, however, Michael and the all-knowing judge decide to give these people a second chance. What they really want is to see if people can really change without knowing the consequences of Heaven and Hell. They do change, but it’s only temporary. So Michael and Janet meddle and make sure the changes stick. They do that by pushing them all towards each other. Mostly because that’s how they became better in the fake Good Place.

Final Thoughts

The main cast of The Good Place

All in all, I really love the show so far. It’s a seemingly silly concept but the execution is funny, modern, and has a lot of heart. In a way that great sitcoms have in the past. So I encourage you to check this show out if you haven’t already. It’s a genuinely great show and I can’t wait for the new season to come out.

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