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I Finally Watched ‘A Quiet Place’

I’ll be honest, I was psyched about A Quiet Place when the trailer first came out. I didn’t watch it in theaters because I get scared easily. So I’ve obviously never been great when it comes to horror movies. But I’ve gotten a lot better at it over the years.

Other than the realization that I’m actively desensitizing myself merely for entertainment purposes, I’m glad I’ve gotten better. Especially since they can have some great storytelling. A Quiet Place included. A Quiet Place revolves around the Abbott family in a world where they have to stay silent. All because there are aliens/monsters that are acutely attracted to sound.

A Quiet Place

Because it’s been so long since A Quiet Place came out, I watched it in the comfort of my own home. But I quickly realized it would’ve been that much better in theaters. The theatrical atmosphere forces you to stay quiet for the sake of the Abbott family. And it fully immerses you in the film’s apocalyptic atmosphere. Although it’s a horror movie, it’s not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. However, I will say that killing a kid within the first ten minutes definitely creates an anxious audience member.

The story’s continually compelling, despite the lack of dialogue, a small cast, and a 90-minute runtime. Although most of A Quiet Place is, well, quiet, there’s still plenty of tension. And some scenes are completely silent, immersing us further into this post-apocalyptic world. But there are some select scenes that are more anxiety-inducing. Like when the kids drown in the silo and the entire birthing sequence. Both of which are worth watching:

Why It Deserves All the Praise

Lee (played by John Krasinski) shushing a terrified Marcus (played by Noah Jupe)

Additionally, I applaud John Krasinski (co-writer, director, and actor) for his casting choices (in addition to his writing and directing). For the Abbott family’s deaf daughter, Regan, he actually casted a deaf actress, Millicent Simmonds. It not only helped the cast with their ASL but it also gave us better context on what it’s like to live in a silent world. Some of my favorite parts of the movie consisted of seeing Regan’s perspective. It showed us what it’s like to live as a deaf person and how it affects a family. But of course, it’s all in the context of this high-stakes world the film creates. It also proves that an audience can read subtitles for the majority of a movie. And deaf actors can have real depth in their acting abilities.

Also, kudos to John for giving these characters names, even though they’re not all said in the film. It’s a small thing, but it’s a nice touch. Especially since the characters in Wind Chill and Bird Box don’t get one. Overall, a great performance by everyone involved. Namely, Emily Blunt (Evelyn), John Krasinski (Lee), Millicent Simmonds (Regan), and Noah Jupe (Marcus). I strongly recommend this movie to all movie lovers out there, especially horror movie fans.

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