I Finally Watched ‘Roman Holiday’

During this time of uncertainty, we’ve been given a lot of time to watch anything and everything. So, why not use it to watch a classic like Roman Holiday to pass the time?

The Iconic Audrey Hepburn

It’s no surprise that this film is what catapulted Audrey Hepburn’s career. Besides the fact that she was very young, beautiful, and had an indistinguishable voice, the film itself is beautiful. As someone’s who’s only been to Rome once (a long time ago, might I add), the scenery is astonishing.

Audrey’s innocence partnered with her soft European accent work brilliantly for her in Roman Holiday. As she plays the part of a very sheltered Princess Ann. In the film, she’s taken on an adventure through tourist locations with newsman, Joe Bradley. We’re taken to multiple tourist locations, the most notable being the Mouth of Truth. And we get to see what I learned was a partly improvised scene.

Why It Works

Ann taking the day off is comparable to a rebellious act of a teenager. But Audrey’s take on it gives it an air of elegance and innocence that’s refreshing to watch. It makes the audience feel bad for her. Since Joe and Irving (the photographer) initially take advantage of her for a feature story. But Gregory Peck plays the role so well. Instead of pointing fingers at him as the villain, Joe comes off as a genuinely nice guy.

I also love that this movie is a love story but doesn’t have a traditional ending. Both Princess Ann and Joe fall in love but they don’t end up together. Instead, Ann chooses her royal duties over her job. And in all honesty, is a lot more realistic. This just goes to show why Roman Holiday is considered such a classic.

You can watch Roman Holiday now on Amazon Prime Video.

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