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‘Lucifer’ Season 5A Review

It finally came: the first half of season five of Lucifer. It’s been a long journey getting here. First, Fox canceled Lucifer after its third season. Then, fans campaigned on Twitter and got Netflix to pick up the show. And when the fourth season came out, it quickly shot up as the number one watched show. Now we’re here: Lucifer‘s fifth season. And there’s more to come.

Full Recap

Chloe (played by Lauren German) and Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis)

We start the season off with Lee Garner, AKA the guy that ran into the desert in his underwear, and his Hell loop, interestingly enough. It also turns out that Lee’s pretty good at throwing it back at Lucifer to face some of his repressed family issues. Who knew a petty criminal was good at emotionally manipulating the devil? But Lucifer catches onto that pretty quickly.

In addition to that, Lucifer’s twin brother, Michael comes to Earth pretending to be him and attempts to take Lucifer’s life in Los Angeles. But, fortunately, Chloe realizes pretty early on and shoots him to prove he isn’t who he says he is. But I was honestly afraid for a minute that she wouldn’t catch on till much later on. So, I’m glad the writers didn’t make us wait it out for too long. Also, Michael’s mojo is to bring out people’s fears while Lucifer brings out people’s desires.

Lucifer’s Twin Brother, Michael

Michael (played by Tom Ellis)

Tom Ellis, while playing Michael, changes his whole demeanor. Not just the way he talks (he uses his American accent) but also in the way he stands and walks. Lucifer has this confidence in the way he moves while Michael’s motions are more uptight. It just goes to show that Tom Ellis has a lot of depth acting-wise. I will say though that I wasn’t a huge fan of the American accent (no wonder Rachael Harris doesn’t like it).

Then, Amenadiel also figures out that it’s Michael, and not Lucifer, and goes down to Hell to get Lucifer. Lucifer and Michael fight it out and Michael ends up with a big scar on his face. From that point on, we know who’s who. How convenient.

The Noir Episode

(from left) Lilith (played by Lesley-Ann Brandt) and Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis)

A great episode from this season was “It Never Ends Well for the Chicken” (5×04), their noir almost-musical episode. Which was a great change of pace and broke up the overall story. Lucifer tells the story of how he got his ring, which was actually Lilith (AKA, Maze’s mother) who gave it to him. It’s a whole detective story except it’s 1946 and everyone (except Tom Ellis) is playing a different character. For example, Lesley-Ann Brandt plays her mother in the flashback and Tricia Helfer comes back as Lauren German’s (who plays a PI named Jack) wife. Seeing these actors we’ve grown to love play completely different parts goes to show how great they are as actors. Furthermore, it was nice to finally discover more about Maze’s family, specifically her mother.

Unfortunately, Lilith dies shortly after Maze confronts her for abandoning her. Which didn’t give Maze much time to give her a piece of her mind. And it probably didn’t help with her abandonment issues, I imagine. We also find out this season that Linda had a baby a long time ago. Turns out she’s a real estate agent now named Adriana. Hopefully, she’ll actually confront her (as her mom opposed to a potential house buyer) either in the second half of the season or next season. In addition, Michael comes back after some time away (who knows where he went through) to get back at Lucifer by getting to Dan. By having Dan see Lucifer’s devil face without Lucifer (or anyone else) knowing. It’s interesting that Michael decided to get to Lucifer by using Dan first but he gets smarter later and uses Chloe to do the same.

Deckerstar and Other Romances

Deckerstar, AKA Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) and Chloe (played by Lauren German) kissing

This season, Lucifer and Chloe finally get together (I mean, it only took them over four years) except Lucifer’s mojo somehow transfers to Chloe. Also, Lucifer loses his vulnerability around her now, which we find out when Dan shoots him and he doesn’t die. The whole ordeal was honestly confusing because we don’t know how Chloe got his mojo. And we don’t know why Lucifer’s no longer vulnerable around Chloe. I’m assuming we’ll get a more definitive answer behind the why of it all, but for now, it’s just confusing.

Ella also has a love interest this season (or technically a few, but one main one), Pete, who turns out to be a serial killer. And I’m lowkey mad that they finally gave Ella someone only to stab us in the back. But the serial killer storyline did involve Chloe getting kidnapped. At first, we all think Pete took her but turns out it was Michael. Lucifer eventually finds her with Dan’s help, but the damage has already been done, so to speak. Michael brought out Chloe’s fears of Lucifer not feeling the same way about her. But in her defense, it’s weird that Lucifer hasn’t told her he loves her yet. Apparently, saying that she was his first love wasn’t enough.

How the Season Ends

(from left) Michael (played by Tom Ellis), Lucifer (also played by Tom Ellis) and Amenadiel (played by D.B. Woodside) all with their angel wings out looking at the light that turns out to be their father, God (played by Dennis Haysbert)

Then a big fight ensues with Michael and Maze against Lucifer and Amenadiel. Why Maze is on Michael’s side is beyond me, but I guess the fact that Michael “wanting to help” (let’s be honest, he’s probably lying again) Maze get a soul is enough for her. The fight is epic and brilliantly directed by Kevin Alejandro, I must say. But the greatest part of it all is the end when God shows up. And he’s played by the All-State guy of all people. And I never thought we’d ever see God in the show, but I guess they proved me wrong.

Overall, Season 5A of Lucifer was great. The fact that it’s on Netflix really made the show darker last season. This season, they still incorporated more celestial elements but brought it back to Lucifer’s family problems. And now that they’ve brought God into the show, I’m curious to see where it goes from here.

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