Transplant Series Premiere Recap & Review

I’d never heard of Transplant until the day it premiered (via Twitter, nonetheless). Either way, I was intrigued. There are numerous medical dramas but this one’s different. It centers around Bashir, a Syrian refugee in Canada working towards resuming his medical career. He was an ER doctor back home but now, he’s working to get his medical license in Canada to become a doctor again.

Full Recap

Bashir (played by Hamza Haq) holding a flashlight

The episode starts with Bashir working in a restaurant when a truck drives right into it, leaving everyone in the restaurant injured (Bashir included). Before the EMTs get there, Bashir restarts a woman’s heart and drills into another guy’s head, saving both of them. The woman’s struggle to stay alive doesn’t stop there, but she’d be dead if it weren’t for Bashir. As for the guy, it just so happens to be Dr. Bishop, which is everyone’s boss at the hospital.

Once Bashir gets to the hospital, the police (or one cop in particular, really) questions him about the accident, subtly implying that he was somehow responsible. Meanwhile, Bashir is on edge because he needs to pick up his sister, Amira, from night school so he flees the hospital. He gets home, only to find Amira isn’t there. He does, however, find his coworker Khaled. After the firefighters got him out of the building, he ran because he doesn’t have papers. But Bashir sees he has a dislocated shoulder and pops it back into place for him.

Bashir Looks for Amira

An injured Bashir (played by Hamza Haq)

Then, Bashir asks his landlord if he’s seen Amira and he tells him that she went to the hospital to find him, as she heard of the accident on the news. Eventually, Bashir finds Amira and gives her a cell phone, as it is apparently her 12th birthday today. Unfortunately, though, That cop sees him, and because he ran, he cuffs Bashir to a hospital bed.

Not long after, the cop comes back to uncuff him because they finally found the truck driver. Which completely exonerates him from any wrongdoing. However, Dr. Bishop wants to talk to him before he leaves. Apparently, he interviewed him but Bashir didn’t get the job. But now that Bashir saved his life, he reconsiders.

Final Thoughts

Bashir (played by Hamza Haq) injured wearing a hoodie looking for his sister, Amira

It’s refreshing to see a different perspective on the medical world. While there must be hundreds of medical dramas out there, they’ve always consisted of a mostly white cast and is more focused on taking care of patients and relationships between doctors. This show looks much different than anything I’ve seen, as far as medical shows go. What’s great about this show is that we’re hit with Bashir’s culture as well as the adversities that come with it. Overall, I’m excited to see where the show goes and I’m genuinely intrigued to know more about Bashir.

Transplant airs on Tuesdays at 10 pm on NBC.

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