Superman and Lois: ‘Heritage’ Recap & Review

About three weeks ago, the second episode of new DCTV show, Superman and Lois aired on the CW. I would’ve posted this earlier but in all honesty, my WordPress account’s been acting up. But I’m finally back! After the show’s premiere, the Kents’ move to Smallville. So understandably, they all struggle trying to settle in their new reality.

Full Recap

Jonathan (played by Jordan Elsass) and Jordan (played by Alex Garfin)

It’s not surprising that the Kent’s are now finally moving back to Smallville. But while Jonathan goes to school, Clark and Lois decide to keep Jordan home. More specifically, Clark takes Jordan to the Fortress of Solitude (even though it’s not clear if he calls it that yet) to see how strong his powers are. There, Jordan learns more about Krypton and meets a hologram/AI version of Jor-El, i.e. his grandfather. As excited as he is, Jor-El later tells Clark (with Jordan listening in) that Jordan will never be as strong as Clark. And this comes just as Clark thinks he’s got the balance between parenting and being Superman down. Unfortunately, he’s still got a lot to learn.

Meanwhile, Jonathan has his first day of school at Smallville High (at least I’m assuming that’s the name of the school). After everything that happened at the bonfire, the football players (Sarah’s boyfriend, especially) aren’t happy. But since Jordan isn’t there, they all pick on Jonathan instead. But they don’t beat on him, instead, they just don’t give him the football playbook. So, when he finally gets on the field, he doesn’t know enough of the plays because he just didn’t get enough time to study them. But by the end of the episode, Clark and Lois finally let Jordan go to school so we’ll see if the guys will keep tormenting Jonathan or not.

Lois Goes Up Against Morgan Edge

Lois (played by Elizabeth Tulloch) confronting Morgan Edge (played by Adam Rayner) with her resignation letter in her hand.

Lois, however, continues to investigate Morgan Edge. Later, she confronts Edge at the town meeting, which she learned about via Lana and Kyle. Specifically, she goes at him about how he bankrupted another small town. Unfortunately, Morgan’s prepared and convinces the town he’s there to try to help them. Lois, however, still isn’t convinced. So, of course, she does a scathing piece on him. But because Edge now owns The Daily Planet, her piece gets completely rewritten and turns into a raving review.

Frustrated, she quits because what’s the point of staying at the paper if she’ll just get rewritten? Fortunately, a journalist named Chrissy told her earlier in the episode that her publisher would publish anything from her, if she wanted. So, Lois goes to her and that’s when we find out that Chrissy’s actually the publisher. So, I imagine that’s where Lois will be working from here on out.

More Insight on Captain Luthor

Captain Luthor/"The Stranger" (played by Wolé Parks) with his masked off looking at a dog tag

Meanwhile, Captain Luthor’s (also known as “The Stranger”) still trying to get to Superman. In this episode, we finally get a little more information on him. He finally takes his mask off (just to the audience watching) so it’s now clear that Wolé Parks is indeed playing him even with the mask off. In yet another epic battle against Superman, he says he “destroyed his world”. He doesn’t say exactly how but they do reveal two big hints. First off, General Lane’s somehow involved. Or at least the General Lane that he knew.

Captain Luthor/The Stranger tries to convince him that Superman’s the bad guy. He gives the General a dog tag with the number, 7734, which is also Hell upside down. The second big clue happens at the end when we see a flashback of General Lane and Captain Luthor fighting as comrades in a war. Then comes Superman wearing a black super suit as he uses his heat vision towards all the soldiers (General Lane and Captain Luthor included).

Final Thoughts

Lois (played by Elizabeth Tulloch) and Clark (played by Tyler Hoechlin)

In this episode, we got to learn a little more about Captain Luthor, or more specifically, why he’s got such a grudge against Superman. He says he’s from a different planet at some point but I think he meant a different world. Even though the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover really changed the multiverse, it did still establish that other worlds still exist. Moreover, I’m glad that the twins still look out for each other and hope that’ll continue. And I expect it to.

Then there’s Morgan Edge, who clearly has some kind of dark intention of “investing” in Smallville (as he’d probably describe it). Even though I can see how and why he’s reigniting Lois’s investigative spirit, there’s not enough there for me to feel too invested in that story yet. But again, I also expect that to change in future episodes. As for Captain Luthor, it still feels like I’m grasping for any small clue I can get at this point. I’m still hoping that he’ll be from a different world where Superman wasn’t the hero he is in this world but the writers could also go a completely different route.

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