Pete (played by Tim Daly) high fiving Addison (played by Kate Walsh)

Rewatching ‘Private Practice’: “In Which We Meet Addison, a Girl From Somewhere Else”

As a new segment on WhatSamWatches, I will now be doing more informal reviews/commentaries on what I’m watching. And it’ll include shows I’ll be rewatching just because I feel like it. I know I just did a review on Private Practice but I’m just not ready for it to be over. So I’m binging the show from the beginning all over again. This is the official first episode of Private Practice but it actually started over on Grey’s Anatomy. As a two-part backdoor pilot. So check out both part one and part two to get a little more context for this episode.

In Which We Meet Addison, a Girl From Somewhere Else

Addison (played by Kate Walsh) talking to Richard (played by James Pickens Jr.) in the scrub room at Seattle Grace Hospital
  • Looking back on both Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy, I love that Richard’s always been Addison’s biggest cheerleader. So it’s no surprise that he tries to convince her to stay in Seattle. But if she did, she would’ve never been happy. In Seattle, almost everyone was on Derek’s side in the divorce. So, LA really was the right choice for her in the end, in my opinion.
  • My towel could never stay on that well if I danced around after a shower like that. But I love seeing how happy she is already.
  • Again, awkward Addison is the best.
  • I love that Cooper’s just on board with Addison joining the practice. But I can’t believe Pete’s really that conceited that he thinks Addison moved because of a kiss.

Sam and Naomi’s Patient

Charlotte (played by KaDee Strickland) and Sam (played by Taye Diggs) talking to Naomi's patient, Leslie (played by Rebecca Mader)
  • I love Rebecca Mader. She is and probably always will be Zelena from Once Upon a Time to me though.
  • By the way, Naomi’s curls are gorgeous.
  • It’s nice that they’re pointing out the differences between a hospital and a small medical practice.
  • And finally, we meet Charlotte. I wonder what it would’ve been like if she’d been in the backdoor pilot.
  • I get why Sam and Naomi are fighting for their patient but I would side with Charlotte here. Taking sperm out of a dead man is not something that can just happen without proper approval.
  • “I want his sperm” is a weird response immediately after her boyfriend dies. Yes, she wants a baby, even though he’s dead, but still.
  • I really feel for Maria. I, too, would be angry if I found out my husband went and got a younger girlfriend to impregnate. But trying to take her now-dead husband’s sperm is really pushing it.

Cooper and Violet

Cooper (played by Paul Adelstein) talking to Violet (played by Amy Brenneman) in the kitchen
  • Violet calling Cooper an internet addict or a sex addict just wouldn’t hold up today. Internet dating’s such commonplace now and we have Tinder now.
  • Violet stalking her ex-boyfriend was a weird storyline altogether. Especially since I don’t think it really went anywhere. I feel for her, but this storyline definitely went on for too long.
  • Cooper, it’s probably not a good idea to ask a new co-worker about your sex life on her first day.

Violet’s 911 Page

Cooper (played by Paul Adelstein) and Violet (played by Amy Brenneman) talking to Violet's patient, Jenny (played by Moon Unit Zappa) at the department store
  • Violet’s 911 patient is an interesting one but her comment is just unprofessional. Plus, it sounds out of character.
  • It is weird that she doesn’t really get many 911 pages after that. I saw a video commentary on this episode that said psychiatrists are trained to deal with emergency situations. So if Violet’s trained in it, you’d think we’d see her deal with more of them.
  • I love that Violet got Cooper’s help to calm down her patient. Part of what I love about this show is the cooperative medicine in it. So seeing it in the show’s pilot really solidified that concept.
  • I can’t believe Paul still wants Violet to pay for the stuff. Or that Violet let him say “mental problems”.

Sam and Naomi’s Relationship

Sam (played by Taye Diggs) talking to Naomi (played by Audra McDonald) outside the hospital
  • I’m still confused about how Sam left Naomi. In this episode, Sam says he wanted her to fight for their marriage but later, he says he just walked out.
  • If I’m being really honest, their marriage didn’t end because they lost the romance. Sam gave up surgery and it made him unhappy. And he just didn’t realize that was why so he ended his marriage. So this scene of them fighting about how their marriage ended confuses me.

Addison’s One Patient

Addison (played by Kate Walsh) and Pete (played by Tim Daly) taking care of their patient, Lucy (played by Marcella Lentz-Pope)
  • I love that Dell’s impressed with Addison here. But it’s weird he forgets how great of a surgeon she is later. Specifically, I’m referring to the season two episode where she spends a day doing surgeries at St. Ambrose.
  • Everyone at the practice really underestimates Dell. Not just in this episode but also throughout his entire time on the show.
  • This “Macgyver surgery” they all pulled off is impressive. And it hinted at the fact that Pete’s more than just an Eastern medicine guru. No wonder Addison wants to stay even more afterward.
  • Even when she’s fighting to stay at the practice, Addison still manages to make it awkward.
  • Leave it to Addison to just casually mention her accolades.

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