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‘Psych 3: This is Gus’ Review

After a show that lasted eight seasons and two movies, Psych released their third movie. And it’s titled, Psych 3: This is Gus. This time, it’s all about Gus as he prepares for a new baby and a shotgun wedding. But things get complicated when he discovers his fiancé, Selene, isn’t who she says she is.

The Mystery of Selene

Selene (played by Jazmyn Simon) and Jules (played by Maggie Lawson) sitting at a table together at a restaurant while the waitress (played by Leanne Lapp) tells them the restaurant's specials

The new movie takes us months after we left off from Psych 2: Lassie Come Home. Selene’s still pregnant but very close to her due date. So Gus is doing everything he can to plan a wedding before she pops. But before they can actually have a wedding, Selene needs a divorce. But for some reason, her divorce isn’t coming along as fast as everyone would like. So Shawn tries searching for Selene in the police database. When she doesn’t come up, he only gets more suspicious. Gus initially refuses to investigate his fiancé but Shawn eventually convinces him to meet with Selene’s sister, Whitney. Except they find out that Whitney’s not really her sister. She’s an actress. So they continue investigating.

Meanwhile, Selene eventually figures out they’re looking into her past. And she’s worried they’ll get hurt. So she gets Jules and Chief Vick’s help to find them before they get into trouble. Turns out Selene and her ex, Alan Decker, came across a CEO criminal Ronald Coe, nicknamed, The Bull. Who also happens to be the CEO of an eco-friendly microbrewery. After tailing a delivery van planning on making a drop, a gunfight breaks out between the guy making the drop and some goons. And the goons leave behind a gun with the serial numbers scratched off. When they tried turning it into the police, the police weren’t convinced. So they decided they’d work to prove it. However, The Bull’s goons always managed to find them so Selene and Alan eventually split up.

Catching the Bull

Gus (played by Dulé Hill) looking at Shawn (played by James Roday Rodriguez) in a car with kegs behind them

Gus, however, is unhappy to hear about Selene and Alan’s past relationship. But he still loves her and wants to marry her. Preferably before she gives birth. So Shawn and Gus decide to help Alan catch The Bull in exchange for signed divorce papers. So they all originally plan for Alan to get The Bull’s ledger at the microbrewery while Shawn and Gus shut down the power. But things, of course, end up playing differently than they planned. After they shut off the power, The Bull’s men know something’s up so they go around looking for the culprit. Shawn and Gus manage to escape some gunmen but come across a dead man. And it just so happens to be The Bull.

Meanwhile, Chief Vick, Jules, and Selene get to the microbrewery shortly after them. They call in some local police and go in to look for Shawn and Gus, leaving Selene in the car. But Selene refuses to just wait so she goes in on her own later as well. But Alan catches up to Shawn and Gus and that’s when we discover who killed The Bull: Alan. Then, he threatens them with a gun and we find out that Alan and Selene aren’t even legally married. So the whole divorce thing wasn’t necessary after all. But after Selene shows up, Gus throws an explosive baby gender reveal present and blue powder goes everywhere. And Gus eventually beats him with his ventriloquist dummy he’s had the whole movie.

A Wedding and a Baby

Gus (played by Dulé Hill) wearing a backpack and holding Selene's (played by Jazmyn Simon) hand as she sits on a couch

Then, Selene goes into labor. And she tells us her water broke three hours ago. She just didn’t say anything before. So Shawn and Gus wheel her (using a dolly) to the safe room to give birth. But Gus still wants to get married before the birth of their son. So he goes out and finds himself two laptops somehow and Zoom calls Father Westley and Curt Smith (from Tears for Fears). All while Selene’s in active labor. So they eventually have a quick wedding via Zoom and Shawn terrifyingly delivers the baby without looking at Selene’s parts.

As that happens, Chief Vick, Jules, and local PD watch from outside. Turns out the safe room they’re in has a time-locked door. And Gus closed it before the “ceremony” started. Once the baby comes out, they eventually get through and paramedics come to wrap the newborn baby. As Gus and Selene enjoy their new baby, Shawn’s distraught from delivering the baby and says something about catching Decker. Except Chief Vick and Jules never found him. Which means he got away. But it seems like that’s going to be part of the next Psych movie. In fact, there’s even a post-credit scene that I almost missed. It shows Alan putting up pictures of Gus and Selene on a walk with their baby. But before that, we get to see an ’80s-inspired music video for Curt Smith’s ripoff version of Wham!

Final Thoughts

Lassiter (played by Timothy Omundson) raising a glass to Henry (played by Corbin Bernsen), who's holding up a beer bottle

Overall, Psych 3: This is Gus delivers what all of us Psych-O’s love so much about the show. There are plenty of quick jokes and pop culture references with the draw of an investigation. It’s everything that we all love from the original show. And it seems like each movie (at least so far) focuses on one character’s story more than the rest. The first one centered around Chief Vick and her daughter, Iris. The second movie welcomed Timothy Omundson (Chief Lassiter) back after the actor suffered a stroke.

And this time, it’s all about Gus. But it did seem to hint at Shawn and Jules’ story as they apparently decided they weren’t going to have children. But Jules does get to be a godmother to the baby so maybe that’s resolved. They also hinted at Chief Vick’s future as her family went on vacation without her. And while this movie did have Lassiter, Henry, and Wood, it wasn’t nearly enough. At least in my opinion. Regardless, it doesn’t seem like Steve Franks (director and Psych creator) is done making movies. As long as we’re still willing to watch them, I expect there will be more to come for a while.

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