Adventures in Binging: ‘Imposters’

Recently, while looking for a new show to watch, I came across Imposters on Netflix. I’ve heard of it before but never made the jump to watch it. But then I found out that Paul Adelstein co-created the series and Brian Benben stars in it. Both of whom I know from Private Practice. Plus, it also stars Inbar Lavi, who I know from Lucifer. And that ended up being just the push I needed.

The Con

Ezra (played by Rob Heaps), Richard (played by Parker Young), and Jules (played by Marianne Rendón) sitting in a booth at a diner across from Maddie (played by Inbar Lavi) (not pictured)

Basically, Maddie (Inbar Lavi) cons people into marrying her and then disappears with all their money. And she gets help from Max (Brian Benben) and Sally. Plus, she works for a benefactor of sorts, who goes by The Doctor. But then, one of her husbands, Richard, goes an extra effort to try to find her. But finds Ezra first, AKA her most recent husband. After some convincing, Richard convinces him to join him and they find Jules, Maddie’s ex-wife. Then, they all band together to look for her. And after a while, they succeed.

As for Maddie, she’s already working a new con on Gary Heller, a banker. Maddie starts working as his new assistant as Max and Sally play their parts. With Max as a maintenance worker at the bank and Sally is Gary’s new housekeeper. But he proves to be a difficult target. But then, Sally finds a bunch of money hidden under Gary’s floorboards. And Gary catches her and we discover what the real con is. Gary used to be The Doctor’s personal banker. But after he started embezzling some of his money, The Doctor wanted it back. Unfortunately, Gary catches Sally and tries to kill her. But she gets him first and after getting Maddie’s help, Sally escapes. And that leaves Max and Maddie cleaning up the (literal) mess she left behind.

Falling For Patrick

Patrick (played by Stephen Bishop) in a wedding tux and Maddie (played by Inbar Lavi) in a wedding dress with multiple guests socializing behind them

Additionally, Maddie starts genuinely falling for someone else, Patrick Campbell. After things go south with the banker, The Doctor instructs her to play the same con on Patrick. Even though she’s initially resistant, she eventually agrees. But as she starts a new con, Ezra, Richard, and Jules show up, intent on ruining it all. However, they quickly discover Patrick also isn’t who he says he is. Turns out he’s actually FBI.

So instead of exposing Maddie, they help her in hopes of getting their money back. But Maddie lets Patrick in on the con, with a promise to get The Doctor behind bars. They go through with their scheme but Max poses as The Doctor. Then, things take another turn. The original plan was to dupe the FBI and get away with all the money. But after Maddie discovers Max sold Sally out after she killed Gary, she switches a briefcase. And just like that, the FBI keeps all their money. Plus, it gave Maddie a chance to escape. However, she planned to steal the rare engagement ring Patrick gave her for money. But it’s already gone when she gets to it. Instead, Ezra got to it first.

Season 2

Maddie (played by Inbar Lavi) and Sally (played by Katherine LaNasa) looking at a laptop in front of them as Sally sips from her coffee cup with Rosa (played by Laura Archbold) sitting in the background

Season two opens up with everyone on the run. In their own way, of course. Maddie looks for somewhere to settle as Richard, Ezra, and Jules scramble to sell the ring. And Max eventually turns himself into The Doctor after he realizes he’s got nowhere else to go. But the FBI’s not too far behind trying to catch Maddie. They eventually get to Maddie’s parents, who have no idea who she really is. But even after that, Maddie finds a way to escape. That is, until the end of the season when Patrick finally catches her. As for Richard, Ezra, and Jules, they end up in Mexico after fleeing from the police. After all, Ezra’s on the FBI’s most-wanted list. In Mexico, they all get much better at conning people. But Ezra gets really good at it and finds it invigorating. He even falls for another con artist, Rosa.

However, everyone eventually comes together again to get The Doctor. But for real this time. However, Maddie’s not interested in putting him behind bars. Instead, she wants him dead. And when Sally returns, she’s able to do just that. But like I said, Patrick still arrests Maddie when she tries to escape. Even though she didn’t technically kill The Doctor. Sally did. As for everyone else, Richard, Ezra, and Jules go their separate ways with a good amount of money each. But the season still ends with a cliffhanger. Thanks to its premature cancelation. Ezra finds one of The Doctor’s phones as it rings. But instead of brushing them off, he assumes the role of the new Doctor.

Worth the (Binge) Watch

Maddie (played by Inbar Lavi) looking at herself in the mirror

Even though it ends on a cliffhanger, I’d still say it’s worth watching. It has plenty of twists and Maddie’s an interesting character all-around. Plus, Ezra, Richard, and Jules all clearly still have lingering feelings for Maddie. Even though they now know their relationship was a lie. Or at least part of it was. While season two dove into some of the characters’ pasts, it would’ve been nice to see more. But I guess that’s what I get for watching a show that got canceled after two seasons.

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