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Top Ten Episodes of ‘Psych’

It’s now been almost three weeks since Psych 3: This is Gus came out. AKA the newest Psych movie. But there are still plenty of great episodes to hold us over until they officially announce the next one. With this fanbase and that post-credit scene, I think it’s safe to say there’ll be another one. So here are my personal favorite episodes of Psych.

10. Office Space (7×11)

Juliet (played by Maggie Lawson) watching Henry (played by Corbin Bernsen) get examined by paramedics as Shawn (played by James Roday Rodriguez) and Gus (played by Dulé Hill) walk into the office

To start us off, we have “Office Space”. It’s always been a little weird that Gus kept his day job, but then again, they probably need the money. But this episode’s all about how Gus finds his murdered boss in his office and messes with the crime scene. And I mean, royally messes it up. And then Shawn comes to help and together, they make it even worse. They clean up the scene but they know it won’t be long before the SBPD find something that ties them to the scene. But this episode’s one of the best purely because of how hilarious it is to watch Shawn and Gus tamper the crime scene.

9. Last Night Gus (6×02)

Juliet (played by Maggie Lawson), Lassiter (played by Timothy Omundson) with a black eye, and Henry (played by Corbin Bernsen) with a hand towel around his shoulder

Next is “Last Night Gus”, which features the iconic “balling and shot-calling” line from Gus. And it’s definitely a cast favorite as well. In fact, James Roday Rodriguez (Shawn) and Dulé Hill (Gus) just watched it with fans live on YouTube before Psych 3 came out. Seeing all the guys hungover trying to figure out what the hell happened the night before is hilarious. And seeing Gus completely drugged-up and out of it as everyone’s shooting around is hilarious. Especially considering it’s a miracle he didn’t get shot in the process.

8. American Duos (2×01)

Shawn (played by James Roday Rodriguez) and Gus (played by Dulé Hill) performing on stage

Another classic Psych episode is “American Duos”. It’s one of the earlier episodes but it’s a great parody of American Idol. As someone that actually watched American Idol growing up, this episode was a real treat. Shawn and Gus give a terrible audition while they try to figure out who’s been trying to kill Nigel (the “Simon Cowell” of the judges). And the fact that Tim Curry plays him only makes it better.

7. Heeeeere’s Lassie (6×11)

Lassiter (played by Timothy Omundson) questioning a neighbor (played by Louis Gossett Jr.) as Shawn (played by James Roday Rodriguez) and Gus (played by Dulé Hill) watch on while wearing Ghostbusters outfits

“Heeeeere’s Lassie” is just an episode full of hilarity. Lassiter moves into his new place and things just start to get weird. Like haunted weird. So Shawn and Gus come to help, pretending to be like the new Ghostbusters. And Lassiter starts to lose it. It’s a lot of screaming (from Lassiter and Gus) and a great homage to The Shining.

6. 100 Clues (7×05)

Shawn (played by James Roday Rodriguez) and Billy Lips (played by Steve Valentine) singing into a microphone while Shawn holds a saxophone upside down

To be completely honest, I only watched Clue after I watched this episode. But I still loved this episode before I fully understood all the references to that movie. In this episode, rockstar Billy Lips invites Shawn (who brings Gus as a guest) to his house for a party. And they end up finding a dead body in the freezer. So the party ends up being all of them trying to find out who the murderer is.

5. Yang 3 in 2D (5×16)

Yang (played by Ally Sheedy) handcuffed and being restrained by two officers

While most Psych episodes work as standalone episodes, “Yang 3 in 2D” is the second part of the Yin/Yang trilogy. At this point, the gang’s already arrested Yang but her partner, Yin, kidnaps a girl and lets her go. Or so she says. So everyone goes through the journey of trying to get Yang to tell them who Yin is. But Yang’s not giving it up that easily.

4. Psych the Musical (7×15)

Gus (played by Dulé Hill) singing "Jamaican Inspector Man" on stage

Coming in at number five is “Psych the Musical”, which took the writers a long time to finally create. It’s a longer episode (because it is a special episode) and features all original music. It’s really almost like a Psych movie all in itself. The musical brings back the infamous serial killer, Yang, and revolves around a Jack the Ripper musical. So it makes sense that it’s a musical episode and why the music’s so theatrical. But my only critique is that it aired in the wrong order. And you can tell because Juliet still doesn’t know that Shawn isn’t psychic in this episode. But by then, “Deez Nups” already aired. AKA the episode when Juliet finds out.

3. 1967: A Psych Odyssey (8×06)

Scarlett Jones (played by Maggie Lawson) talking to Archie Baxter (played by Timothy Omundson)

Taking the number three spot is “1967: A Psych Odyssey”, directed by the one and only, Kirsten Nelson (AKA Chief Vick). With Chief Vick leaving to take another job, her job’s up for grabs. And Lassiter wants it. So he does everything he can think of to suck up to the mayor, Tom Swagerty. So when he finds out that Swagerty’s determined to find out who killed his uncle, he gets everyone’s help.

2. Deez Nups (7×07)

Shawn (played by James Roday Rodriguez) and Juliet (played by Maggie Lawson), while she wears Shawn's suit jacket

At number two, “Deez Nups” is perhaps a different choice from other fans but it does change things between Shawn and Juliet. The episode is all about Lassiter getting married. The guys throw him a bachelor party while the girls party with Marlowe, his fiance. But on their way to the wedding, the guys spot a mob boss and decide they can nail him and get Lassiter married. But by the end, Juliet finds out that Shawn’s not a psychic after all.

1. Mr. Yin Presents (4×16)

Juliet (played Maggie Lawson) tied to a chair while Gus tries to stop the clock behind her

Taking the coveted number one spot is “Mr. Yin Presents”, which is the best part of the Yin/Yang story. Yang’s in jail so this time, Yin’s the one pulling the strings. So they’re all forced to play his game. And they have to work with Yang, but they don’t end up getting much from her. In the end, both Juliet and Abigail, Shawn’s girlfriend at the time, get into trouble. Plus, it’s full of Alfred Hitchcock references, making it that much better.

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