Rewatching ‘Private Practice’: “In Which Cooper Finds a Port in His Storm”

As a new segment on WhatSamWatches, I will now be doing more informal reviews/commentaries on what I’m watching. And it’ll include shows I’ll be rewatching just because I feel like it. I know I just did a review on Private Practice not that long ago but I’m not ready for it to be over. So I’m binging the show from the beginning all over again. So since I rewatched the seventh episode last time, we’re now onto the eighth episode of Private Practice.

In Which Cooper Finds a Port in His Storm

Addison (played by Kate Walsh) and Violet (played by Amy Brenneman) talking to Naomi (played by Audra McDonald)
  • Poor Dell. He’s just trying to be nice and everyone’s just being…dismissive.
  • Addison and Violet make for very good friends later, but it’s a shame they don’t become close friends until the later seasons. I always liked their friendship more than Addison and Naomi’s. Mostly because I don’t think they have as much in common. After a while, it’s hard to see why they’re even friends in the first place, to be honest.
  • This scene of Addison and Violet complimenting each other is so sweet and pure. I love it so much.
  • Naomi’s not very good at hiding stuff from people.
  • So the guys want to “talk smack” about the girls, but they really don’t know how, do they? Instead, they’re just trying to figure out what they’re talking about,
  • As someone that’s given up coffee, I love that Violet’s the one person in the office that (openly) prefers tea. So, instead of getting a coffee, she asks for a frappuccino with extra whip.

Addison, Violet, and Carl

Violet (played by Amy Brenneman) starting at Addison (played by Kate Walsh), who's on the phone from Private Practice 1x08
  • Carl seems like such an innocent guy at first.
  • I’m glad Addison tells Pete off a little. No one stands up Addison Forbes Montgomery.
  • I find it odd that Violet doesn’t do more to advocate for Carl. Instead, she just seems super judgemental towards Carl in this episode.
  • But at least Violet doesn’t outright say that Carl is her patient, even though they do share information in that office.
  • The fact that Cooper tells Pete that Addison’s “horse” (AKA Carl) is a lucky guy makes it sound like he slept with her. Of course, we know that he didn’t but, it’s still a little strange. So no wonder Pete looks at him weird.
  • At the very least, it’s impressive and refreshing (as Addison puts it) that Carl is honest about going to therapy. It’s not that big of a deal nowadays but back then, it wasn’t as widely accepted.
  • Violet’s right: Carl’s not ready to stop going to therapy yet. But I find it odd how confident he already is. I mean, he and Addison only went on one date. And it got cut short because Addison was on call.
  • I completely forgot about the “I can only find one shoe” line. At first, it seems sweet because Addison’s been watching the baby all night. But now, we know Carl took it.

Cooper and Violet

Cooper (played by Paul Adelstein) talking to Violet (played by Amy Brenneman) (not pictured) with his arms crossed
  • Cooper’s small attempt to get back into Violet’s good graces are futile. Especially if he’s going to try insulting Charlotte for working with them with this program. I know it’s just because she’s angry at him, but I love Violet’s response.
  • I probably wouldn’t want to talk to Cooper either if I were Violet. But leave it to Addison to come in to make things a little more awkward.
  • And here’s the start of Cooper and Charlotte. I wonder how they actually met. I know they only get together after “meeting” on the internet but they obviously knew each other before.
  • Pete’s definitely being very insensitive about the fact that Carl’s one of VIolet’s patients. So is Cooper. But Violet’s response to Cooper isn’t great either. I mean, saying that Carl “calls himself Trunk” doesn’t help. At all. But at least she admits how unprofessional that was later.
  • At least Cooper and Violet are talking again. But they never talk about their relationship ever again.
  • We all knew Cooper and Charlotte weren’t just going to go out for a drink.

The Safe Surrender Program

Addison (played by Kate Walsh) and Pete (played by Tim Daly) meeting up with Darcy (played by Joy Jorgensen), who's holding her newborn baby in her arms
  • I know they still don’t like Charlotte at this point, but I love that they’re working with her for the Safe Surrender Program.
  • That’s pretty impressive that Darcy gave birth while her mom was in the house. And she cut the umbilical chord with a barrett. I don’t know if I coud’ve done that at her age.
  • Looks like VIolet isn’t very good at hiding things either.
  • It’s nice that Carl at least left Addison flowers while she was sleeping.
  • I know Pete’s just trying to look out for Addison, but he’s also being a little territorial. Especially considering the fact that he stood her up.
  • Addison naming the baby, “Batgirl” is the cutest thing ever.
  • It’s sad that the other baby doesn’t make it though.
  • I’m glad Darcy came back for the baby. But it was sad seeing Addison let her go. But at least the baby’s going to a home that wants and loves her.
  • I, too, would not want to be alone after the day Addison’s had. But of course Naomi’s at Sam’s place.

Sam and Naomi

Sam (played by Taye Diggs) talking to Naomi (played by Audra McDonald)
  • I love that Sam and Naomi just assumed their priest calling meant that he knew they slept together. Also, I would think that the priest would know that they’re divorced already.
  • It’s interesting that Naomi’s faith seems so important to her (in later episodes) but they really just go to church on the big holidays.
  • It’s Lane from Gilmore Girls! I love Keiko Agena.
  • That is definitely a strange-looking rash.
  • I don’t know much about Typhoid, but it looks like the disease spread pretty fast. Especially since all the other sisters are already getting sick.
  • A little inappropriate to say that he’s glad that they “got some” if they’re dying, but I’ll give him a pass. It was an odd and failed attempt at a joke.
  • I love that the writers didn’t make Father Mark into a bad guy. That the explanation behind how all the sisters got sick is innocent. All he did was cook with Sister Virginia. But it did look like they were pointing the finger at him for sleeping with her.

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