Rewatching ‘Nikita’: “2.0”

As a newer segment on WhatSamWatches, I’ll be rewatching shows and movies just because I feel like it. The first time I watched Nikita, it’d already gone off the air. But I distinctly remember seeing the promos when I watched Smallville. So when I saw it in my Netflix recommendations, I knew I had to watch it. But it’s no longer available to watch on Netflix. Instead, CW Seed has all of the episodes available to watch for free. So now I’m binging the show from the beginning all over again. Last time, I watched the first episode so now I’m onto the second episode of Nikita.


Nikita (played by Maggie Q) holding a long-distance rifle
  • And we start the episode with a good old fashioned weapons deal.
  • That’ll teach Trevor not to mess with Nikita.
  • I love that Alex finds Birkhoff’s authority funny. But then again, she’s only pretending to not know how to do all this hacking stuff.
  • Alex’s sarcasm when it comes to her secret messages to Nikita is underrated.

Mirko Dadich

Mirko Dadich (played by Kristof Konrad)
  • I’m guessing Mirko Dadich isn’t a government op. But Michael’s still on the case. So maybe it is.
  • This must be a pretty big case if Percy’s there in person instead of being back at Division.
  • I’m still trying to figure out if this is a government case or not. Again, for people who haven’t watched the show, the government created Division to basically do their dirty work. To do all the illegal stuff they wish they could do. But Percy twisted it by using Division to carry out shady business deals to make more money. But Michael’s usually not involved unless it’s a government case. So maybe it started as a sanctioned case and Percy’s turning it into a business deal.
  • Yup, it’s a government assignment turned business deal.
  • Mirko Dadich does not seem to have any game. But I will say that it’s funny seeing Alex humor him, at least.
  • I’ve gotta admit: ShadowNet is a badass software name.
  • I can’t believe Dadich really just left the GPS with the location of the uranium in a locker at a subway station.

Alex’s First Mission

Nikita (played by Maggie Q) (not pictured) looking into the aim of her rifle to find Alex (played by Lyndsy Fonseca) opening up the curtains
  • How does Percy already want Alex in the field when she literally just got there?
  • Alex didn’t do a very good job pretending like she didn’t know how to use the machine gun.
  • I never liked Jaden, but I probably wouldn’t like it if the new girl got activated before me. Assuming I wanted to get activated.
  • If Alex wasn’t Nikita’s mole and was just a fresh recruit, there’s no way in hell she’d be ready for her first mission already.
  • “You’re trained to think faster” – she’s only been there for like, maybe a month? Maybe less? Percy has no right to say this to Alex right now.
  • Well, at least Michael knows she’s not ready.

Alex and Nikita

Alex (played by Lyndsy Fonseca) trapped in a portable sauna that Nikita (played by Maggie Q) built as she talks to her
  • I’ve always seen their relationship as somewhere between sisters and mother and daughter. And it’s beautiful to see how it changes and evolves over time.
  • I want to see more of Nikita’s addiction storyline. I know they show Alex’s pretty extensively in the first season. But I can’t remember if they show us Nikita’s.
  • Here comes Nikita to the rescue. But she definitely didn’t anticipate that blonde woman taking Dadich.
  • Michael and Alex’s relationship and how it blossoms later is underrated. I know Michael’s protective over all the recruits, but I think Alex reminds him of Nikita. Which makes sense because she’s like her little protege. But it’s really a sweet sentiment.
  • It’s interesting that Alex’s parents’ murder is how Nikita gets Alex to listen to her. Especially now that I know that Nikita’s the one who killed them. Or at least her father. But the real villain here is still Percy via Division.

Nikita and Michael

Michael (played by Shane West) pointing a gun at Nikita (played by Maggie Q) (not pictured) after chasing her through a subway station
  • Nikita really does have great timing.
  • I just have to mention this once: it’s weird how Michael holds a phone. He extends his index and middle finger in a way that looks like he’s holding a peace sign. I’ve always thought it was weird and now, you’ll notice it too. And he always holds the phone like that, by the way. Not just in this episode.
  • I love how Michael just knew that Nikita wasn’t involved with those mercernaries. Despite Percy’s insistence that she was working with them.
  • There it is: the introduction of the little black boxes. There’s no way the US government would ever allow Percy to essentially do murder-for-hire jobs. At least, not without good reason. The concept of the black boxes is the only reason why they’re allowing it to happen. And that’s just genius.
  • Their playful banter is one of my favorite things about this show.

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