Rewatching ‘Private Practice’: “In Which Dell Finds His Fight”

As a new segment on WhatSamWatches, I will now be doing more informal reviews/commentaries on what I’m watching. And it’ll include shows I’ll be rewatching just because I feel like it. I know I just did a review on Private Practice not that long ago but I’m not ready for it to be over. So I’m binging the show from the beginning all over again. So since I rewatched the eighth episode last time, we’re now onto the ninth episode of Private Practice. Which also happens to be their season one finale.

In Which Dell Finds His Fight

Sam (played by Taye Diggs), Naomi (played by Audra McDonald), and Violet (played by Amy Brenneman) looking at Dell (played by Christopher Lowell)
  • I know this first scene is to, once again, establish the fact that Sam and Naomi are parents. Especially considering we haven’t seen Maya since the backdoor pilot over on Grey’s Anatomy. And a different actress played Maya, at the time (because a different actress also played Naomi). But my parents would never do a project for me.
  • Sam’s not great at keeping secrets. But I feel like all the doctors at Oceanside aren’t great at keeping secrets. At least not when they’re confronted with it.
  • I forgot how awkward, insecure, and nerdy Sam was in the first couple seasons. He kind of loses that later on and gains some more confidence. But they do still like to remind everyone every once in a while that he has asthma.
  • Even though I hate when Addison and Sam get together later, I do, at least have to admit Addison’s right here. Sam is, in fact, one of the good ones.
  • Funny how all the women are avoiding “their” guys. Or that “their” guys are avoiding them. At least Addison’s smart enough to try and fix things with Pete.

Dell and his Grandfather

Sam (played by Taye Diggs) breaking up a physical fight between Wendell (played by George Segal) and Nate (played by John Brandon) as Dell (played by Christopher Lowell) tries to help
  • It would’ve been interesting if they went with the abusive nursing home storyline. The story they do go with is fine, but I think abuse would’ve been a far more interesting avenue to explore.
  • I can’t believe that Naomi and Violet have to push Sam to actually investigate further. Just because Wendell (Dell’s grandfather) and Nate (Wendell’s friend) say they aren’t being abused, doesn’t mean it’s not true.
  • Sam really has no right to be jealous of the fact that Naomi knows more about Dell’s family. Especially since he still wants to keep whatever’s going on between them a secret.
  • I still can’t believe Wendell and Nate organized a secret fight club at the nursing home. And I can’t believe Wendell wanted to keep fighting after Nate went unconscious.
  • The nursing home probably wasn’t easy for them, but creating a fight club with everyone was definitely taking things too far.
  • I kind of miss when Dell liked Naomi. Even though Naomi never reciprocate. But Sam has no right to be jealous. He doesn’t even want to really try with Naomi but dismisses Dell’s feelings anyway.
  • Poor Wendell. But at least now he knows that Nate’s injury and eventual death isn’t his fault.
  • At least Wendell inspires both Dell and Sam to fight for Naomi. Too bad it doesn’t go all that well for Dell though.

Jeffrey and Kathleen Return

Kathleen (played by 
Nina Siemaszko) and Jeffrey (played by Christopher Wiehl) talking to Naomi (played by Audra McDonald) and Addison (played by Kate Walsh) (not pictured)
  • Two months really is a short amount of time to try having a baby. But given that I know what happens later, it’s a good thing they came in.
  • Jeffrey really sounds like the nicest guy. But he’s definitely rushing into using a sperm donor. But I can see why.
  • I don’t really think there’d really be a “click” moment when picking sperm donors. But then again, what do I know?
  • The idea to use Jeffrey’s brother, Mark, as a sperm donor sounds like a terrible idea.
  • I mean, Mark really isn’t complicated. But the whole situation is a bit much.
  • Even Naomi knows Jeffrey and Kathleen are on the fence about it. I can’t believe they really got this far to the point of almost inseminating her.
  • Kathleen’s cheerleading is adorable. Even if it was a little distracting.
  • It would’ve been nice to know if this procedure actually worked. Like, if we got to see Kathleen and Jeffrey come back pregnant, that would’ve been great to see.

The Return of Kevin

Kevin (played by David Sutcliffe) talking to Addison (played by Kate Walsh)
  • Kevin and Addison’s flirty banter is adorable. I never really found David Sutcliffe that attractive when he was on Gilmore Girls. But then again, I didn’t love his character either. I do, however, love Kevin.
  • It’s nice that Addison’s trying to make things work with Pete, as friends. But it’s also very mature of her to at least recognize the fact that her attraction to him is a little twisted. Given that she finds him more attractive when they’re at odds with each other.
  • Kevin’s sweet but he’s definitely the complete opposite of Addison. But right now, she could use someone like him. I mean, she even admits that her recent track record with men is a little nuts.
  • It’s cute how Kevin always introduces himself with his first and last name.
  • Pete already lost his chances with Addison, but it’s still amusing to see him still try to dissuade her from Kevin.
  • But at least Pete gives her some good advice later on. Even though he kind of regrets it.
  • It’s cute that Addison went all the way down to the station to go see Kevin. And even though Pete tried to fight for her, he was definitely too late by then.

Cooper and Pete’s Dad Classes

Still of Pete (played by Tim Daly) and Cooper (played by Paul Adelstein) with nametags while teaching a dad's patients
  • I know Cooper’s just trying to play “bad cop” with Charlotte, but stealing her class roster is not cool.
  • Those classes must be expensive if it’s really going to bring in $20,000 in two days.
  • These expectant dads really know nothing about babies. But I agree, that orange haired baby does remind me a little bit of Chucky.
  • Why would Jack (Adam’s boss) sign up for a parenting class if he wasn’t going to show up? I know assistants take a lot of crap from their bosses, but this doesn’t seem like it’d help either of them.
  • I get Cooper’s point, and Jack should be there, but calling him a jackass could’ve cost Adam his job. Thank god it doesn’t, but it definitely could’ve.
  • At least Jack finally shows up.
  • Even Cooper isn’t great at keeping secrets. No one at this practice is.

And just like that, I’m done rewatching the first season of Private Practice! Season two, here we come!

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