Alex (played by Lyndsy Fonseca) in a straight jacket screaming

Rewatching ‘Nikita’: “Rough Trade”

As a newer segment on WhatSamWatches, I’ll be rewatching shows and movies just because I feel like it. The first time I watched Nikita, it’d already gone off the air. But I distinctly remember seeing the promos when I watched Smallville. So when I saw it in my Netflix recommendations, I knew I had to watch it. It’s been a while since then so I decided why not rewatch it? So now I’m binging the show from the beginning all over again. Last time, I watched the third episode so now I’m onto the fourth episode of Nikita.

Rough Trade

Alex (played by Lyndsy Fonseca) reading Nikita's message while inside of Division
  • It’s great for dramatic effect but it is odd that Nikita just isn’t fully telling Alex her plans. But if anything, it shows how much Alex trusts Nikita.
  • Well, at least Lisa listened to Nikita, even though she clearly doesn’t trust her (anymore).
  • Maggie Q looks great in glasses, in my opinion.
  • I forgot about this but I love that they covered slave labor in the fashion industry. It’s a little less common now that many brands (in all industries) are more purpose-driven. But I’m glad they addressed it in this show. Granted, they involved the triad in the story, but still.

Alex’s PTSD

Alex (played by Lyndsy Fonseca) on the ground restrained with a straight jacket
  • Thom really is the nicest guy ever. Everyone else just watched on while Alex screamed bloody murder but he pulled her out from under the car and just held her.
  • Of course Amanda’s interested in Alex’s mental state. If anything, it’s part of what makes Amanda such a great villain. It’s the way she can psychologically torture people, Nikita especially.
  • I feel like the tea’s a trap. I sense it’s laced with something.
  • And what do you know? I’m right. Amanda definitely put something in there.
  • What an awful way to wake up after getting drugged by what I’m assuming is some type of roofie. Maybe Amanda thinks this’ll help her in the long run but a straight jacket is a little harsh.
  • It’s impressive that Alex told this story of how her parents died from a car accident when it’s just a complete lie. And somehow in telling that lie, it calmed her down enough to release her from the straight jacket. But Amanda knows she lied.

Nikita’s First Mission

Nikita (played by Maggie Q) holding the baby on her first mission
  • The scene of Nikita and Michael training together in the early days is adorable. At the end of the flashback, you can see on Michael’s face that he likes her but knows he shouldn’t. And as far as Nikita scenes go, this one’s definitely an iconic one.
  • Opening the briefcase to reveal a creepy baby doll inside is, well, creepy.
  • The real baby, however, is adorable. Especially since she keeps looking up. Knowing that this was probably shot on a sound stage, the baby’s just looking at the lights above them.
  • Just when Nikita’s getting settled in and feeling a little bit of independence, Michael reminds her what this really is: a mission.
  • Okay, that’s definitely just a blanket and a doll when Nikita first picks up the baby from the stroller. But then they cut to Division agents cleaning up their mess and the real baby comes back when we see Nikita again.
  • I just realized how terrible Michael’s hair is in the flashbacks. It’s spiky, combed back, and a little lighter color-wise on top. Almost like frosted tips but not quite. I don’t know it’s just not the right look for him.
  • There’s the creepy baby doll again. Except now we get to see what it really is: a bomb.

The Red Circle Triad

Nikita (played by Maggie Q) fighting a triad member in a sweatshop
  • This case overall for Nikita is an interesting one. I love that she decided to go back to basically right her first mission.
  • As a big fan of Maggie Q, I love seeing her speak Chinese (even though I know she isn’t Chinese). She’s actually half-Vietnamese (for those of you who don’t know) but she started acting in Hong Kong. So it’s always nice to see her do all that again.
  • The fight scene between Nikita and the triad members in that sweatshop is incredible. But I mean, all the fight scenes in Nikita are great.
  • Not gonna lie, real-time subtitles that’s translating Chinese to English is pretty impressive.
  • I love how they cut from Birkhoff saying how Nikita loves dressing up to Nikita undercover as paparazzi.
  • There’s the big twist! To be honest, I remembered the twist about halfway through watching the episode. But when I first watched it, I never saw it coming.
  • Michael and Percy have an interesting relationship, to say the least. Percy sees Michael almost like a loyal solider, but one who’s moral compass is only getting stronger. And Michael probably saw Percy as someone great when he first started at Division. But as time went on, he realized how greedy Percy really is. Now, Michael’s distaste for Percy is starting to seep out through some sarcastic comments. But Percy keeps him around anyway. And Michael stays because he feels like he owes him for saving him after his family died. But it’s been years. His debt to Percy has definitely been paid by now.
  • The ending where Lisa forgives Nikita for what she did is just the sweetest thing ever.

Nikita in Hong Kong

Victor (played by Russell Wong) talking to Nikita (played by Maggie Q) in Hong Kong
  • I love that even Michael didn’t know that Victor Han was alive. It really shows his dedication to Division. Or rather, how dedicated he used to be to Division. Now, it’s been long enough that he knows Division does more harm than good.
  • Things were going so well for Nikita in Hong Kong until Victor’s men came in to tase her.
  • I can’t believe Victor (or whatever his real name is) just amounted Lisa and his daughter as his cover. Even if it did start as just a cover, he had a baby. It really just shows how cruel he really is. And how good he was undercover.
  • Wow I forgot about the peanut oil thing. I guess Nikita knew she wouldn’t get very far in Hong Kong without getting caught by Victor’s men. But she was smart enough to put some peanut oil and lipstick first, which works because he can’t really help what he’s allergic to.
  • I love that Michael just saves Nikita. It’s the start of turning him onto her side and getting him to join her later on.
  • And of course, Percy’s trying to spin the news into an “opportunity”. I don’t know how he would’ve spun it but it clearly didn’t work either way.

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