Addison (played by Kate Walsh) holding the elevator door open for Naomi (played by Audra McDonald)

Rewatching ‘Private Practice’: “Equal & Opposite”

As a new segment on WhatSamWatches, I will now be doing more informal reviews/commentaries on what I’m watching. And it’ll include shows I’ll be rewatching just because I feel like it. I know I just did a review on Private Practice not that long ago but I’m not ready for it to be over. So I’m binging the show from the beginning all over again. So since I rewatched the season two premiere last time, we’re now onto the second episode of season two of Private Practice.

Equal & Opposite

A split screen of Addison (played by Kate Walsh) on the left and Sam (played by Taye Diggs) on the right, both of which are on the phone talking to each other
  • I’m just gonna say this again: Addison did the right thing. I mean, what was the alternative? The practice would go bankrupt all because Naomi was too prideful and stubborn to do anything about it.
  • But Sam still shouldn’t have just taken over the way he did. They should’ve all talked about it maturely like adults and come up with a plan together to figure out what to do next.
  • The board with all the dots was definitely a bad idea. I get that Sam just needs something visual to help him figure out what to do. But displaying it for everyone to see was a bad idea.
  • Violet’s right. It’s a board of shame for everyone that isn’t booking enough. Even if Sam didn’t mean for it to come across that way.
  • Even Addison knows Violet’s right about the board. She just won’t say anything because she’s the one who got Sam to take over in the first place. And she hasn’t been working there long enough to take charge herself.

Lisa and Brian

Naomi (played by Audra McDonald) and Addison (played by Kate Walsh) (not pictured) telling Brian (played by Fran Kanz) and Lisa (played by Zoe Perry) that they're brother and sister
  • This couple’s cute until we discover they’re actually siblings. It still gives me the creeps how Brian married her even after finding out.
  • I forgot that they said they already decorated the nursery. Seemsl like they kinda got ahead of themselves a bit considering they’re just now consulting a fertility specialist.
  • Brian’s really just gonna pretend he didn’t already know. Poor Lisa.
  • After they reveal that Lisa and Brian are cousins, everything that happens afterward is tainted. The fact that it doesn’t bother them enoug hto break up is definitely a high level of commitment. More than I would probably have in that situation. I mean, they think they’re soulmates but Naomi makes a good point later. Do they just think that because they’re genetically similar?
  • I can’t believe Lisa just immediately asks to get her tubes tied. She’s 23 and they both obviously wanted to be parents. I mean, they came to Oceanside Wellness for help to get pregnant. And they already decorated their nursery. It’s just hard to believe that she’d give it all up to stay in a relationship, in a marriage, with her brother.
  • “Incest trumps equipment hiding”. Addison’s definitely right about that.
  • As awful as this whole situation is, Violet’s right about the step-siblings thing. It’s weird when people who are or used to be step-siblings get married. I mean, they grew up together as siblings (even though they’re not biologically related).
  • It was one thing that they’re brother and sister as well as husband and wife. It’s a whole other thing knowing that Brian knew before they got married and didn’t say anything.

Naomi and Addison

Addison (played by Kate Walsh) talking to Naomi (played by Audra McDonald)
  • On one hand, it’s good that Naomi is still trying to be professional because working with Addison and Sam is part of the job. On the other hand, Naomi’s just being petty.
  • Naomi really just wants to fight Addison on everything now, doesn’t she? Addison makes some comment about not wanting to mess with mother nature and it somehow comes across as an insult to Naomi’s profession? It’s a big stretch.
  • Kevin’s terrible at calling Addison back. But Naomi’s wrong about “being an adult about this”. If she were being an adult about this, she’d admit she was wrong and needed the help. Granted, Sam went about it the wrong way and is clearly a terrible leader, but still.
  • That was a very embarrassing voicemail to leave someone. But I really feel for Addison here. Although, I do realize later on that I have no idea why Addison and Naomi are so-called best friends. They’re so different and Addison’s constantly the one trying to keep their relationship afloat. Meanwhile, Naomi never seems to care. She just continues to be incredibly stubborn about everything and Addison just accepts it. Their friendship just doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me.
  • “You’re gonna forgive me eventually, Nai” – it amazes how much faith Addison has in their friendship. I don’t know if I would.

The “Defatalator”

Pete (played by Tim Daly) using the defatalator on Violet (played by Amy Brenneman)
  • I know Pete’s trying to help but we can all tell it’s basically the complete opposite of what Oceanside Wellness is supposed to be about.
  • Violet’s complaints in this episode get a little tiresome but I can’t help but admit she’s right. This practice needs to be about more than just making money.
  • Pete’s really trying to push his patients to not think of the “defatalator” as, well, a defatalator. But the machine itself is already starting to give his patients a sort of placebo effect.
  • I still can’t believe Violet used the defatalator.
  • It’s weird that Pete just puts his hands on Violet’s ass. And while she’s having a bit of a mental breakdown.
  • Well, it didn’t take very long for Pete to sleep with the temp receptionist.

Sam New Leadership

Sam (played by Taye Diggs) pointing at the white board with dots on it while Addison (played by Kate Walsh) tries to support him
  • Apparently, it’s nice to have a CEO as a patient. That way, you can get him to convince his employees to become your patients. At least in Sam’s case.
  • Sam does suck at being Naomi. I feel like it’s like an unspoken rule that the guy’s supposed to be the one that calls.
  • I get why Charlie (the dad) wants to keep Kirk (his son) intubated but it’s clearly against his wishes. And he turns 18 in a month. Is it really worth it to keep him intubated when Kirk’s just gonna get it pulled out in four weeks?
  • Sam and Naomi both make some good points. Naomi ran the practice into the ground financially but Sam’s ruining what the practice stands for. Neither of them are great leaders for this place.
  • It’s a little cruel that Sam uses the same line Naomi did earlier. “I just need a little faith” feels like he’s shoving it back into her face while also admitting that Naomi’s at least a little right.
  • At least Sam admits he’s wrong about how he handled Charlie and Kirk.

Cooper, Violet, and Charlotte

Violet (played by Amy Brenneman) cleaning Cooper's (played by Paul Adelstein) head after he gets lice from his patients
  • Not gonna lie, I get why Charlotte doesn’t want Cooper to tell Violet. She can pretty nosy.
  • Poor Cooper. Pete can cold call patients and fill up his entire schedule for the day. Meanwhile, Cooper can’t get a little league coach to bring any kids in for a checkup.
  • I get why Violet’s annoyed but just because you’re friends with someone, it doesn’t mean you have to know everything. When he’s ready, he’ll tell you.
  • Sam continually pointing out the fact that Cooper isn’t bringing in new patients is just mean. He’s clearly trying his best here. He got some patients to come in but they weren’t new ones so Sam just had to point it out. I know they need money but still.
  • It sucks that Cooper got lice from his patients. But I also feel like this could’ve been a great opportunity for Cooper and Addison to become better friends. He didn’t have to ask Violet for help. He could’ve asked Addison. Although, in hindsight, she probably would say no. But it would’ve made for an interesting story of how Addison and Cooper became better friends. Especially since I know that Kate Walsh and Paul Adelstein are long-time friends.
  • Violet really bullied Cooper into telling her about him and Charlotte.

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