Still of Addison (played by Kate Walsh) holding a coffee mug after everyone else else leaves the morning meeting from Private Practice 2x05

Rewatching ‘Private Practice’: Let It Go”

As a new segment on WhatSamWatches, I will now be doing more informal reviews/commentaries on what I’m watching. And it’ll include shows I’ll be rewatching just because I feel like it. I know I just did a review on Private Practice not that long ago but I’m not ready for it to be over. So I’m binging the show from the beginning all over again. So since I rewatched the fourth episode of season two last time, we’re now onto the fifth episode of season two of Private Practice.

Let It Go

Still of Addison (played by Kate Walsh) working with a pencil in her mouth and paperwork spread all over her bed
  • I love that they showed Addison struggle at least a little when taking over as the new leader of the practice.
  • Addison and Kevin are cute together. I mean, this is still kind of their honeymoon phase as a couple.
  • I agree with Pete. Meg being a smoker is a major turnoff. I’m glad that Pete finally tells her why he’s so bothered by it (i.e. his late wife used to smoke). It would’ve been nice if Meg stayed on the show for longer. She’s really the only reason we know a little more about Pete’s past.
  • Addison and Naomi’s friendship is in such a weird place right now. Naomi isn’t just outright angry at her anymore but she hasn’t fully forgiven her either. Addison’s really trying but it’s hard when Naomi’s so stubborn about everything.
  • It’s kind of amazing that Addison figured this all out so fast. I mean, there’s still plenty of money she needs to find but it’s also strange that neither Sam nor Naomi thought of these solutions. I mean, extending their hours and working essentially half-days on Saturdays seems like an easy fix.

Sam and Naomi

Still of Naomi (played by Audra McDonald) and Sam (played by Taye Diggs) in bed together
  • As awkward as it is finding your divorced parents naked in bed together, it’s probably more awkward for Sam and Naomi. At least at this point. They’re not necessarily back together yet. Instead, they’re just sleeping together again. All to avoid their problems at the practice. Which, you know, seems healthy.
  • It’s weird that after his talk with Jenna, Sam goes off and gets his ear pierced. It makes sense that he essentially made a bucket list but why an ear piercing? Especially since it apparently closes up the next day (at least that’s what he said in one of the Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice crossover episodes).
  • What kind of metaphor is “step off a cliff” anyway?
  • This entire divorce and pretty much the entire show is Sam’s mid-life crisis, let’s be real.

Cooper and Charlotte

Still of Cooper (played by Paul Adelstein) sitting next to Charlotte (played by KaDee Strickland) sitting on his bed after he throws a box of condoms in the garbage
  • It’s nice that Cooper and Charlotte are being safe and responsible with the HIV tests. It’s not usually something that’s really shown on screen but it’s a nice touch. I think the last example similar to this is when both Nate and Dan from Gossip Girl went and got tested in season four.
  • I know Charlotte’s a little rough on the edges, but I never really understood why everyone seems to not like her at first. She’s a little strict when it comes to the hospital rules sometimes but it’s literally her job.
  • When Charlotte interrupts Cooper and Violet’s conversation, I don’t think Violet was calling her a skank. Even though she came in just at the right time to hear that.
  • Even though Cooper and Charlotte spend this entire episode just waiting for their blood results, I’m glad Cooper waited to open them in the end. Violet needed him more.
  • It’s one thing for Charlotte to use that news of the empty floor to get a job after hearing about it from Cooper. It was a whole other thing to keep it from him.

Everyone’s Favorite Patient: Jenna

Still of Jenna (played by Erin Way) and her parents (played by Jf Davis and Debra Sullivan) in scrubs and hairnets watching Naomi (played by Audra McDonald) insert the sperm into the egg
  • It’s still a little unbelievable that everyone at this practice was on board for Jenna’s procedure. I mean, I know they’ve known her forever and love her but she’s only 17 years old. It’s just strange that no one opposed or at least hesitated before going through with this.
  • Addison’s right: they are essentially making an orphan. Sure, Jenna’s got plenty of family, and this baby would be very loved growing up with them. But it’s still not the same as having a mother.
  • Way to twist the knife, Naomi. Addison literally saved your and Sam’s practice from going under all because you were too stubborn to ask for help. And she’s questioning this case because it’s a valid concern! I know they love this girl but giving her a baby only for her to die a year or two later isn’t going to change the fact that she’s dying.

Addison Interferes

Still of Addison (played by Kate Walsh) talking to Nick (played by Jack Briggs)
  • Addison throws a lot of questions towards Nick (Jenna’s husband) but they’re valid questions. He’s only 17 so I don’t blame him for not really having the answers but this is a lot for any adult let alone a teenager.
  • This might be Jenna’s family but this is Nick’s life too. So, asking him what he wants (despite what everyone else wants) is what someone should’ve asked him earlier. But everyone’s so focused on getting Jenna what she wants that they don’t seem to care what it’ll mean after she dies.
  • I feel for Nick but this wasn’t the best timing for him to back out. I mean, Naomi just injected his sperm into Jenna’s egg. But it’s understandable that he’s freaking out now.
  • Did Nick really need to throw Addison under the bus like that? I know he’s scared and had to say something but he didn’t have to do it that way.
  • I know Jenna wants this baby, but it is weird that she immediately starts looking at sperm donors. And Naomi is still accusing Addison of essentially doing the right thing. And it’s what everyone else should’ve been doing instead of giving in to this dying girl’s wishes.
  • At least Pete finally admits Addison’s right.

Violet’s Friend, Kara Wei

Still of Violet (played by Amy Brenneman) talking to Kara (played by Ming-Na Wen)
  • I love Ming-Na Wen so much. She’s the original Mulan and Agent May from Agents of Shield. She’s just an icon, in my eyes.
  • Kara’s really asking for a lot here from Violet. Destroying someone’s medical records isn’t a small ask. And the way society sees mental health has vastly changed since then. But asking your friend to commit a crime and risk losing her medical license is risky. And all because she doesn’t want voters to think she’s crazy? It’s not worth it.
  • If Kara were really Violet’s best friend, I think everyone else would know her (or at least know that she’s Violet’s best friend). More than that, she wouldn’t ask her to risk her entire career.
  • Is Kara really trying to bribe Violet with a new job? It wouldn’t change the fact that destroying her medical records jeopardizes her career.
  • Violet’s right. Kara should’ve just gone public with her shock therapy past. It’s unconventional, for sure, but it could’ve been such a great opportunity to destigmatize mental health. Shock therapy included. It would’ve been interesting if the show actually had her do that.
  • Kara really plays off this whole situation as a friendship thing but it feels more like she’s taking advantage of Violet. Especially knowing how everything plays out later in this episode. Violet opened up to her about her rape but Kara didn’t tell her anything about her past. Other than the fact that her mother died.
  • Part of me wanted Kara to make the right choice when I first watched this. And it’s still disappointing watching her shred her medical records.

Finding the Money

Still of Dell (played by Christopher Lowell) talking to Addison (played by Kate Walsh) at the reception desk
  • Dell seems happy about his new “Enforcer” nickname but he definitely regrets it later. Trying to get money from people is not an easy task. Especially if you’re a sucker like Dell who will listen to everyone’s sob story.
  • I can’t believe they just had a whole floor of space and didn’t say anything about it. This practice is drowning and leasing the space out would solve everything. And it does later on. But instead of doing that, Naomi tries advertising to dental offices and Sam changes how the practice operates.
  • This dream of Sam and Naomi’s is admirable but it’s not worth it to hold onto this floor if it means letting the entire practice go under because of it.
  • Naomi is unbelievable and infuriating in this episode. This whole situation has nothing to do with Addison “needing to control everything”. She is literally just trying to save the practice that you built and almost ran into the ground. Expanding the practice to another floor is a great idea but it’s just plausible yet. If this practice goes bankrupt, it just pushes this dream of theirs further towards being impossible. The practice needs to at least be standing to be able to expand the way they want it to.
  • I’m glad Addison went and leased the floor anyway. I.e. without Naomi or Sam’s permission. Keeping this practice afloat is more important than keeping that floor. And Addison needs to learn to be a little less forgiving when it comes to Naomi.

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