Nikita (played by Maggie Q) and Michael (played by Shane West) talking and flirting while sitting closely next to each other

Rewatching ‘Nikita’: “One Way”

As a newer segment on WhatSamWatches, I’ll be rewatching shows and movies just because I feel like it. The first time I watched Nikita, it’d already gone off the air. But I distinctly remember seeing the promos when I watched Smallville. So when I saw it in my Netflix recommendations, I knew I had to watch it. It’s been a while since then so I decided why not rewatch it? So now I’m binging the show from the beginning all over again. Last time, I watched the eighth episode so now I’m onto the ninth episode of Nikita.

One Way

Michael (played by Shane West)
  • Looks like we’re starting the episode with one of Michael’s missions this time.
  • And Nikita’s already there to greet him. It’s definitely just her MO at this point, but I love that Nikita’s always a few steps ahead of Division. But then again, she does have Alex as her secret weapon.
  • This is definitely a very different mission than the ones we’ve seen so far in the show. Nikita says she’s not here to stop Michael, which must mean she’s there to help him.
  • Ooh, there’s the first mention of Oversight. They become important in…I believe the third season of the show.
  • Wait, this is the guy that killed Michael’s family isn’t it? I think I remember this now.
  • Knowing what I know now about Kasim (AKA the guy that killed Michael’s family), what did Percy think was going to happen? For reference, Kasim’s a Division agent. Or at least was, I’m not entirely sure. So, I guess I at least remember that part but obviously not the rest of his story.

Michael’s Past

Michael (played by Shane West) getting hugged by his daughter, Hayley, (played by Vanessa Carter) from behind
  • I don’t know how I feel about the flashback scenes having a yellow tint to them. It reminds me a little of the Sepia effect, which is a little tacky. At least now.
  • However, I will say I love to see how they made it obvious how much happier and lighter Michael is in these flashback scenes.
  • I knew Michael used to be a soldier, I just forgot he was specifically in the Navy.
  • This episode not only dives into Michael’s backstory but also tells us why Michael’s still at Division. He clearly isn’t happy there because of Percy’s kill-for-hire jobs and there doesn’t seem to be many government-sanction ops. But Percy does have resources. Specifically the ones Michael needs to find and kill Kasim.
  • It’s cute to see how much of a romantic Michael is. At least he used to be.
  • Elizabeth (Michael’s wife) and Hayley (his daughter) seem nice but we know next to nothing about them. And we don’t learn anything about them later either. If they’d slowly built up parts of Michael’s past more in previous episodes and then had this episode, I think it would’ve had a stronger effect. It’s sad that Michael’s wife and daughter die but we don’t see him with them enough to really feel it. For us to really get the full effect, we need to care about them more.
  • And this is how Michael joins Division. Or more accurately, how Percy recruits him for Division.

Dr. Hanson Discovers Alex’s Secret

Dr. Hanson (played by Patrick Garrow) talking to Alex (played by Lyndsy Fonseca)
  • It’s pretty lucky that Alex can still use her arm injury as a way to get into Medical.
  • Too bad Dr. Hanson finds out Alex has been snooping around.
  • Of course, Dr. Hanson’s just a perv. I should’ve known.
  • Looks like Jaden’s suspicions might finally pay off for her.
  • Never mind, spoke too soon. Alex knows what she’s doing. She’s smart to trick Jaden into helping her.
  • Using the fact that Dr. Hanson’s a pervert to her advantage is genius. It’s still a lie but he did still try to sleep with her.

Nikita and Michael Work Together

Michael (played by Shane West) aiming a gun) while laying down in a pile of leaves next to Nikita (played by Maggie Q), who's holding a small handheld telescope
  • Did Michael just call the smaller gun “the baby”? If anything, this scene just shows that despite the fact that Nikita’s vehemently against Division, she’s still a creature of habit. Her Division training still serves her well but it also makes her at least a little predictable to other Division agents.
  • Their witty banter is still my favorite thing ever about Michael and Nikita’s relationship.
  • I always love that whenever they’re in a different country, we see Nikita speaking the native language. And she’s great at being the distraction.
  • Well, it didn’t take long for Percy and Amanda to find out Michael and Nikita are working together. Though, it’s not surprising that they’re keeping tabs on him despite this being an unsanctioned mission.
  • So much for Percy not being able to officially send people into Uzbekistan. But I guess that’s not surprising either. Nikita is still enemy number one to him.
  • The sexual tension between Michael and Nikita is amazing in this episode. Then again, it’s the first time we actually see them working together. But they’re still at odds. Or at least pretending like they are at times.
  • Even though we all know that Michael still cares about Nikita, it’s nice to hear him say it’s too dangerous for her to go down to blow up the propane tank alone. Aww, he even gives her his knife.
  • I swear I still remember and think about that move where Nikita chokes the guy using her legs. It’s such a good move.
  • It’s sweet that Michael even goes after the Division agents coming in behind her.

Kasim Captures Michael

Kasim (played by Haaz Sleiman) talking to Michael (played by Shane West) (not pictured) while he's strapped onto a table
  • Kasim definitely saw him during that shootout.
  • But it looks like one of Kasim’s guys shot Michael. It’s a good thing Michael’s wearing what I assume is a bullet-proof vest. Too bad it knocked him out though.
  • What is Kasim’s plan with Michael anyway? I mean, he just takes him alive instead of killing him so he clearly wants him for something.
  • I hate when people use religion to justify killing people. Kasim really just said that his faith is what drove him to basically murder Michael’s family.
  • Calling Michael’s wife and child “collateral damage” is just cruel.
  • It’s interesting that Kasim has no idea that Michael’s a Division agent.

Nikita Goes After Michael

Nikita (played by Maggie Q) talking into a walkie talkie
  • I know this is supposed to be like TV magic, but there’s no way Nikita would’ve figured out how to find Michael that fast.
  • Kasim’s bodyguard, at least the one that stays with Michael, isn’t great under pressure. Which is ironic because he seems to be the one in charge of torturing him.
  • Michael’s still got white-hot rage towards Kasim. And I honestly don’t blame him. But Nikita’s right, they can’t just shoot their way through an airport to get to him.
  • I love that Nikita still promises to help Michael find Kasim again.
  • Come on, Michael. You know just as much as Nikita does that going after Kasim like this is suicide. Especially going alone.
  • At least Nikita said sorry after taking out that cop.
  • That revenge line was somewhat valid, not gonna lie.
  • Nikita and Michael aren’t even together yet but Nikita saying that Michael has her and that he has something to live for makes me so happy.
  • I know Nikita’s trying to save Michael from himself but getting airport security to grab him is rough.
  • That whole situation, or more accurately how it ends, definitely steers Michael more towards being on Division’s (i.e. Percy and Amanda’s) side.
  • Nikita even kept his knife!

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