Still of Kevin (played by David Sutcliffe) pointing a gun while Addison's (played by Kate Walsh) standing next to him looking horrified to find her brother, Archer (played by Grant Show) (not pictured), naked on the floor of her kitchen from Private Practice 2x07

Rewatching ‘Private Practice’: “Tempting Faith”

As a new segment on WhatSamWatches, I will now be doing more informal reviews/commentaries on what I’m watching. And it’ll include shows I’ll be rewatching just because I feel like it. I know I just did a review on Private Practice not that long ago but I’m not ready for it to be over. So I’m binging the show from the beginning all over again. So since I rewatched the sixth episode of season two last time, we’re now onto the seventh episode of season two of Private Practice.

Tempting Faith

Addison (played by Kate Walsh) and Kevin (played by David Sutcliffe) looking at Addison's door, which is open
  • This all-white outfit that Addison’s wearing at the beginning of this episode is such an underrated outfit of hers, in my opinion.
  • But I am glad that Kevin and Addison made up.
  • If Addison wasn’t with Kevin, I wonder if she would’ve called the cops after seeing her door open like that.
  • It’s cute that Meg’s trying to quit smoking for Pete.

Meeting Archer Montgomery

Archer (played by Grant Show) laid out on a couch while Addison (played by Kate Walsh) pours out wine into glasses while Kevin (played by David Sutcliffe) sits next to her
  • And here we finally meet Archer Montgomery, played by Grant Show. Which reminds me, I’ve gotta catch up on Dynasty.
  • Archer really is a snob. But I love the dynamic between him and Addison. Not just in this episode but also later when he comes back.
  • Sometimes, I forget that Archer’s also a doctor. Or used to be. It’s a little unclear because first, he’s an author who used to be a neurologist. Then, he comes back and he’s suddenly a doctor again.
  • Archer showing up also gives us a little more insight into Addison’s family. They never get into it on Grey’s Anatomy, but granted, Kate was only on two seasons of the show. During the divorce proceedings, she did mention her trust fund but they didn’t really elaborate on it. Later in this episode, Archer reveals Addison has a $25 million trust fund.
  • There’s also the first mention of Bizzy! I know she doesn’t show up on Private Practice until next season, but JoBeth Williams does a fantastic job in playing her. And in fact, I love the writing for all of Addison’s family dynamics and history.

Violet and Hal

Violet (played by Amy Brenneman) testifying in court
  • Why did they ask Violet to take the stand if she only had three sessions with Hal? It’s an odd choice for what I assume is a character witness. Or maybe she’s brought in as an expert witness, but again, it’s a weird choice.
  • Side note: it’s Miss Patty from Gilmore Girls!
  • I feel for Violet in this episode. But I also wouldn’t want a pedophile around the office. Then again, it’s court-mandated therapy so I definitely don’t blame Violet for it. Unlike Dell, apparently.
  • They mention Dell’s abusive past a few times on the show but I really wish they dove into it more. And it sucks that they apparently killed his character off later because they didn’t think they could use Dell in every episode. I get that he’s mostly an office manager and he’s kind of ridiculed for being a midwife. But learning more about his past would’ve been so interesting. And I think him getting killed off the show just keeps us all wondering about it. It would’ve been one thing if they just had him as a background character that said a line here and there. But they’ve brought up an abusive past and an addict for a baby mama. How is that not something they can use?

Hal’s Dilemma

Hal (played by Cullen Douglas) talking to Violet (played by Amy Brenneman) in his therapy session
  • This was such an interesting take on pedophilia, in my opinion. I’m not in any way condoning Hal’s urges but in this case, he hasn’t actually touched or abused anyone. At this point, he just had thoughts about doing something.
  • Even Hal admits that he knows it’s wrong and he himself was abused.
  • Kudos to the actor that plays Hal, by the way. He plays it so well.
  • This definitely sounds like a plan, Hal. Hate to break it to you.
  • Dell running in to save Maya (even though Hal was just talking to her) was so sweet.
  • Again, why did we never learn more about Dell’s past? You know, other than the fact that she fell for and had a kid with a drug addict. We know next to nothing about his family. And they introduce the fact that he was abused as a kid multiple times. But we never get the full story.
  • I forgot that this scene between Violet and Dell is the first time Violet really talks about her rape. She’s so much more open about it later. But this scene also is the start of what I think was a very underrated friendship between Dell and Violet.
  • When Violet eventually turns him in, we’re not necessarily cheering for that moment. We know it’s the right thing to do but we still have sympathy for him. He even says again that he didn’t do anything. I mean, he does talk to Maya even though he knows he shouldn’t. And he had those pictures of that neighbor or whoever she was. But he’s definitely on the cusp of doing something that he knows is wrong, which is why Violet turns him in. But it’s definitely not a black-and-white situation here.

Pete and Meg

Meg (played by Jayne Brook) sitting in a rocking chair at Pete's (played by Tim Daly) (not pictured) house while she talks to him
  • Meg seemed cool, but we never really got to know her.
  • Again, it’s nice to see her try to quit smoking for Pete.
  • I agree with Pete, even though he initially can’t put into words how he feels. It’s a lot of pressure to be the one reason why Meg’s sticking around. Especially knowing how much she hates staying here.
  • It didn’t take long for Meg to start smoking again. But it’s sweet that they eventually make up.

Archer and the Other Doctors

Archer (played by Grant Show) talking and meeting the other doctors at the practice with Pete (played by Tim Daly) standing beside him
  • I love that Archer immediately already likes Pete. He even says he’s good for Addison later as well.
  • Looks like Pete’s comment about Addison’s brother being “Archer Montgomery” is supposed to signify that Archer’s pretty famous. At least in the medical world. Though, it’s not a surprise that both he and Addison have stellar reputations in the medical community. They wouldn’t be Forbes Montgomery’s if they didn’t.
  • That joke about his book on amnesiacs was so small but I still found it funny. (For reference, Pete says he read Archer’s book on amnesiacs. Archer responds by saying it’s forgettable.)
  • The dynamic between Archer, Sam, Naomi, and Addison is great. They’re like old college buddies, even though Archer’s older than them. And I feel like that whole dynamic is put on display even more during the crossover episodes with Grey’s Anatomy. Speaking of which, I can’t wait to rewatch those episodes because they were just great crossover episodes.
  • I love how Archer immediately tries to flirt with Violet when he meets her. But Addison knows better.
  • I’ve gotta admit, I miss awkward and nerdy Sam. The show kind of pulls away from that later, and maybe that’s because Taye Diggs is very obviously good-looking. But, I don’t know, Sam’s character just becomes conceited, in my opinion. Sam later just has this attitude of thinking that he always knows better, is always right, and thinks he’s morally better than everyone. And the other characters agree with that statement, for the most part. But I don’t think he was, especially in the later seasons when he’s essentially leading Addison on after she tells him she wants a baby.
  • Archer did not waste much time before he went after Naomi.

Cooper, Charlotte, and Violet

Violet (played by Amy Brenneman), Cooper (played by Paul Adelstein), and Charlotte (played by KaDee Strickland) all dressed holding drinks up at Archer's party
  • Again, Charlotte should’ve just told Cooper. Or Violet should’ve. They kept this a secret for too long. But then again, it creates good conflict and therefore good TV.
  • Violet’s right. She’s the one who made this whole situation into a secret.
  • It would’ve been interesting if Violet just told Pete right then and there. Then, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.
  • I’m glad they didn’t keep this a secret for too long, though. I would’ve hated this whole storyline if they dragged it out for too long.
  • Cooper really went for it slamming that door. I know it’s just breakaway glass, but if it were a real situation, it’d be impressive.
  • It was one thing for Violet to keep it from Cooper, but keeping it from the rest of the doctors was also wrong.
  • And Naomi bringing up the fact that she still didn’t like the fact that Addison rented out the fourth floor makes it worse.
  • Yes, Violet found out something she shouldn’t have, but Charlotte technically told her. Charlotte didn’t have to tell her it was a competing medical practice, she could’ve just said the project was confidential. VIolet probably would’ve kept pestering her, but still. So the whole NDA argument feels invalid.
  • I’m glad that Cooper at least admits he gave in to Charlotte shutting him up with sex. But he also recognizes that he wants more and she clearly doesn’t. Or at least didn’t before because she didn’t tell him about the new medical practice.

Tess and Gregory

Gregory (played by Scott Michael Campbell) sitting near the hospital bed while Tess (played by Darby Stanchfield) lays in the hospital bed
  • This was definitely an interesting case. I’d imagine similar cases come up relatively often for doctors so this was a good example. But I also know that a lot of people that are this religious opt-out of any kind of blood transfusion so it’s probably unlikely they’d change their minds (like Tess and Gregory do).
  • It’s not surprising that Addison’s all for doing the surgery, though. She’s pretty much always on the side of performing a surgery. Not just in this instance but also again later with the baby that was born with a big tumor, which happens later in season five. In that case, she butts heads with the oncologist but again, fights to do the surgery over doing chemo.
  • I’m not even remotely surprised that Naomi’s opposing (though not forcefully) Addison’s point of view. She’s definitely more religious or at least more open to religious beliefs. It’s odd that we never really see her in church yet her religion becomes a big thing later with Maya’s pregnancy. Even though she goes against her beliefs and is obviously torn up about the situation later.
  • Tess is a little naive to think that if she just keeps resting, everything will be fine. Or she’s trying to convince herself that it’ll work that way.
  • Addison’s analogy of stepping on the car brakes to get it to stop is great. And I think it still respects Gregory’s commitment to his faith while still trying to convince him to do the surgery. And ending that speech with “prayer is good, but so is medicine” is great. At least, in my opinion. Then again, I’m not religious so what do I know?
  • I feel for Gregory, but it’s not Addison’s fault that Tess had an adverse reaction to the anesthesia.

Kevin, Addison, and Archer

Archer (played by Grant Show) talking to Kevin at the party
  • It’s definitely rude for Archer to already disapprove of Kevin. Poor Kevin’s just out of his depth when it comes to Addison and Archer.
  • Honestly, the fact that Kevin doesn’t know about Addison’s trust fund doesn’t really mean anything. It just means they haven’t been dating for that long yet. But Archer insinuating that it means more than it does definitely gets to Kevin anyway.
  • This line that Addison has about Archer being a little arrogant and being his mother’s son is so iconic in the Addison Montgomery fanfic community. I swear I’ve read that line or different versions of it that are obvious references to it in so many fanfiction stories.
  • I’m noticing now that Addison’s dress at this event is so much more casual than her other more formal outfits. And I think it helps signify how Kevin and Addison are from different worlds. Addison’s used to dressing up but now that she’s with Kevin, she kind of adjusts for him. Not that he asked her to, but I think she just wants him to feel more comfortable in her world and for them to match a little more. Then again, maybe I’m just reading too much into it.
  • It’s sweet that Addison immediately rushes to Kevin’s side after he gets shot. And she basically just observes the other doctors work on him to make sure they’re doing it right. But it’s sad that Archer’s already gotten to him enough that Kevin wants her to leave.
  • At least Naomi’s nice enough to stay with Kevin when Addison has to leave.
  • I’m glad that Kevin finally said that calling him SWAT over being a cop doesn’t really make a difference. It’s just a classier term.
  • I love that Addison fights for their relationship even after Kevin tries to break it off with her. But Addison knows that he’s only saying that because Archer said something. And then she tells Archer to go at the end because of it.

Archer, Naomi, and Addison

Addison (played by Kate Walsh) talking to Naomi (played by Audra McDonald) while they both drink and watch Kevin (played by David Sutcliffe) (not pictured) and Archer (played by Grant Show) (not pictured) talking
  • This is a small detail but I love how Archer just takes the crossword out of Addison’s hands and starts working on it himself. It’s so simple but it definitely shows off how close they are.
  • Well, at least Naomi didn’t deny sleeping with Archer when Addison asked.
  • I hate how cavalier Naomi is about it despite how concerned Addison is. Especially knowing now that Naomi is not in any way the casual sex type. I wouldn’t call her a serial monogamist though because she basically dates both William and Fife in season three. But she’s definitely someone who needs a full-on committed relationship. And she basically tries to make her relationship with Archer into one later this season.
  • But I think the reason why it bothered me so much is because when Addison and Sam start dating, Naomi just can’t get past it. But she wants her to be okay with her and Archer, even though they were obviously never super serious. Or they never got to that point. But it’s still annoying that she wanted, or she expected, Addison to basically be okay with her sleeping with her brother. But she’s not okay with Addison and Sam later on and refuses to even try at that point. I don’t know, I just kind of hate that whole situation.
  • At least Violet’s happy about Naomi having a one-night stand. Even though it doesn’t end up being a one-night stand.
  • I will say that Violet trying to approach Addison’s contempt for the whole situation from a professional therapist’s point of view was the wrong move. Especially since she doesn’t even address what she’s really concerned about. It’s not because her brother and her best friend slept together. Rather, it’s because she knows how much of a womanizer Archer is and doesn’t want Naomi to get hurt.
  • Again, Naomi not caring about how Addison feels about all of this is so rude. And that line, “this isn’t about you, this is about me,” is horrible. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, Naomi’s a terrible friend. And Addison forgives her for way too much. And it’s partly why I wrote a scene for one of my Jaddison fanfics (Begin Again) where Naomi finally apologizes for essentially being a terrible friend. They never did that on the show but they definitely should have.
  • It doesn’t help that Violet asks if she can sleep with Archer too.
  • I get why Sam’s not okay with all of this, but he has no right to just punch Archer out. At least he admits he knows it’s wrong afterward.
  • Like I said, Addison’s way too forgiving when it comes to Naomi. She literally shows up at Naomi’s house to make up with her. And she probably has no idea that Naomi was expecting Archer instead.

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