Still of Addison (played by Kate Walsh) on Jake's (played by Benjamin Bratt) lap from Private Practice 6x01

Begin Again: A Jaddison Fanfic Chapter 4

Notes: This is a fanfiction based on characters from the TV show, Private Practice. This fanfiction looks at Jake and Addison’s story (as well as the other doctors at Seaside Wellness Group) after Private Practice ends. They’re married and take care of baby Henry together. This story and chapter were originally posted on Archive of Our Own on December 4th, 2021. This is chapter four so it is necessary to read the third chapter before moving on. This has been edited to include headings and images.

Begin Again: Chapter 4

Still of Violet (played by Amy Brenneman) talking to Addison (played by Kate Walsh) as she drinks her green juice

Another week passed and Jake and Addison were finally returning home. When they got to Violet’s place, Addison barely even let Violet finish saying hello before reaching over to grab Henry out of her arms. After snuggling him close under her chin, Jake appeared next to her, smiling as he saw the two reunite. 

“Sorry,” Addison said to Violet, but she wasn’t that sorry because her smile was wide as Henry cooed in her arms.

“Don’t even worry about it,” Violet chucked. 

“Thanks again for watching him,” Jake chimed in as he wrapped an arm around Addison’s waist and kissed the top of Henry’s forehead. To which he responded with a cute little giggle.

“Anytime,” Violet said proudly. She was proud of herself for being able to handle both Lucas and Henry for an entire two weeks. It wasn’t easy, she’d be the first to admit that, but still. As close as she and Addison had gotten over the past two years, she thought Naomi would’ve been the obvious choice to watch Henry. She knew things were still a little weird between her and Sam, but she found it odd that things seemed to be a little off with Naomi too. 

After they left, Jake and Addison spent what was left of the day with their son. Their vacation was amazing, but they both missed Henry immensely. When they got home, it was already getting close to dinner time so they ordered some takeout and just spent the night as a family, eating and laughing as Henry babbled complete nonsense.

Jake and Addison Return to Work

Still of Sam (played by Taye Diggs), Jake (played by Benjamin Bratt), and Addison (played by Kate Walsh) from Private Practice 6x09

In the morning, they all went to the practice together and looked like the picture-perfect family. And they felt that way too. Then, they dropped Henry off at the daycare and started their day. When they got to the kitchen, they found everyone already there getting their breakfast.

“You’re back!” Naomi exclaimed as everyone else’s faces lit up.

“Yes, yes we are,” Jake said as both he and Addison widened their already apparent smiles.

“So how was it?” Naomi asked excitedly.

“Amazing,” Addison looked back at Jake, who gave her a sweet peck on the lips. 

“Well, after this baby pops, we’re going on a second honeymoon,” Naomi looked at Sam, who looked up from a baby book he’d been reading.

“Whatever you want, baby,” Sam said, smiling politely. He found it much easier to just agree with things when Naomi was pregnant. With the raging hormones, Naomi was emotional almost all the time while Sam spent most of his time anxious about the pregnancy. After all, this was technically a geriatric pregnancy, even though Naomi was plenty young and the term was incredibly insulting. But all it really meant for them was that they had to be more cautious about this pregnancy. So the emotions were constantly flying between the two of them, and Sam found it easier to be agreeable than argue. Plus, the idea of a second honeymoon didn’t sound like that bad of an idea.

Violet Finds Addison

Violet (played by Amy Brenneman) starting at Addison (played by Kate Walsh), who's on the phone from Private Practice 1x08

Then, the practice’s receptionist walked in and informed Naomi that her first patient of the day had arrived, sending her out. And it wasn’t long before everyone else either went to tend to a patient or went to their respective offices. Jake had a new patient to deal with but Addison didn’t have her first patient for another half an hour. Luckily for her, Violet also didn’t have a patient just yet either. So Violet found herself coming into her office ten minutes after Addison sat down.

“So…?” Violet said excitedly as she walked over to sit in front of her desk with a cup of tea in her hand.

“So what?” Addison giggled slightly. She knew exactly what she wanted: details on the honeymoon.

“Oh come on, don’t make me beg here,” Violet pleaded. “I am a single mom with a nonexistent love life. The least you could do is give me some dirty little details,” she said playfully. And to that Addison couldn’t help but blush and giggle more.

“It was amazing,” Addison said, smiling.

“And….?” Violet asked impatiently. “You already said it was amazing, can’t you give me anything else?”

“I don’t know,” Addison laughed. “It was perfect. He’s perfect,” 

“Yeah, but what about the sex?” Violet playfully whispered slightly. Addison couldn’t help but laugh in response.

“Volcanic,” Addison finally said, to which Violet laughed along with her.

“Ughhh, I’m so jealous,” Violet said, as she slouched back in her chair just slightly, her cup of tea still in hand.

Addison and Violet Talk

Still of Addison (played by Kate Walsh) and Violet (played by Amy Brenneman) sitting on the swings while Addison eats lunch from Private Practice 5x03

“Well, you know, no one said you had to be celibate,” Addison said, slightly under her breath.

“Yes, because everyone wants to have sex with a 48-year-old woman,” Violet said begrudgingly.

“What? Anyone would be lucky to have sex with you!” Addison exclaimed.

“Easy for you to say!” Violet exclaimed back.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Look at you!” Violet gestured towards Addison with her free hand, to which Addison looked down. “Any guy would be lucky to have sex with you! I mean, you’re tall, gorgeous, and you wear designer clothes. I might as well be…a lizard,” 

“You’re not a lizard!” Addison couldn’t help but laugh loudly. And that only made Violet laugh along with her.

“Is this your way of telling me you want me to give you a rom-com-style makeover?!” Addison asked excitedly. To which Violet started laughing more. “Because I’ll do it! For you, I’ll do it,” both girls continued giggling at the idea.

“You know what? Why not?!” Violet asked, realizing that it wasn’t that bad of an idea. In fact, it sounded fun. Addison visibly gaped her mouth open in shock, but then smiled widely.

“This is gonna be so much fun,” Addison added as they started talking dress size and designer shoes. As the girls had their fun, Naomi was finishing up her appointment with her patient and walked her to the elevator. And she couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of the girls giggling, and what she thought was gossiping, like school girls. After saying goodbye to her patient, she couldn’t help but walk back to watch them continue talking and giggling as Violet walked over to Addison’s laptop as they started online shopping. 

Naomi Watches Them

Still of Violet (played by Amy Brenneman) an Addison (played by Kate Walsh) laughing at Naomi (played by Audra McDonald) who's eating the chocolate cake that Dell (played by Christopher Lowell) (not pictured) made, which is sitting between the three of them on the kitchen table from Private Practice 1x03

And Naomi couldn’t help but think that used to be them. She knew things were still weird after everything that happened with Sam, but they were past it now. Addison was with Jake and deliriously happy and Addison was the one who encouraged both her and Sam to get back together. So, why did she feel so left out now? Why weren’t she and Addison back to being the best friends they’d been before? As Naomi continued watching them, Charlotte waved goodbye to her patient near the reception desk. But when she turned around, she saw Naomi staring into Addison’s office and found it odd.

“What are you doing?” Charlotte asked bluntly as she walked up beside her to see Addison and Violet behind the desk scrolling on her laptop.

“What?! Nothing,” Naomi said, a bit startled by the blonde. In all honesty, she didn’t hear her come up. But more than that, Charlotte catching her staring made her feel like she’d done something wrong by watching Addison and Violet outside her office.

“Aren’t you gonna go in there?” Charlotte asked. 

“No, I…I don’t want to interrupt,” Naomi said softly. From the look on her face, Charlotte could tell something was wrong. And while the two have never been particularly close, Charlotte felt the need to help her. Especially since Naomi helped after her rape. Even though she didn’t think she wanted a hug, it’d been exactly what she needed at the time.

Charlotte Asks What’s Wrong

Still of Naomi (played by Audra McDonald) hugging Charlotte (played by KaDee Strickland) from Private Practice 4x10

“What’s goin’ on with you two anyway?” She’d be lying if she said she hadn’t noticed that things were off between Naomi and Addison lately. Things with Addison and Sam were also still a little weird, but that was to be expected. I mean, after everything they went through, it’d be weird for them to just go back to being the friends they were before. But the tension between Addison and Naomi was a bit off-putting. 

“I don’t know,” Naomi said honestly as she sighed. “It’s like we’re not us anymore. And I can’t for the life of me figure out why,” 

“Well, have you asked her about it?” Charlotte asked.

“No…” Naomi said softly.

“Well, what the hell are you waitin’ for? You’re never gonna know if you don’t ask!” Charlotte exclaimed. And Naomi held her head low just slightly, knowing the blonde was right. As Charlotte walked away towards her office, she pointed her index finger to her head as she raised an eyebrow as if she were saying, “use your brain” back to her. To which Naomi smiled back and nodded.

Naomi Does Something Impulsive

Still of Addison (played by Kate Walsh) talking to Naomi (played by Audra McDonald) while they both drink and watch Kevin (played by David Sutcliffe) (not pictured) and Archer (played by Grant Show) (not pictured) talking from Private Practice 2x07

Later in the day, Naomi found herself in the elevator as she had to go to the hospital. Apparently, one of her patients who’d just started with her fertility treatments fainted so she was meeting her and her husband at the hospital. Before the elevator closed, she saw a hand stop it from closing and was surprised to see Addison as the doors opened. 

“Hey,” Addison said, smiling politely. After years of being her friend, she could tell when Addison’s smiles were genuine or just WASP-y. And this was definitely not a genuine smile coming from the redhead.

“Hey,” Naomi said back. Then, Naomi decided this was her moment. After the doors closed, she pushed the emergency button in the elevator to Addison’s shock. And partly her own shock, as she wasn’t a necessarily spontaneous person.

“Wha— What are you doing?” Addison asked, confused. She wasn’t particularly in any rush, but Naomi stopping the elevator was an odd move. In fact, it used to be her move when Sheldon was around. But he was off somewhere on an island with Miranda. And while she missed having him around, she was happy that he was happy. 

“We need to talk,” Naomi said, determined to get out what she needed to say.

“And we had to do that here, stuck in an elevator?” Addison asked somewhat sarcastically as she gestured with her hands.

“Yes,” Naomi said, without giving her a real reason why. The truth was she could’ve just gone into Addison’s office any time of the day. Or she could even come over after work. But her pregnancy hormones were all over the place. And they were apparently making her into a much more spontaneous person than she ever had been.

Naomi Confronts Addison

Addison (played by Kate Walsh) talking to Naomi (played by Audra McDonald)

“Okay…” Addison said apprehensively. “So what do you wanna talk about?” 

“Why are you avoiding me?” Naomi asked. It wasn’t entirely true but it did happen to be the first thing she thought of at the moment.

“I’m not avoiding you,” Addison said after a beat, confused at what she meant.

“Well, okay you’re right you’re not avoiding me,” Naomi admitted. “But you’re not really talking to me either,” Naomi added.

“I’m talking to you right now,” Addison pointed out. 

“You know what I mean!” Naomi said, frustrated. Was she really going to make her say it? To this, Addison sighed. She knew exactly what she meant. And she supposed Naomi was right to bring it up. She was avoiding her, in a way. 

“I forgave you,” Addison finally said after a beat. 

“What?! Forgave me for what?” Naomi was super confused now. And she had every right to be.

“When you slept with Archer,” Addison explained. “After I found out, I forgave you. I even encouraged you to keep seeing him. Even though I know how much of a complete ass he is. And when he was cheating on you, I hated it but I told you about it,” 

“What does that have to do with anything?” Naomi was still confused. “That’s ancient history,” 

“Yeah,” Addison admitted. “But you didn’t forgive me for dating Sam,” she said softly. 

“Again, ancient history!” Naomi exclaimed. 

Addison Explains Further

Still of Addison (played by Kate Walsh) in therapy from Private Practice 5x07

“It doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt,” Addison said as she crossed her arms and leaned on the elevator wall. Naomi didn’t stick around for long after Sam and Addison started dating. It hurt too much and as insecure as it was, she couldn’t help but think that there must’ve been something going on between them longer than they’d let on. And it didn’t help that she knew that Sam liked Addison in med school first. So she left on foundation business because she couldn’t stick around to watch Sam and Addison be together. It just hurt too much. 

But never in that time did she stop to consider how hurt Addison must’ve been too. How hard it was to stay away, how hard it was to lose her best friend. Even though she knew she should say something, Naomi was speechless. At least for a minute. She knew things didn’t work out with Sam, that it’d been hard and complicated on both of them, but she didn’t realize Addison was still hurting because she left.

“Addie…” Naomi said softly. “I’m sorry,” it felt stupid to say now, but she knew it’s what she needed to say. Addison kept her arms crossed as she looked down at her shoes. 

Naomi Apologizes

Still of Naomi (played by Audra McDonald) from Private Practice 3x16

“I was stupid,” Naomi started. “I was stupid and insecure, and I shouldn’t have been so stubborn about you and Sam,” Addison finally looked up, her eyes wet from unshed tears.

“I know that wasn’t easy for you. That you tried not to fall for him, and that when you did, you tried everything to make it work. I just couldn’t get past it,” Naomi continued. “But I should’ve,” Naomi said with more conviction as she started walking closer to Addison.

“I should’ve tried harder to be your friend, not your boyfriend’s ex-wife,” she finally said.

“Yeah, you should’ve,” Addison said softly.

“Addie,” Naomi put her hands on Addison’s shoulders. “I’m so sorry,” she said again, with more conviction than before. Addison finally shed a few tears and let out a small sniffle as she let her friend hug her. And both girls took a deep breath as they stayed there with their arms around each other.

“So does this mean we’re okay now?” Naomi said as she wiped a tear away from her own face.

“Yes,” Addison said, starting to laugh now as she too wiped a tear from her face.

“Good,” Naomi choked slightly as she walked over to push the emergency button. “Cause I don’t want to lose my best friend again,” she added as the elevator started moving again.

“Me neither,” Addison smiled back. A real smile this time.

Additional Notes

I loved that Addison and Violet became really good friends in the last two seasons of Private Practice, so I wanted to continue that in this fic. Plus, the conversation that I wrote up for them in Addison’s office just kinda came out really easily so hopefully, you’ll enjoy that. As for Addison and Naomi, I wanted there to still be a little awkwardness there because I never really liked how stubborn Naomi was on the show, especially when it came to Sam and Addison.

Even though I never liked Sam and Addison as a couple. But I found Naomi’s treatment towards Addison at the time unfair and I think Addison was a little too forgiving towards Naomi’s stubbornness. And this is my fic so I made Addison hold a bit of a grudge but I wanted them to still make up. Anyway enjoy and hopefully, I’ll have another chapter up soon!

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